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Hi it’s Vera writer at Contentrix.com here to bring you three quick ideas on how to get some great content for your blog. Watch the video below or just keep reading…you won’t miss a thing.

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#1: Questions on Social Media and Forums

If you look through forums, on Facebook and different social sites, the one thing to really look for besides seeing what’s hot is what are people asking questions about. Just search for the question marks and it’ll really narrow your focus so you can focus on what people are asking.

Find out and then go ahead and do a blog post on that. That’s the really easy way to get some good content and it’ll bring people over to your site. Plus, you’ll be helping them right? ;-)

#2 Other Blogs and Their Questions

This one is easy. Find a  popular blog in your industry and see what they’re blogging about. What is the most popular post? Read it to find out not only what the blogger is saying, but what the people in the comments saying.  Maybe they are asking a question or maybe they’re commenting and linking to their site. Go to their site and see what they are talking about regarding that subject.

So see if you can put a top 10 list together or generate some ideas from all that content.

#3 Ask Your Friends

The last thing to get some really great content for your website is get someone that knows you but doesn’t know really about what your topic is. Have them look at your website and see if any questions pop into their mind about your content, about your topic.

It can be very simple, basic information that you can be answering either in an FAQ. It might be a blog post. Or it could be a beginners guide or something like that, giving a lot of value to your readers.

I hope that helps you I am again Vera Raposo from Contentrix.com and you can also find me at YourCreativeBiz.com. Have the most wonderful day today.

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About the Author

Vera Raposo is the Founder & Creator of YourCreativeBiz.com, devoted to helping women entrepreneurs realize their dreams in all aspects of their lives and to have a business that is customized to who they are.

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  • bellabelle

    item #1 is a perfect suggestion on how to create timely content. thanks for posting

    • http://www.yourcreativebiz.com/ Vera Raposo

      Wonderful, glad it was helpful! :-)

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