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I don’t know about you, but I’m not always big fan of podcasts, lengthy videos, longer-than-necessary ebooks and well, any FLUFF, when it comes to learning. I want people to give it to me straight and give it to me quickly, so I can go apply what I’ve learned.

Well, somebody I know completely understands that…and she’s found a way to deliver this education, at no charge. Yep, it’s free. All you have to do is complete a quick and painless registration.

I’m talking about Cathy Demers (who very coincidentally lives in the same city as me, but I had to travel to Atlanta, Georgia to meet her!)…and her wildly popular Business Success Cafe. She delivers extremely high-information sessions in just 20 minutes each week.

And guess what? I’ll be at the Business Success Cafe in July!

My presentation is called, “How to Get More Satisfied Email Subscribers – Ones That Love to Buy Your Stuff,” which is great in itself (if I do say so myself), but if you register now, you’ll also have access to a bunch of great training opportunities including:

• Sandra Beckwith:“3 Easy Ways to Build Buzz for Your Business with Publicity”

• Connie Ragen Green: “Affiliate Marketing: Recommending What You Love”

• Bob Jenkins: “Finish What You Start!” — oh boy, we could all probably use a bit of this.

• David Perdew: “Instead of Focusing on Short-Term Revenue…Create Long-Term Streams of Passive Income”

• Michael Bloom: “Stop Hearing Crickets on Your Facebook Page”

…and actually, there is quite a bit more planned for July. Go here to see the details.

I hope you’ll sign up to join me. This is definitely a great opportunity.

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Interview: Using PLR, Only Doing What You Love and More

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Lady Business Podcast

If you’re looking for something to listen to while you work today, head over to the Lady Business Podcast where Jessica Kupferman interviewed me about:

  • Why PLR can be a business lifesaver
  • Why doing all the work for your business is no way to run a business
  • Where to put your focus instead, so you can do just the stuff you love
  • What you HAVE to do in your business…or else (Hahaha…if you know me, you know the answer)
  • The importance of building connections online

…and more. Go here to listen.

It’s My Birthday: 42 Ways to Maximize
Your Income with What You Already Have


42nd Birthday Post - You'll be so wise when you're done reading it.Okay, the pressure is on. Each year I get older, I have to give you even more ideas. We’re up to 42 and this time, I’d like to share ideas for maximizing your income. Many of us run our businesses by doing NEW things like creating new websites, releasing new products and so forth…when we really could make it easier to make more money by maximizing what we already have.

So let’s get right to it. Here are 42 ways to maximize your income with what you’ve already got:

