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Interview: Using PLR, Only Doing What You Love and More

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Lady Business Podcast

If you’re looking for something to listen to while you work today, head over to the Lady Business Podcast where Jessica Kupferman interviewed me about:

  • Why PLR can be a business lifesaver
  • Why doing all the work for your business is no way to run a business
  • Where to put your focus instead, so you can do just the stuff you love
  • What you HAVE to do in your business…or else (Hahaha…if you know me, you know the answer)
  • The importance of building connections online

…and more. Go here to listen.

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Shield Your Business From Data Loss – What To Backup & How

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Protect Yourself from Data LossWhen my web host deleted all my sites for “violating terms of use”, I quickly learned the value of backups. I made a dumb mistake and installed an email script that sent out 1000 emails per minute without my knowledge. It was an accident, but they deleted everything anyway. Good thing it happened early and the sites weren’t producing any kind of revenue. Today, without my websites and email list, I’d be without income. A state I’d rather not be in.

We all know we should backup, but when you get down to it, how do you ensure you’ve covered everything? Glad you asked because I’ve got some ideas to get you started.

What To Backup

Before beginning, consider what your business relies upon. What tools, systems, or files, that would severely cripple you if you lost access to it for a whole day. A short list for most internet businesses would be:

  • Email list
  • Website
  • Shopping cart
  • Computer software
  • Files on your computer
  • Important physical documents

Physical Documents

Much as we love the thought of going ‘paperless’, there will always be paper. What comes to mind are taxes, local licenses, and receipts.

You can scan these into a digital format, but this is time consuming. An option is to pay someone, like your kids. Alternatively, you could send it to a service like []

Why digitize? Because it is a lot more portable and easier to backup than paper.

Files & Emails On Your Computer

With a wide number of services available, backing up your computer files is easy. It’s amazingly affordable too. Some services you can try are:

These services backup to the cloud and that’s a good thing. In case your home office or computer suffers physical damage – like flood or fire – you can get back up and running easily. On the other hand, most times when we lose files, it isn’t that catastrophic. Local backups are always faster to recover for day-to-day oopsies.

That’s why, in addition to cloud backup, I also keep a copy of all my files in an external hard drive.

Use Gmail? If you aren’t afraid to DIY, check out this tutorial from How-To Geek. You can also try a service like Spinbackup

Computer Software

Ever needed to set up a new computer with your favorite programs? It’s a nightmare looking for all those license keys isn’t it? These days, 99% of my software keys are delivered digitally. I save the confirmation emails with the keys, and send a copy to Evernote. For non-digital ones – it’s as simple as taking a picture and uploading it to Evernote.

Email Lists

This is a little trickier. It all depends on your email list provider. A good one should allow you to download your contacts. Ideally, you can automatically download it. Otherwise, it’s well worth outsourcing this task.

In addition, you could also have a script written so that, when people subscribe, the lead is saved into your own database in addition to being sent to the mailing service.

Shopping Cart & Websites

If you use a third party cart – you want to check with them how you can save a copy of your customer and purchase data regularly. If your shopping cart system lives on your website, then the great news is – you can quickly backup that and your website – whether it is built with WordPress, Drupal, any other CMS, or plain old HTML – in one go.

Most web hosting panels have a way to backup everything. For example in cPanel – the most popular web hosting panel – you can log into each account, and hit the backup button. The down side is, this isn’t automated, and you have to do each site separately.

Using a service like AutoSiteSaver, you can add all your websites into a single dashboard panel and manage the backups from there. If you have a reseller account, it’s even easier. Their system automatically grabs all the sub-accounts under it and you can set all sites on the same backup schedule or set different sites on their own schedule.

They have a 14 day free trial so you can test it out risk free and have your first backups done free. Take it for a spin.

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Wow Your Readers: Do Your Research

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Do Your ResearchIf you want to wow your readers with your content, all you have to do take some time to do a little extra research. When you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what’s happening out there, your readers see you as the authority in your subject. And when they think of you as an authority, they’re going to do more business with you.

That’s why it’s always worth it to take the extra time. Or, of course, if you don’t have the time as a busy entrepreneur, we can do the research for you - and then you can take that info and run with it.

