It’s My Birthday – 38 Fave Resources for Content Marketers


I don’t usually go crazy and tell everyone it’s my birthday, but I’m feeling pretty good about this one. I’ve got a great life, great family and a great business…so let’s go virtual wild. ;-)

To celebrate, here is a list of 38 great  resources for content marketing. From generating traffic, to writing content to selling with words, these all get this old lady’s seal of approval. By the way, if you like the list, be sure to grab your free Profit with Content guide or join us on Facebook or Twitter.

38 Resources for Your Content Marketing

These aren’t necessarily in order because well, I just don’t think I could put them in a precise order of favoriteness. So take note and make use the ones that are right for you. And ahem…yes, some of these are my own resources. You gotta take pride in what you have to offer, right?

1., particularly the Halbert & Carlton interviews. I credit Michel Fortin’s advice for helping me go from a decent copywriter to a great one – an essential skill for any content marketing strategy.

2. On that note, go to The Gary Halbert Letter for a supreme free copywriting education. Gary Halbert is considered to be one of the greatest copywriters that passed away several years ago…but his original newsletter site is still up an all the archives are there for you to read and implement.

3. Outspoken Media, particularly How to Write a Blog Post (or how I do it) and The Real Reason Big Brands Don’t Rank. Rae Hoffman & Lisa Barone know their stuff and aren’t afraid to share it.

4. ClickNewz, particularly The Ideal Email Marketing Strategy and Using a “Call to Action”. Not only is Lynn Terry a great teacher, she walks the walk. You know you’re getting authentic information and guidance form her.

5. CopyBlogger, particularly 10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work. Sometimes they get a bit cutesy with their “hooks”, but there’s almost always some pretty solid stuff there.

6. TechBasedMarketing, particularly Best Tech Investments of 2009. Lynette is my go-to tech-gal and I couldn’t live without her because she understands tech, understands marketing and understands the average non-tech person.

7. Seth Godin, always pithy (except in his books) and full advice that is spot-on. A good read is The Customer is Always Right.

8. Essential Office Support – The company website of my own personal Virtual Assistant, Melody Spier. Looking for more options? Try VA Networking – Get a team on your side. Tawyna Sutherland’s site helps you connect with virtual assistants. Bottom line: Don’t try to do it all yourself.

9. Basecamp – Manage all your projects, contractors and files.

10. Ezine Articles – Still the number one article directory. Submit your content there.

11. PRWeb – Submit your press releases for more business exposure and incoming links for your website. Need more publicity? Try Help a Reporter to have reporters contact you when they need help.

12. Speedy APLC Publisher – Yeah this is one of mine and Mila’s. It’s the WordPress app that allows you to instantly load your PLR articles, ghostwritten articles or any files in text format straight to your WordPress blog. The link goes to a video demonstration and full description.

13. Market Samurai – To help you research niche markets, analyze competition and optimize your campaigns. There is a free trial.

14. Google Keyword Tool – Need some keywords on the fly? This’ll do the trick.

15. TextPad, smart phone notebook and/or an old-fashioned notebook. Be prepared to take notes, make an outline or start full-on writing at any time, any place.

16. Online Dictionary. Whenever you’re not sure of the meaning of a word, checking it is a click away. You’d be surprised at how much the average person misuses words. In fact, I’m sure there is a misuse or two in this post, but I try to catch as much as I can.

17. Thesaurus. No matter how smart we are, well have a limited vocabulary and it often shines through in our writing. If you find yourself repeating certain words or are looking for more colorful language, a Thesaurus can be your best friend.

18. Knowledge is power and Wikipedia has plenty of knowledge, facts and information. Use it to your advantage.

19. A couple of interesting free tools: Customer Focus Calculator and Readability Test. The first checks your page to ensure your focus is on your reader, rather than yourself (a marketing kiss of death!). The second gives your content a readability to score – keeping you from alienating your audience.

20. WordPress for iPhone or [insert your phone type] app. An amazing way to manage your blog and add content on the go. I currently have 3 WordPress sites I manage COMPLETELY through the app.

21. Amember or another membership site script. Sell your content and get paid for it over and over again. Amember makes it easy to set up a membership site, weekly/monthly course or other recurring product.

22. Feed Reader of your choice. Recently, Ed Dale turned me onto “Reeder” that works on my iPhone and is fed from my online Google Reader account. Easily scan categories and titles to find content for inspiration, commentary and sharing.

23. My Blog Guest is a free service that helps you connect with bloggers who want to guest post for you.

24. Blog Energizer – Another terrific resource by Lynette Chandler. Endless blog ideas, resources and more. Sign up for free to access to some pretty darned cool tools.

25. Headline Analyzer – from Advanced Marketing Institute…helps you analyze your Emotional Marketing Value. It is not a precise science to measure the success of your headline, but it’s an interesting tool.

26. Dialectizer – Totally just for FUN. Click at your own risk and when you don’t have anything else better to do. Choose from Red Neck, Elmer Fudd, Cockney, Swedish Chef and more. Not as good as the Snoop Dogg Shizzolator, but it seems to have disappeared from the net. Fizzle shizzle it’s gonizzle.

27. Copywriting Quiz (sorry, this one is no longer available) – Getting serious once again. I helped formulate this one, but now you can get it from Melissa Ingold. Just a catch, you have to opt-in to get the results…but it’s worth it.

28. All Custom Content – We’ve got a team of English-speaking (it’s their first language!) and talented writers ready to take a load off your plate. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

29. On a budget? All Private Label Content might just be what you need. Private Label Rights (PLR) content on a variety of topics. In fact, you can get a bunch of free plr from us too. And hey, enter coupon code: 14135 to save 20% until May 31, 2010.

