Writing with Boldness for Content Impact


Strong words create bold content

Creating content that will impact the reader often starts with boldness in topic, presentation or simply the title. A strong statement or a provocative question demands attention and then cries out to be shared with others. Content that has a bold stance will not only draw readers but will often be spread beyond your own website by others.

Ways to Create Boldness in Your Content

    1. Make a profound statement that will cause others to click through to your website. Titles with the names of celebrities can cause a stir (but be sure that the article actually has something to do with that celebrity). Other grabbing titles include the keys or secrets to the situation you will be talking about in the material. Think of a billboard and create a title that would cause your readers to slow down just to read the title and give them a hunger to know more.
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Relationship of Business Fundamentals to Content Writing


“Writing is a business and requires good management and productivity.” – Jamee Rae

The words screamed at me instead of just tweeting. It can be easy to forget about the fundamentals of business and get caught up in the “art” of writing. Creating good content requires finding the perfect balance between being a writer and being a business owner trying to grow to a new level of success.

Fundamentals of Business for Content Writers

    1. Good management – creating consistent content starts with time management. You need to have a schedule of when things will be accomplished. Putting together an editorial calendar is one of the best places to start when it comes to managing content.
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Guerilla Marketing for Content Writers
from Rick and Bubba


The next great idea for content writers could be hiding anywhere. The new book by radio personalities Rick and Bubba arrived at my house yesterday with some great tips for guerilla marketing.

The story in “We Be Big” had nothing to do with content writers or marketing on the internet, but it did start me thinking down that path.

Marketing Lessons for Content Writers

    • Rick and Bubba created a radio show that was like nothing else around because it was all about them and their real lives. They were open and honest with viewers and it struck a chord. Content writers have to be willing – at some level – to be open and honest about the words on the screen if they want to build the same devoted fan base that follow The Rick and Bubba Show.

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Three Things Get Content Writing Done

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The list of to-dos that I could create would give Santa’s own list a run for its money. Between my home, life and work there always seems to be one more thing that I remember to do and then I fret and worry and end up getting nothing done. The other day I discovered a key that helps me to unlock success in getting projects completed.

The plan was about life in general, but I it works just as well for my work life. The foundation lies in doing three things. When you make the to-do list you put on just three things you must accomplish that day. At the end of the day you sit down and review how well you completed the three tasks and then formulate a plan for tomorrow – again using the three things key.
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