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Are You Locking Out Business Growth?

As you probably know, we write all kinds of content for our clients at All Custom Content. Whether it’s articles, special reports, email messages or blog posts…we cover just about everything.

But sometimes people ask, “How could anyone else possibly write a blog post for me? Blogs are so personal.”

Blogging is a big job and while it’s valuable, it isn’t usually the most directly profitable aspect of our businesses. That means it’s the perfect thing to outsource while you focus on the most profitable activities in your business.

Still, agreed, blogging can be very personal and the transition to getting help with blogging can be intimidating.

So what do you do?…

#1: Make a Content Brand Charter:

This is a term I coined in the Better Content Marketing Course (it’s free, so sign up and get more detailed instructions and a template) and this Charter helps the writer understand who you are, your point of view and more.

Your Charter is the guiding document for whenever someone writes for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ghostwriter, guest writer, staff or whomever. If you know what you’re all about, it will be easier to convey that to others.

Things to include in your Charter…

-> Detailed information about your target market. Everything from their age, income and marital status to their interests, beliefs, problems they want solved, etc.

-> Your UCP (Unique Content Position). What makes your blog content different and why do your readers come to your blog?

-> Why you publish content. Are you focusing on building a mailing list? Do you want to sell certain products? Are you trying to build traffic, so you can sell advertising on your website?

-> Adjectives that describe your voice. Are you bold and mischievous or are you detail-oriented and step-by-step?

-> Overall message of your blog. What do you support or not support?

Now that seems like a lot of work, right?

Why outsource if you have to do all that?

Well, it’s something you have to do once (with tweaks as you evolve) and it is so valuable. Whether you outsource or not, go through this exercise and keep your Charter handy at all times. It will give you much more focus and keep you moving toward your goals.

And actually, recently a reader and client of ours told me that it was this piece of the puzzle that made it a breeze to start having us create content for her. Theresa Delgado told me this:


I love your and Annette’s All Custom Content Service. Working with your project manager, Melody is wonderful. She makes everything so easy. I use the Monthly Content Creation Program for a client and the articles delivered are spot on in quality, voice and tone.

I found that using your suggestions, from your “Better Content Marketing Course” course (Lesson 9), on putting together my Content Brand Charter made it a lot easier for me to communicate with Melody what I was looking for in the content style. You all make my job so much easier – not to mention saving me hours.

Thank you so much!

Theresa Delgado

YES! I love it when people get the connection between what we teach here at Contentrix and can apply it to making the most of the money they spend on content creation. I don’t want our readers to buy any PLR or hire a ghostwriter (whether it’s us or someone else) and not be able to grow their business from it. This is so critically important for me and why Contentrix exists.

Now let’s continue…

#2: Get Specific

When assigning topics, include the angle or opinion you want to shine through in the post. Now you don’t have to write out the whole post because that would defeat the purpose of having a writer, but the more specific you can be, the better the result.

#3: You Don’t Have to Take Credit for Ghostwritten Content

Now, here’s the real biggie. Just because someone ghostwrites for you, doesn’t mean that you have to slap your name on it and say it’s written by you.

You can assign your writer a pen name and publish content under that name. The writer would still follow your Content Brand Charter and would create content that is directly in line with what your blog is all about, but it’s just not directly from you.

Plus, having an extra “voice” around can add more dimension to your blog…plus, save you a ton of time.

Blogging is personal, but the key is delivering what your readers want and by following these steps, you’ll be well on the way to getting there.

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About the Author

Alice Seba
Alice Seba is the owner and creator of With a focus on using content to create relationships, loyalty and results from writing, she loves helping online business owners get more bang out of their content.

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  • Theresa

    Hi Alice! I also wanted to add that I love how the Content Creation service will brainstorm ideas for you if you provide the topic. Sometimes the topic is so broad I don’t know where to start. Well, I just give Melody the topic and a week later I have a bunch of title topics to pick from, again saving me a TON of time. – Theresa (happy, happy customer) :)

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