Spice Up Your Content With Good Web Graphics


web-graphics-attentionWhen I look at Contentrix you know what I see?

Loads of great content, of course. I also see lots of images and graphics to compliment that great content.

Alice and her awesome writers are no fools. They know we’re all busy, we’re easily distracted and we could easily miss a piece of great information we need if not for a few well placed web graphics.

Do you have to be a graphics designer with mad skills to do what the Contentrix team does? No way! You just need to know how to use the tools and resources available to get the job done quickly and easily. [Read more...]


Benefits of Using WordPress For Your Content

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I built my very first website back in 1999. I was in college at the time and a friend of mine handed me a sheet of paper with HTML code on it and said “You can start a website with this.”. The code was very simple, to start, but quickly became complicated and all-time consuming.

I was focused so much on writing code to make pages, or changing code when I changed my mind that I never even got to actually going out and getting visitors, or sales, or anything really. Good thing that site was just a hobby site!

Fast forward many years and things are pretty darn cushy in the website arena for me. I use WordPress and I marvel at the ways it makes it so easy for me to publish, use and promote content. Now sometimes I take it for granted how great this program is. To remind myself and to offer some ideas for you I thought I’d put down all the benefits to using WordPress as a content management system that I can think of… [Read more...]

Why Your Information Product Isn’t Selling

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You know you have a great information product and that people should be buying but sales are slow or non-existent.

You wonder: Why? What went wrong?

Of course you want to fix it ASAP so that you can get that virtual cash register ringing.

Here are three reasons why your (good) info-product might not be selling… [Read more...]

Is Your Website Holding You Back or Moving You Forward?

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Hi it’s Angela Wills here from Website Design Mojo. Alice asked me to go ahead and answer some great questions on using WordPress to build a website and how it can have an effect on how good your content is.

Let’s go…

Q.  Here at Contentrix we love to talk about content. How important is website design software for an [Read more...]

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Content Marketing Lessons From Rock Bands


I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a ‘reality sitcom’ addict. One of my favorites is Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Now I call it a ‘sitcom’ because the stuff on it is so outrageous some of it has to be scripted, but that’s another article for another day!

What I want to talk about today is how I noticed some of the things Gene does to promote his rock band ‘Kiss’. It got me thinking about the music industry in general and how good they are at creating and promoting their content (the music).

So I’ve come up with what I think are some great content marketing lessons we can all learn from rock bands. Let’s jump right into it with the first lesson… [Read more...]

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