But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, here are a few ways to do your online research…

Be in the Know: Reputable News Sources and Industry Blogs

Start by creating alerts with Google. Google Alerts allow you to get updates on content for subjects and keywords of your choosing. This can help round out your knowledge and various subjects, find new resources to subscribe to and even help you come up with new topic ideas.

Of course, you should also subscribe to industry news sources and blogs. You can organize the alerts and newsfeeds in your email system by topic and date. A feed reader like Feedly can help you organize the blogs you follow.

Then you can reference the information when you need it. For example, if you’re writing a blog post on press release distribution you can head to your feed reader and search for recent posts on press releases.

Search It

They key to efficiently and thoroughly researching your topic with search engines is to use specific and detailed keywords. It also helps to write your content first and then go back and look for places where you want to add information to support your claims.

For example, if you’re working on a blog post about press release distribution you might want to know which of the top services offer social media release features. You’d search for that information specifically. It is the fastest way to find the information you need.

Add to that, when search for topic information, consider differing viewpoints that you find. If you can present different viewpoints to your audience and illustrate why your viewpoint is superior, you can create some very compelling content.

Locate Credible Statistics

Bookmark a few of the leading research organizations for your industry. For example, MarketingProfs and are both good sources of data and statistics for those in the marketing industry. Infographic sites like are also good sources of statistics.

There are also plenty of government sources for statistics. For example, can help you locate the stats from various government departments that would serve a variety of niches.

General to Specific

If you have no idea where to begin with your content, sometimes a general search of information can help you build the outline for your content. Once you have the framework for your material or if you already know the key points you want to make, consider writing the piece first. Then research for the key pieces of specific information you need to help strengthen your content and support your points. This helps you maximize your time.

The great thing about taking extra time to research is you’ll likely find fodder for future content as well. Where you might start researching for one blog or email, you’ll probably end up with enough ideas to create multiple pieces of content.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are Today


In my post from the other day about Kelly’s Exposure and Profit, I promised to come back with a story that means a whole lot to me.

While I was in Toronto, a great thing happened the day before my presentation and I was so pleased that I was able to share it when I somewhat fearfully got up to the stage on Sunday. I must admit, I was disappointed I wasn’t there to witness what happened directly, but am so pleased for my son and the experience he was able to have.

Here’s what happened…

This MVP doubts himself no longerIn the picture to the right, you can see my oldest son’s baseball team. This is the last game before they went into the semi-finals for their tournament.

My son is 12 and this is his first year playing baseball. He absolutely loves the sport and enjoys being on a team, but he has doubted himself immensely. There are kids on the team who have been playing since they were 5 and younger. Others have more natural ability. There were even some evenings with near tears, but he kept going back because he loved it. Still, the worry he was letting his team down was always in the back of his mind.

When the family was on its way to the game that day, my husband gave my son a little pep talk and told him son not to worry about who was watching him. He should just listen to his coaches and focus on the game.

My husband told me he could see an immediate change in my son. He was completely focused and really into the game. He even caught a pretty amazing pop fly in mid-leap. Later my son told me that he technically did everything “wrong” when he caught the ball, but I reminded him that he now knew he could do it and he could perfect his technique from here.

Well, my son’s performance in the game actually earned him the MVP for the game and if you look closely at the photo, you’ll see him proudly holding up his MVP tshirt. When I got this picture, I was beaming because I knew this must have propelled his confidence through the roof. This is exactly what he needed.

I think there’s something for all of us to learn from here. People often tell me that I don’t understand how hard it is to grow an online business because I’m successful now. We all start somewhere and it doesn’t matter where  you are today because when you compare yourself to others, you hold yourself back. That’s the self-sabotaging truth of it all.

All you need to do is focus…pay attention to your coach, if you have one…and get in the game.

This is WHY: Exposure and Profits – Toronto – May 2014


Exposure and Profit Panel Discussion

Well, that was a great weekend. It was so great, I didn’t want it to end and that’s probably the reason I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning yesterday when I had to be at the airport by 6. It was a tough morning, but I got plenty of sleep on the plane and then when I got back home. Now, I’m all refreshed and ready to get back at doing amazing things in my business.