  • 1. Use that email again. When you send a broadcast email that is well-received by your audience, be sure to add it to your autoresponder series, so new subscribers will also receive it.
  • 2. Split testing for better results. Split test your sales pages and opt-in pages to ensure you work toward constant improvement in conversion rates. You can use Visual Website Optimizer to make this dead simple.
  • 3. Relaunch instead of launching. Instead of releasing new products all the time, improve your existing ones and relaunch them. Update any out of date information or add some valuable bonuses that make it easier to use the product.
  • 4. Bundle your posts. If you have some very popular blog posts on a specific topic, bundle them up and release them as an opt-in report, so you can grow your list.
  • 5. Get help. If there are tasks on this list of 42 things you know you should be doing, but can’t seem to get enough time to, hire a virtual assistant to get to those details for you. If you’re looking for a VA, try Tishia Saves Time or Virtual Mindworks. I highly recommend both.
  • 6. Seriously, get help. On the other hand, if there are everyday mundane administrative tasks that seem to take up too much of your time…again, hire a VA to take care of those. Then you can focus on the business building tasks you need to be doing more of.
  • 7. Stats provide the clues. Look through your stats and find your most popular pages. Make sure these pages are well monetized by adding an opt-in offer, product recommendations and/or other advertisements.
  • 8. Potentially serve another audience. If you have a lot of content that can serve another audience, think about how you can make this happen. Over time, we gather a ton of content and often that content can be applied to other niches. Now, you may not want to venture into totally new areas because that might divide your attention if you don’t have the right team in place, but you can certainly license your content for others to adapt to their niches.
  • 9. Transcribe it. Many of us have ever-growing libraries of video and audio recordings. If you get those transcribed they can be turned into Kindle books and other documents. You can even repurpose them into workbooks, checklists and even full ebooks. We can help you with this.
  • 10. You already have content for a webinar. Turn content you’ve already written into a webinar script. Require payment or an opt-in to attend the webinar. People love an interactive opportunity to learn about a topic more in-depth.
  • 11. Customers are our best cheerleaders. Can’t seem to grow your affiliate force? Ask your customers to promote your product. They’re the ones who already love it and just about everyone has some type of web presence today that they can spread the word about your offers.
  • 12. One real friend is better than many sort-of friends. Instead of trying to network with everyone online and joining every Facebook Group you can find, find some key people and develop a stronger and mutually beneficial relationship. This is something we cover in the Competitors into Profits course.
  • 13. Invest in tools for your business, but do it wisely. So many people get caught up in “tools” and look for the latest shiny object that can help them for their business. I’m personally more of a “methods” person than a “tools” person, so if there is a tool that can make me apply my method more efficiently, I will get it…but I don’t just pick something up because everyone else seems to say I should.
  • 14. Invest in your education as you need it. Much like #13, it’s important to invest in your business…but it’s easy to get sidetracked. Invest in educational products that will teach you something specific that you need to know to move to the next level, rather than buying up the info product flavor of the month. And when you do invest, be sure to go through the educational program, make a plan to implement the ideas and follow through. Don’t buy anything else until you’ve done that.
  • 15. What’s your customer’s value? Calculate your average lifetime customer value and invest more money into getting new customers. Whether it’s purchasing advertising or giving affiliates more incentive to promote, when you know your average lifetime customer value, you know how much money you can spend.
  • 16. Capitalize on your drop-off rate.  If you have a subscription-based product, find out how much the average member spends before they cancel their subscription. This gives you an opportunity to possibly offer “lifetime memberships” at a slightly higher value or to create some member retention programs to boost that value.
  • 17. Get some more life out of your older products. Bundle up products at a great price and offer them again. This means customers who have already purchased some of the products in the bundle might purchase them again, just to get the remaining products at a great price…any extra goodies you might throw into the package. This is a great tip shared by Nicole Dean recently.
  • 18. Make suggestions. Update your shopping cart to suggest other related products in order to increase your dollar per sale value. Include related offers once they’ve made the purchase as well.
  • 19. Get customers to buy more stuff they’ve already shown an interest in. Email your customers who bought a specific product with an offer for a related product that will help them even further. Send a broadcast email and then add the email into an autoresponder that is automatically sent to new customers that buy this product.
  • 20. Get them on your list. Ensure you are working to bring people who read your blog or follow you on social media to your mailing list. Email is a more commercial form of marketing and you want a way to contact your followers directly with your promotions. You worked hard to grow your blog and social media following, so make the most of it.
  • 21. Getting to know them is a process. Always work toward understanding your target audience better. This will help you position yourself better to help them and sell more of your stuff. Remember, your audience is constantly evolving and so should you.
  • 22. Share your story. Rework your sales pages and other marketing materials with stories and examples. People learn better and are persuaded more when they can relate to a real world example.
  • 23. Help someone else first. Get in touch with someone else in your niche and do something to help them grow their business. When you help someone else, they’re more likely to help you with…without you even needing to ask.
  • 24. Continue to educate your prospects. If you have a product or promote a product that sells well, create more content that will help your readers want that product. Think how-to blog posts, reviews, product comparisons, case studies and more.
  • 25. What do your customer think? Take the time to collect testimonials from your satisfied customers and be sure to share them.  You can share them via email, in blog posts, on social media, on your sales pages and more.
  • 26. A FAQ often does the job. Overcome objections of your potential customers by including a FAQ on your sales page. Most people won’t take the time to ask you a question if they’re unsure of buying, but if FAQ can address their questions, they’re more likely to make the purchase.
  • 27.  Set up conversion goals. Google Analytics makes it easy for you to set up conversion goals. This will help you set up tracking for email subscriptions, clicks, how long someone stays on a page, sales, video views and more.
  • 28. Pay attention and adapt. If you see things changing in your industry, start adapting and see how you can continue to stand apart and soar through the changes. Read this post called Adapt or Die which explores the inability of one movie critic to see the writing on the wall. Don’t get left behind, while others who figure it out move forward.
  • 29. Stay focused. Even with all this talk about maximization, please stay focused. Work on one thing at a time and don’t spread yourself too thin. Maximization is a process and every little thing you do will make a difference and as you make more changes, you’ll see even more growth.
  • 30. Focus on them. Go through your sales pages and other marketing materials and turn the focus from you and more onto your target customer and how you can help them. People respond better when they think you’re speaking directly to them.
  • 31. Survey your customers. In addition to paying attention to their behavior, ask your customers what they think and what they want. This will give you plenty of opportunity to improve things you’ve already got going for you.
  • 32. Capitalize on your most valuable pages. Use download and thank you pages for focused product promotions. When someone has already said YES to one offer, they are more likely to say yes to another related one.
  • 33. Track and tweak. Track links in your autoresponder series and replace poor performing links with different offers. Remember to check your autoresponder regularly too, so that all your links are functioning and up to date.
  • 34. The bounty is waiting in your software. Explore the features of your shopping cart and/or autoresponder. You might be surprised at the cool things you can do that will increase your sales.
  • 35. Maybe you should have a product. If you sell a lot of a particular product as an affiliate, consider creating a similar product for yourself. You’ll get to keep more per sale and you’ll be able to recruit your own affiliates to spread the word further. Plus, it’s much easier to convince our subscribers to buy our own products than the products of someone they don’t necessarily know.
  • 36. Bullets, features and benefits. Go back to your sales pages and other marketing pieces and add more meaningful bullet points. Bullet points are easy to scan and when you provide more features your product and demonstrate the benefits of those features, you have a win-win. Your customer can make a better decision and you can sell more products.
  • 37. Add product pictures. Never underestimate the power of product pictures. If you sell a physical product, show photos of your product in different settings and being used in different ways. If your product offers visible results, show your customer’s before and after photos. If you sell information products, make sure each component of your product has a cover, software box or something else to represent it. Pictures help illustrate the true value of your product in a visual manner, so show them what you’ve got.
  • 38. Try video. If you can demonstrate your product through video, you’ll definitely have a winner. You can also try adding a quick welcome video at the top of your pages and see if it improves your conversions. It will very likely do that.
  • 39. Shape your content around your products. Most of us plan our blog posts, social media updates and other content on a whim. We write about what we feel like writing about or what happens to be popular at that time. However, your content marketing plan will be much stronger if you plan your content based on the products you plan to promote.
  • 40. Build on former products. When you do create products, create the product your existing customers would buy next, instead of trying to get your audience to chase the next shiny object.
  • 41. See who’s sending you traffic and get in touch. Check your stats and see which web pages and social media accounts are sending you traffic. Get in touch to say thank you and open a dialogue that encourages future work together. You can interview them, write a blog post for them and make way for more high level projects and promotions together.
  • 42. Continue to collect data. When your customer or subscriber first comes to you, you probably just collect basic data from them. However, once they are in your database, you can continue to ask them questions that give you even more data that will allow to segment your list and target your marketing even more. For example, you can collect information on birthdays, personal interests and more.

