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Your Questions: How Do I Get People to Click on My Links?


questionsHere’s a question Gordon. He asked about getting people to click on your links. There’s nothing worse than creating content, driving traffic to it and nobody clicks any links.

There are so many factors involved in whether or not someone clicks on your links and for the most part, we have no control over any of it. However, you can increase your chances of getting clicks by keeping the following in mind…

Remember It Has a Lot to Do with Volume:

There’s math involved here. If only 15 people read your content, it’s quite possible that no one will click your link. I know it kind of sucks, but it’s true. To maximize the chances of getting clicks, make sure your content is viewable over time and repurpose it so it can be seen more often.

So please, don’t be discouraged.

If you published your content today and only 15 people saw it, there will be more visitors over time. You can increase your chances of getting traffic over time by ensuring you have a good navigation structure and optimizing your content for a highly-targeted keyword phrase. You can also promote it on social media, get affiliates to share your content and employ other strategies.

If you published your content as an article, repurpose it into an autoresponder message, bundle a bunch of articles into a report and distribute. You can take the information from the article and make a short video. In short, you can do TONS of stuff with the same piece of content to ensure it’s seen more often.

Be Relevant:

The links you include in your content should be as relevant as possible. If you’re helping a reader solve a problem through a blog post, the link you provide should be a further solution.

If you’re loosely relevant, they’ll be less interested. For example, if you write an article about reducing cholesterol levels and then link to a healthy eating video, you may get some health-seekers clicking through…but it’s not as relevant as a product that specifically helps reduce cholesterol levels.

Be Interested:

Now you don’t have to be an over-the-top used car salesman, but you should be passionate about your topic AND what you’re linking to. Tell them why they should click…not just that there is a product available on the other side of the link.

Be Direct – A Keyword Link is Not Enough:

Publishers want better search engine rankings, so they link to their products and offers using keyword links. For example, they’ll make a link like this:

This gluten-free cookbook has a lot of recipes.

Search engines respond to keywords (but note, this is only a tiny part of a comprehensive SEO strategy)…humans don’t always. While you can include keywords, it’s important to tell your readers what you’d like them to do. Even though we might want to deny it, humans do respond to being told what to do. So instead, try something like this.

I found some great recipes in a gluten free cookbook I found at my local bookstore. It has some pretty scrumptious baked goods and my kids have always gobbled everything up. Click here to see the table of contents and get a copy…it certainly changed my way of thinking.

In the first example, we’re just talking about the cookbook. In the second example, we’re talking about it and encouraging the reader to click through. Big difference.

Practice & Track:

Figuring out what works is learned over time and you can’t get get discouraged at the beginning. The more you write, the better you’re going to get at this. And don’t forget to track your links and see how things are going. Do more of what works and none of what doesn’t.

If you’re starting to improve your click throughs, I’m sure these tips will provide some immediate difference. But remember, it’s something we learn to do better over time…so keep at it. You’ll get it!

Now What? 

We’re also here to help you with your persuasive writing techniques. Just join us for our Persuasive Writing Training. We’ll show you how to get your readers excited about clicking your links and responding to your calls to action. Go here to learn more.

Give Your Readers What They Want - WITHOUT All The Hard Work - Pre-made fully-illustrated step-by-step tutorials make it easy to sell your products, build your list and grow your business. Click here to learn more.

Freelance Sites vs. Hiring All Custom Content

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Hope your week is shaping up to be a good one. It’s been a busy week working with our clients and gearing up for all our new monthly service clients.

When we started planning our money-saving service, we asked for feedback from our clients and potential clients. Here is a question we received about that.

Q: “I’ve considered transcribing my teleseminars but was going to go through Elance or Odesk — so one question I would ask as a prospective client is ‘How is your service going to be different than what I can get through Odesk or Elance’?”

—————— START ANSWER ————————

There are plenty of places to find freelance transcriptionists and some of those places include job sites like Elance or oDesk. If you’re not familiar with these sites, they are places where businesses like you can post projects and people seeking work can bid on projects.

There are few things to consider when working with freelance sites:

* It’s time consuming to go through responses and decide who is the right one for the job.When you choose us, there are no applications to review. We make sure our team of transcriptionists get your jobs done. It’s that simple.

* While there are some great people working on these sites, you can bet there are plenty of bad apples. There are unqualified people applying for projects and plenty won’t bother to complete the project.

With All Custom Content, you’re dealing with a company that has reliably provided transcription service to our clients for the past 4 years.

* It’s not always easy to find people for ongoing work. We know that oDesk tries to put its focus into ongoing work, but there is no way to guarantee that. Many freelancers working this site are placing their work bids low, just so they can get the job and then realize they can’t afford to keep working at that rate, so they are off looking for the next best thing.

Again, we’re an established company that continues to provide this service on an ongoing basis. Sure, we have transcriptionists come and go, but our ultimate responsibility is to make sure YOUR project is done. We put our clients first…period.