30. A few other sources of quality PLR: Easy PLR, Special Report Club, Mom PLR, Plus Size PLR, and Natural Mom PLR.

31. Power Words – Not all words are created equal. We’ve got a handy list in our Better Content Marketing Course, but here is readily available list of words too.

32. Editorial Calendar – Be prepared with your content. Annette posted some editorial calendar tips.

33. An autoresponder – I currently use Aweber and WAHMCart. You pick your own tool…just make sure you are building your list.

34. – Find useful statistics about your market…with the goal of finding the more responsive segment of your market.

35. To find popular stories and topics: Alexa Toolbar, Google Trends and Twitter trending topics. Also try Google News, Technorati and Digg.

36. Look thoughtful – use a quote in your content. Try and

37. Look smart – add relevant statistics. You can find stats on a variety of topics, but has a nice wide variety.

38. And never underestimate the power of Your Noggin! You know your business and target audience best. Trust your instincts, learn from experience and keep improving.

Phew! Hope you find a few gems in there. Again, if you like it, make sure to pick up your free Profit with Content guide or join us on Facebook or Twitter. Now to go find some birthday cake. :-)
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About the Author

Alice Seba
Alice Seba is the owner and creator of With a focus on using content to create relationships, loyalty and results from writing, she loves helping online business owners get more bang out of their content.

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  • Stu McLaren

    Great list Alice.

    I particularly liked the “Customer Focus Calculator” – I had never heard of that before.

    BTW – Happy Birthday!

    All the best.


    • Alice Seba

      Thank you. But I can’t believe I forgot to put Wishlist Member at #21. What was I thinking? It’s great stuff!

  • Diana Walker Cravings Coach

    Hi Alice – WOW!!!! — What an amazing list.
    Thank for sharing!

    And – Happy Birthday, hope it is special, just like you!
    Have fun!

  • Angie (Losing It and Loving It)

    Happy Birthday, Alice!

    Thanks for the amazing list of resources. There are some in there that I had never heard of before and look forward to going through them.

  • The Wacky Gals

    Happy Birthday, Alice!

    Thanks for this wonderful list. There’s some great stuff here.

    By the way, we loved what you said in your email:

    “Yes, the first and ONLY time she’ll be turning 38 – we promise.”

    Well, of course it’s the only time you’ll turn 38… because once you hit 40, you’ll keep turning 28 again and again. :)

    Have a fantastic birthday.

    Kathe and Denise
    The Wacky Gals

  • Gina Bell

    Hi Alice, Happy Birthday!

    Bummer! I would have loved to experience the Snoop Dogg Shizzolator ;~) Thanks for sharing your list.

    Have you ever been to (Warning: you can lose a few hours there!)

    ~ Gina

    • Alice Seba

      For certain, one could spend a long time there!

  • greg cryns

    Hey, thanks for this cool message. I am now going to read those Power Words!

  • Andre Arnett

    Hello Alice,

    Wow, what a fantastic list. A happy birthday wish from me as well. I especially feel good because i do use some of the things on your list. Now to get the rest of them. Thanks. :)

  • Satu

    Happy birthday, Alice! And thank you for the list too.

    I want to thank you for the blueprints too, I purchased almost all of them some time ago.

    They are very handy when I need good ideas for writing or want to check out some detail. :-)

  • Alice Seba

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I do hope you’ll find some gems in the list. :-)

  • Heather @ CSAHM


  • Annie

    Happy Birthday Alice.

    Thanks for sharing on your birthday.

  • Dassana Jayalath

    Birtth day wishes from Singpore…

    Alice, Happy Birthday!


  • Robert Mesa

    Happ Birthday Alice….


  • Michelle Brown

    Happy Birthday! 38 great tips – some of which I am already using (am a HUGE fan of Ed Dales!) and some I will investigate.

    And I’d say you are about the same age as I am!

    • Alice Seba

      You are just a youngster then. :-)

  • jonel

    Thanks Alice,

    What a great list. All very useful, but my favorites are definitely #4 – ClickNewz (always interesting and relevant I.M. information) & #6 – Lyn Chandler makes the “techie” stuff seem easy.

    Happy Birthday!! – Just think, only an “even dozen” before a really BIG celebration ;) LOL

    ~ jonel

  • Oyvind Kjaernet

    Hi and Happy Birthday. Thank you for the list!

  • Delton

    A Toast to You and a belated “Happy Birthday”.

    Hoping this year is as good for you, as mine are for me.

    And yes, thanks for TIPS. I have something to learn for the next 38 days…

    Long Life & Many Great Ideas

  • Eric : Blog De Manila

    I just had my birthday on May 21. ;)

    Happy Birthday, Alice!

    Cheers to more happiness and great articles too!

    • Alice Seba

      Happy Birthday Eric!

  • Carlene

    WOW! This list is amazing. So glad it was your birthday.

    Thanks for sharing this GREAT list with us all.


  • Alice Seba

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes guys. Have an awesome weekend! And hey, if you haven’t read the post on improving your conversions yet, here it is:

  • Malathy Badri

    Very thoughtful gift. What a range of diverse tools and resources.
    Happy Birthday!

  • Scentsy, The Snooty Sniffer

    Thanks for posting the information about these resources! I am always in need of some help when it comes to party planning. This will be the first place I look when I start planning my party next year.

  • Debra Marrs

    It’s that time again, Alice! Happy Birthday to you in 2011. Great list of resources – we thank YOU!!!

    • Alice Seba

      Thank you Debra. New list of “things” coming tomorrow too!

  • Randy Walles

    Alice, I think this synonyms dictionary can also be in your list. Sometimes it really helps me when I’m writing new articles.

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