So now the ball’s in your court. What one thing could you start doing today to maximize what you ALREADY have? Take it one day at a time, but keep working to make things better. It’s easier than starting all over or reinventing the wheel each day.

If you want even more, here are my previous birthday posts with tons of tips and ideas:


It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are Today


In my post from the other day about Kelly’s Exposure and Profit, I promised to come back with a story that means a whole lot to me.

While I was in Toronto, a great thing happened the day before my presentation and I was so pleased that I was able to share it when I somewhat fearfully got up to the stage on Sunday. I must admit, I was disappointed I wasn’t there to witness what happened directly, but am so pleased for my son and the experience he was able to have.

Here’s what happened…

This MVP doubts himself no longerIn the picture to the right, you can see my oldest son’s baseball team. This is the last game before they went into the semi-finals for their tournament.

My son is 12 and this is his first year playing baseball. He absolutely loves the sport and enjoys being on a team, but he has doubted himself immensely. There are kids on the team who have been playing since they were 5 and younger. Others have more natural ability. There were even some evenings with near tears, but he kept going back because he loved it. Still, the worry he was letting his team down was always in the back of his mind.

When the family was on its way to the game that day, my husband gave my son a little pep talk and told him son not to worry about who was watching him. He should just listen to his coaches and focus on the game.

My husband told me he could see an immediate change in my son. He was completely focused and really into the game. He even caught a pretty amazing pop fly in mid-leap. Later my son told me that he technically did everything “wrong” when he caught the ball, but I reminded him that he now knew he could do it and he could perfect his technique from here.

Well, my son’s performance in the game actually earned him the MVP for the game and if you look closely at the photo, you’ll see him proudly holding up his MVP tshirt. When I got this picture, I was beaming because I knew this must have propelled his confidence through the roof. This is exactly what he needed.

I think there’s something for all of us to learn from here. People often tell me that I don’t understand how hard it is to grow an online business because I’m successful now. We all start somewhere and it doesn’t matter where  you are today because when you compare yourself to others, you hold yourself back. That’s the self-sabotaging truth of it all.