Overall, you’re going to save time and money. Plus, you can rest assured that your projects are completed month after month, without the hassles you might get elsewhere. Of course, you have to weigh the pros and cons for your own unique business, but we think you’ll be pretty happy with what we’re cooking up and will have more information for you soon.

—————— END ANSWER ———————–

Free Outsourcing Content Guide

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10 Important Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter

Leave a comment are some reasons to hire a ghostwriterThe other day, Alice shared some very real reasons why it’s important to get some help with your writing if you want your business to continue to grow…without you working yourself to the bone. She suggested a number of ways to get help…some even for free.

She also talked about hiring a ghostwriter who can write on the specific topics you need, drawing on the specific sources you suggest, using opinions that match your own and he or she can even emulate your writing voice.

There is no need to link out to anyone else and the content is completely and 100% yours.

In short, using a ghostwriter is the only option that gives you complete control of your content output, conversions and more.

If you need a few reasons why you should work with a ghostwriter, we’ve got 10 of them. Let’s get right to it.

1. Expertise:

Ghostwriters are specialists. They are highly trained and skilled writers. If you want quality writing, and don’t personally have the time or the writing expertise, hiring a ghost writer is a smart step to ensure your business content professionally represents your business brand, voice, and message.

2. Time:

You’re busy building your business and focusing on profit generating tasks, or at least you should be.

3. Passion:

Don’t have a passion for writing? Guess what, ghostwriters do.

4. Procrastination:

Give a ghostwriter your deadline and then relax.

5. Ideas:

Ghostwriters don’t run out of ideas to write about. Educate your ghostwriter about your audience and your brand and enjoy the results.

6. Consistency:

It’s difficult to consistently create top level content when you have so many other tasks on your plate. A ghostwriter can give your audience the consistent experience they deserve.

7. Too Many Ideas:

Have too many content ideas and not enough resources to get it all done? Hire a ghostwriter to help you out.

8. It’s Time to Publish:

Becoming a published author is the way to build credibility, authority, and trust in your industry.

9. Money:

Good content grows a business. It’s the foundation of online success.

10. You Want to Take Content Marketing to the Next Level:

Content marketing builds awareness, it drives traffic and profits, and it brands your business.

And of course, if you’d love to save some time, get things done and deliver great content that grows your business, we’d love to help. Come check out our monthly savings program here.

It’d be our pleasure to make running your business a whole lot easier.

Infographic Tips for Maximum Impact


The other day we promised you some tips for creating effective infographics and we’ve got them for you. And of course, we’re also here to create them for you if you prefer. Our February infographics creation special is here.

How to Make Great Infographics

But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, here are some things you should keep in mind:

1. Correlate Your Graphics with Your Information

This sounds like an obvious statement, yet it’s often overlooked. Instead of choosing graphics simply because they’re flashy and attention grabbing, make sure they also support your information.

2. Source Your Data

Infographics are visual representations of information. Because you’re citing facts, it’s important to give credit to the source. Dig deep and strive to find the original source of the information you’re providing. It’ll boost your credibility in the eyes of your audience.

3. Keep it Simple

It’s easy for an infographic to become cluttered. Streamline the information and present it in a manner that’s easy for your audience to follow. Viewers want to be able to immediately see the value so their time is well spent. If an image is too cluttered, they may click away.

4. Include Your Website Address

One of the goals for infographics is to motivate shares on social media. Make sure your website name and web address are clearly visible.

5. One Narrow Topic

Make sure to keep your infographic material focused on one key topic. For example, “How Top Business Coaches Outsource Successfully” is much clearer than “Outsourcing Your Coaching Business.” A narrow topic keeps the information streamlined and valuable.

6. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Colors represent emotions and they leave an impression on your viewer. You wouldn’t want an infographic on banking to be neon pink and you probably wouldn’t want an infographic on raising children to be black and red. Think about your topic and your audience when you choose your infographic colors. Remember, your information also needs to be readable.

7. Have a Goal

With any content you create and publish, you want it to achieve something for your business. You might use your infographic to drive traffic, to increase your credibility, or to generate sales leads. Before you begin creating your graphic, identify what you want it to achieve and then plan how you’re going to make it happen.

Still not sure how infographics can benefit your business, here are some thought-provoking reasons for you. We’ll be back again soon with some common infographic mistakes and how to avoid them.

Free Outsourcing Content Guide

Thinking of hiring a ghostwriter, but have concerns? Download your free 21-page step-by-step guide that shows you how to save time and maximize your profits through content creation. There’s no charge, just a quick opt-in required and you can unsubscribe any time. It's a real eye-opener and completely simplifies the content creation process for any online business owner.

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Nicole Dean: If You’re Nervous, Chug a Beer ;-)

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Nicole DeanHere’s our final interview on the importance of relationship building in business, even if you work from a laptop alone at your kitchen table or in your home office. Next, we start our Competitors into Profits course so it will be YOUR turn. We’ve got hot seats, lessons and plenty of opportunities for you to be a great success story.

