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Contentrix takes online business owners back to the basics – marketing with the written word. No matter what technology comes along  – whether it be video or audio – the written word still remains a cornerstone to online marketing. Through our free content marketing course, we focus on helping you create content designed to increase traffic, boost response and more.

Alice SebaAlice Seba – Creator of the Contentrix Concept

I’m Alice, the creator of Contentrix.com and Marketing Manager for AllCustomContent.com. After several years (since 2002) of in-depth teaching on a variety of online marketing techniques, I decided it was time to simplify things and focus on helping people communicate with their prospects and customers. After all, it’s words that create connections with our prospects, persuade them to buy and make it easier for them to say yes to more.

Through a thriving ghostwriting and private label content busines, I was looking to create a place where clients, customers and other online business owners could go to get solid advice about marketing with words. And as a result, Contentrix was born.

If you’re wondering, Contentrix merges two words: “Content + Matrix“. With that in mind, we’d like you to consider us YOUR central resource to help you reach your target market effectively with the written word. Some people read it as “Content + Trix” and although that wasn’t what I intended, it works too.

We regularly post new strategies and ideas on the All Custom Content blog…that will simplify and amplify your content creation process. But I couldn’t do this all on my own, meet our team of…

Annette EltonAnnette Elton – CEO of All Custom Content

In addition to authoring and ghostwriting more than thirty books (including an Amazon.com bestseller), Annette has 20 years experience crafting compelling and engaging copy for business owners. She’s thrilled that her writing passion and knowledge enables others to build and sustain their dream business.

Annette is the mother of two and lives in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.

I work alongside with Annette at our ghostwriting business at AllCustomContent.com.



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