All you need to do is focus…pay attention to your coach, if you have one…and get in the game.

This is WHY: Exposure and Profits – Toronto – May 2014


Exposure and Profit Panel Discussion

Well, that was a great weekend. It was so great, I didn’t want it to end and that’s probably the reason I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning yesterday when I had to be at the airport by 6. It was a tough morning, but I got plenty of sleep on the plane and then when I got back home. Now, I’m all refreshed and ready to get back at doing amazing things in my business.

While I don’t attend as many conferences as I used to (I prefer to focus on DOING over hopping from event to event), I still know how important it is to make these important connections, brush up on my knowledge and gather new ideas. So when I used my time, energy and funds to get to Kelly’s Exposure and Profit event…I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Kelly was paying attention to all the little details to ensure that this was an amazing event all around.

I could probably go on and on about everything, but I’m going to keep this at just three key takeaways I got from the weekend.

#1: Accommodate Your Audience to Be Awesome!

I mentioned that Kelly paid lots of attention to little details and that’s no exaggeration. She did have a great event planner, Margaret Binns, but it was those details beyond seating, timing, equipment and food (ohh…the food was amazing) that I’m talking about.

Kelly promised this to be an “introvert-friendly” event and she wasn’t kidding. She encouraged all participants to speak up and share their great message, but she did in the safest environment as possible. For example, she asked participants to share a 90 second introduction about themselves. They were asked to come up to the microphone to do it, but if they weren’t comfortable with that, she would read the introduction for them. But what was so wonderful that even if they didn’t want to read their own, they willingly came up on the stage beside Kelly while she read their introduction.

Slowly, but surely, people were becoming braver because of the safe environment that Kelly created.

The whole event ran like this. There were opportunities to stretch our wings, but if we needed to step back we could…but because it was so safe, most people chose to stretch. Heck, this even includes me. This was my first real conference speaking engagement, but I was pretty darned nervous about it. Kelly asked what I needed to make it easier and they even rearranged the whole stage area, so I could feel as comfortable as possible. First, I wanted a stool. Then, I said I wasn’t sure. Then I asked them to move the podium and they did everything I needed to calm my worried self.

Kelly asked us to leave a note about how we felt about the event and this is what I told her:

Alice Seba LOVES Exposure and Profit

This makes me think about how we can do the same with our audiences. There’s always something that will hold people back from achieving what they want to achieve and how can we, as their guides, make it safe for them to do so?

#2: Stories Are Amazing Marketing Tools

I think many of this know this on some level, but we don’t always take the time to connect the personal with our business. We may share personal stories and anecdotes, but we don’t always take the time to connect those to key learning points for our audiences.

Some of the most powerful stories from the weekend came from Darrel Eves. He shared a lot of stories, but the most powerful of which was one about the fundraiser he created for his brother who needed a kidney replacement where they raised over $250,000. I am pretty sure there were few dry eyes when he was done, but not only because it was a great story, but because it showed the power of YouTube and how we can make an incredible difference in the world with our own marketing skills. He connected his story with the greater message of his business and that’s how to use the power of storytelling.

Make your stories make a difference.

Derral Eves, Speaking at Exposure and Profit

I also told a story about my son that had some meaning for the audience members, but I’m going to save that for in a couple of days. I’ll make a post about it soon.

And before we move onto the next takeaway, we just (totally coincidentally…Mel planned it a while back) released a PLR package about Marketing with Stories. If you think your readers could benefit from it, go check it out.

Now moving along, let’s ask…

#3: What Would Awesome You Do?

Nicole Dean - Be Your Awesome!In another message that was shared through a great story, Nicole Dean encouraged us to be the most awesome version of ourselves possible. She told the true story of a man who had lost a lot of weight, saved his marriage and grew his business exponentially in the short amount of time because he would simply ask himself:

“What would the awesome me do?”

…each time he had to make a decision to do something in the day. Little by little, if you do the things awesome you would do, your life becomes awesome all at the same time.

So, keep this in mind, as you work and do all the other things in your life.

What Would Awesome You Do?

 And speaking of being awesome and connecting with others, our Competitors into Profits students know this. Don’t hide out anymore and try to do this online business thing all by yourself. It’s just so much darned work and it stifles your awesome.

Thank you so much to Kelly and her staff for putting together such a wonderful event. Thank you to the speakers and all the attendees for sharing such great information and for being an inspiration to do even better in the future.


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