While I don’t attend as many conferences as I used to (I prefer to focus on DOING over hopping from event to event), I still know how important it is to make these important connections, brush up on my knowledge and gather new ideas. So when I used my time, energy and funds to get to Kelly’s Exposure and Profit event…I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Kelly was paying attention to all the little details to ensure that this was an amazing event all around.

I could probably go on and on about everything, but I’m going to keep this at just three key takeaways I got from the weekend.

#1: Accommodate Your Audience to Be Awesome!

I mentioned that Kelly paid lots of attention to little details and that’s no exaggeration. She did have a great event planner, Margaret Binns, but it was those details beyond seating, timing, equipment and food (ohh…the food was amazing) that I’m talking about.

Kelly promised this to be an “introvert-friendly” event and she wasn’t kidding. She encouraged all participants to speak up and share their great message, but she did in the safest environment as possible. For example, she asked participants to share a 90 second introduction about themselves. They were asked to come up to the microphone to do it, but if they weren’t comfortable with that, she would read the introduction for them. But what was so wonderful that even if they didn’t want to read their own, they willingly came up on the stage beside Kelly while she read their introduction.

Slowly, but surely, people were becoming braver because of the safe environment that Kelly created.

The whole event ran like this. There were opportunities to stretch our wings, but if we needed to step back we could…but because it was so safe, most people chose to stretch. Heck, this even includes me. This was my first real conference speaking engagement, but I was pretty darned nervous about it. Kelly asked what I needed to make it easier and they even rearranged the whole stage area, so I could feel as comfortable as possible. First, I wanted a stool. Then, I said I wasn’t sure. Then I asked them to move the podium and they did everything I needed to calm my worried self.

Kelly asked us to leave a note about how we felt about the event and this is what I told her:

Alice Seba LOVES Exposure and Profit

This makes me think about how we can do the same with our audiences. There’s always something that will hold people back from achieving what they want to achieve and how can we, as their guides, make it safe for them to do so?

#2: Stories Are Amazing Marketing Tools

I think many of this know this on some level, but we don’t always take the time to connect the personal with our business. We may share personal stories and anecdotes, but we don’t always take the time to connect those to key learning points for our audiences.

Some of the most powerful stories from the weekend came from Darrel Eves. He shared a lot of stories, but the most powerful of which was one about the fundraiser he created for his brother who needed a kidney replacement where they raised over $250,000. I am pretty sure there were few dry eyes when he was done, but not only because it was a great story, but because it showed the power of YouTube and how we can make an incredible difference in the world with our own marketing skills. He connected his story with the greater message of his business and that’s how to use the power of storytelling.

Make your stories make a difference.

Derral Eves, Speaking at Exposure and Profit

I also told a story about my son that had some meaning for the audience members, but I’m going to save that for in a couple of days. I’ll make a post about it soon.

And before we move onto the next takeaway, we just (totally coincidentally…Mel planned it a while back) released a PLR package about Marketing with Stories. If you think your readers could benefit from it, go check it out.

Now moving along, let’s ask…

#3: What Would Awesome You Do?

Nicole Dean - Be Your Awesome!In another message that was shared through a great story, Nicole Dean encouraged us to be the most awesome version of ourselves possible. She told the true story of a man who had lost a lot of weight, saved his marriage and grew his business exponentially in the short amount of time because he would simply ask himself:

“What would the awesome me do?”

…each time he had to make a decision to do something in the day. Little by little, if you do the things awesome you would do, your life becomes awesome all at the same time.

So, keep this in mind, as you work and do all the other things in your life.

What Would Awesome You Do?

 And speaking of being awesome and connecting with others, our Competitors into Profits students know this. Don’t hide out anymore and try to do this online business thing all by yourself. It’s just so much darned work and it stifles your awesome.

Thank you so much to Kelly and her staff for putting together such a wonderful event. Thank you to the speakers and all the attendees for sharing such great information and for being an inspiration to do even better in the future.


Give Your Readers What They Want - WITHOUT All The Hard Work - Pre-made fully-illustrated step-by-step tutorials make it easy to sell your products, build your list and grow your business. Click here to learn more.

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