If you’ve missed any of the previous Q&As, go check them out now. We’ve heard from Therese SparbyKelly McCausey and Dave Bernstein. And now, we’ve got Nicole Dean.

Let’s get onto what Nicole has to say… 

If you don’t know Nicole, she is the epitome of the business owner who has blossomed through strategic relationships. She is an Internet marketing teacher, niche marketer, PLR seller, a longtime friend of mine and you can catch up with her on her blog.

"My best strategies have been to network where people are willing to pay to be there because the people there are much more serious about their businesses. Those are the people who became my 'peeps' in the years to come." ~ Nicole Dean, as shared on

Q: What difference has building relationships made to your business?

A: Building relationships has actually made all of the difference. I can’t think of one single other thing that I’ve done in my business that has made the same impact.

My first product was created with a partner. Kelly McCausey asked me to partner with her on a course about Article Marketing back in 2005. Having her expertise in product creation allowed me to learn and pass roadblocks without having to figure everything out myself – or make costly mistakes along the way.

I had several partnerships since then, in niches from Jewish holidays (and I’m not Jewish) to cooking and planning kids parties. My partners inspired me, taught me through their actions and words, and made learning (and earning) fun.

The next relationship that really impacted me was when I start to work as an Affiliate Manager for Jimmy D. Brown. He took me under his wing and I got paid to learn how a really successful business operates. A great partnership – and friendship were born from those days.

I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I do have two other people who I can’t forget.

David Perdew, the CEO of NAMS, hosts a 3 day workshop in Atlanta twice yearly. He gathers about 40 presenters who are warm, smart marketers, and I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many of them and work with them. This has been priceless for finding people to host on my podcasts, to promote each other products, and to just talk to when no one else seems to understand what it is that I do at the computer when I enter my office. I’ve started going to more events to get to know people, but NAMS has really been a game-changer for me.

Lastly, and certainly not least, I’ve had a very profitable partnership with my friend, Melissa Ingold, for the last 3 years. We run Coach Glue together and offer tools, templates, and now training for Coaches, Virtual Assistants, and anyone else who needs to understand Online Business.

Q: What have been your best strategies for meeting new and influential people?

My best strategies have been to network where people are willing to pay to be there. That means places like paid forums, like and Earn 1K a Day. The people there are much more serious about their businesses than people who hang out in the free Facebook groups and free forums. So those are the people who became my “peeps” in the years to come.

Next, look for win-win scenarios in everything that you do. For instance, Alice Seba and I have crossed paths for the last 10 years online, oftentimes doing nearly the same thing. A lot of people would see us as competitors, but we’ve actually formed a good friendship because Alice and I are always looking for opportunities to bring each other UP instead of DOWN. With that mindset, you see doors open. Like, for instance, this interview. Why did Alice ask me to do it? Because we have a good relationship – that has been formed over years of reaching out to each other.

Another sneaky way to get into a network is to hire a coach. Oftentimes, if you are doing all the right things and are working with a coach who “gets it”, that coach will hook you up with their people, when appropriate. For instance, one of my coaching clients right now if Kristen Eckstein and, because she did what I told her to do, which was to write and publish a Kindle book every week for 20 weeks straight – I’m bragging her up all over and hooking her up with all kinds of people that can help her to grow her business. It is an option that can work out really well, if handled in that win-win way.

Lastly, I know that it’s difficult, but try to attend some in-person events. Ask around to see where you should go. Some are pretty awful, but others are amazing and can make a huge difference in your personal network.

Q: What piece of advice do you have for someone who needs to start reaching out more?

A: First, just realize that networking is part of business and that everyone else is going through the same things as you are. Also realize that some people will not clique with you and that’s ok. Just keep doing the right thing, being remarkable, and reaching out when possible.

Second, join a paid networking group and participate. If you don’t feel you fit in, then try a different one. It’s ok. You may need to poke around a bit until you find your family. Keep trying. It is worth it.

And, when traveling? Drink beer. :) No, seriously. If you’re terrified and have to push yourself, do it. I’ve had to grab a beer or two to get through the first few trips. I also always travel with a friend, so that I’m not so scared of meeting new people.

I hope this helps and best wishes in meeting new people.

How This Applies to You

I think Nicole has already explained it and has given plenty of great advice. One of my favorite memories of Nicole was when she was first starting out in her business. She boldly told me, “I’m going to be your #1 affiliate.”

And guess what?

She became my #1 affiliate and has pretty consistently kept that title over the years.

It just goes to show that if you put your  mind to something and make the plan to do it, you can do it. If you’d like state your intention and put together a plan to do it, join us for Competitors into Profits. If you’re willing to work, we’ll help you get where you want to go.

Free Outsourcing Content Guide

Thinking of hiring a ghostwriter, but have concerns? Download your free 21-page step-by-step guide that shows you how to save time and maximize your profits through content creation. There’s no charge, just a quick opt-in required and you can unsubscribe any time. It's a real eye-opener and completely simplifies the content creation process for any online business owner.

Click here to get yours.

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