Running Out of Fresh Blog Post Ideas?

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There’s nothing quite like staring at a blank page on your computer screen.

Often, when I find I’m feeling uninspired I check out industry magazines for blogging ideas. However, even those can become repetitive. I’ve found that the solution is often right in front of me.

Here are 3 ways to stretch your imagination, find inspiration and ultimately provide value to your readers:

Break a Previous Post Down to an Even Tighter Topic

So you’ve written about a topic. Have you covered it in detail? Quite often you can break a past topic idea down to the nitty gritty details. You’ll likely end up with an extremely valuable piece.
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3 Ideas for Capitalizing on Autoresponders


You likely already know the value of email marketing and have probably heard the truism that “the money is in the list”.

Many marketers capitalize on their list by creating and scheduling a regular installment of autoresponder messages. Each message leads to a promotion, provides valuable information and/or may offer the opportunity to generate affiliate commissions.

In addition to your existing email marketing campaign there are three ways to profit that you might not have considered. They include:
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3 Common Conversational Content Mistakes & How to Fix ‘Em

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If you’ve been creating your own content or learning about how to write compelling content that converts readers into subscribers and customers, you’ve likely heard the term “conversational copy” or “Conversational content.”

It essentially means to write the way you speak.  It’s an extremely effective method to approaching writing because it means you’re more comfortable writing. It takes some of the pressure off. Additionally, for your readers it is a much more approachable style. They feel as if you’re actually talking directly to them. It helps form a connection to your reader or prospect.

(If you’ve been taking the Contentrix Better Content Course then you’re familiar with conversational content – it’s covered in Lesson Three Contentrix Style Guide.)

That being said, there are a few mistakes commonly made when writing conversationally. No worries, they’re easy to fix once you know what to look for.

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How Truthful Does Your Content Need to Be?

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I recently got into a bit of a debate on Facebook when I posted a link to an article about Honesty and Ethics in writing Nonfiction. The article was about memoir writing specifically and how some authors tend to bend the truth to make for a more interesting book. Okay, some writers have outright lied. It dealt with both the legal and moral aspects of memoir writing.

The debate, and the article, got me to thinking about honesty and ethics when writing non-fiction articles and blog posts.

Is it ever okay to write content that bends the truth?

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Embracing “Write Fast Edit Later”


In a few posts I’ve talked about editing later as a means to write more quickly but also more effectively.

When you pause to edit your spelling and/or grammar you interrupt the thought process. It slows you down and has the potential to disrupt your flow and affect your content.

I’ve had many people mention that they struggle with this “Write fast, edit later” rule. It’s just too tough to implement. Editing as you write has become a habit. Consider, if you’re looking for more clarity in your writing and you want to write faster, trying this experiment.

How to Embrace the “Write Fast, Edit Later” Rule

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