Attitude for Excellence in Content Creation


Steps for Excellence in Content

Great content begins with an attitude of excellence and a genuine pride for the words that you put up on that screen. The need to take it beyond good enough into a place where mistakes are not able to hide drives the best content and builds a strong website. Developing that attitude for excellence starts with little habits that will allow for the crafting of the structure of your website.

Tips for Developing an Attitude for Excellence in Content

    1. Go beyond Spell Check. Software can be a wonderful tool to have around, but it is NOT dependable (just ask anyone with a new smart phone). You do not want to brake from what you right to fed your stomach only to realize that it was all wrong – and you KNOW that you only catch those little glitches after you hit publish if you are not careful from the beginning.

    2. Read what you are writing out loud and to someone else if you can get any family members to sit still long enough (trust me on this, the longer you write the harder it will be to find an assistant for this job). The sound of the words will help you determine if they work in that order or if things would flow better with a little tweaking.

    3. Invest in an editor or get another writer friend to trade out editing skills. The extra effort will pay off with better content for your website. A new set of eyes will see glaring mistakes in the same article that you thought was fine. You can get too close to the words to see those mistakes (like the ones Spell Check misses).

    4. Set aside time for the work. The closer you cut the deadline the more likely you are to make a mistake. Invest the extra time to ensure that you create excellent content for the site. Create a buffer of time by holding back the articles you write until you build up a week or two of material – THEN take the articles live by programming them to post one day at a time. Continue working on new material and you will never feel the crunch of trying to post in a hurry.

    5. Step away from the material for a while. It may only be a day or it may be up to a week. Give your mind a chance to relax and get some distance from the words. You will be in a better position to review what you have written and catch any errors.

The more effort you put into your content the better you will build your website. An attitude of excellence means that you are working to craft words in a way that would make even your English teacher proud!

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About the Author

Kathryn Lang
Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer in Alabama. Her work has been published in regional papers, travel magazines and national religous publications along with multiple websites. She has been writing for pleasure since she was able to write and writing as a career for the last several years.

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