Effective Email Marketing: Solidify Your Relationship & Increase Your Conversions

There are many opportunities for reaching a potential customer online, but few boast the high conversion possibilities like email do. Despite the fact that there are different methods for communicating online, we always encourage our readers to put plenty of focus into building, nurturing and selling to their email subscriber list. An opt-in list will always be one of your most powerful business assets.

Some of the benefits of email marketing include:

* Permission to contact your prospects and customers over and over again.
* Reach them directly through a very personal medium.
* High conversion rates.

The Hangout Where I Resort to Bribery



Now, this is not the first time I’ve had to do this, so I’m not surprised. But it’s come to a point, where I need to kick our 30 Day Email Challenge participants in the rear end to get moving. Since I can’t reach through your computer screen and shake you ’til you get moving, I guess I need to use a little honey to get you all to do what I want. ;-)

Watch the video for details:

So here’s the deal…

You have until November 22 to complete the challenge and if you do, you will automatically get:

…giving you the opportunity to select one download of pre-written, ready-to-monetize content of your choice.

2 Grand Prizes – Free PLR For Life!

From those who complete the challenge, two winners will be drawn an…

That means that you will get access to ALL the PLR we release from November 22 and on. The true value of this is unknown, but will provide you with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of PLR content in the coming years.

* Note – if you happen to already have a lifetime pass to one of the sites and then you win a prize for the same site, you can choose an alternate prize. We want to make sure it’s worth your while.

How Do You Prove Your Completed the Challenge?

Obviously, we’re on a bit of an honor system here, but to receive the promised PLR coupons and be eligible for the grand prize, you will need to:

  • Check in at each post of the Email Challenge and provide a brief description of what you’ve done for that day. If you’re already in the challenge, go to the member headquarters to access the daily challenges. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so here.
  • You have until November 22 to post all these updates and let me know when you’re done. Once you’re done, you’re eligible get your two freebie coupons and you’ll be entered into the draw.

On November 25, I’ll open a ticket in your Contentrix account to give you the coupon codes. Then the Free PLR for Life winners will be announced on November 25, 2013.

Hope that sounds good and is better than a kick in the pants.

UPDATE: Our Winners

Thanks to all those who completed the challenge and got their coupon codes. If I missed anyone, please just let me know. But now’s the time to announce the grand prize winners.

  • Lifetime PLR at DIYplr.com – Congratulations to Theresa Delgado!
  • Lifetime PLR at AllPrivateLabelContent.com – Congratulations to Kim Quinn!

UPDATE: New Motivational Offer to Challenge Members

Our grand prize contest is now over, but we’ll probably do something special in the new year. In the meantime, if you complete the challenge and finish all the steps listed above…you can still earn the $35.75 in free PLR. I’ll keep honoring that offer, so keep moving if you haven’t completed the challenge yet.

Free Outsourcing Content Guide

Thinking of hiring a ghostwriter, but have concerns? Download your free 21-page step-by-step guide that shows you how to save time and maximize your profits through content creation. There’s no charge, just a quick opt-in required and you can unsubscribe any time. It's a real eye-opener and completely simplifies the content creation process for any online business owner.

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Plugin: In Content Ads Plugin

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Quick Description: A plugin that makes it easy to insert attractive-looking ads into your posts.

Details: This plugin makes it easy to set up unlimited numbers of ads and then you could easily insert them into posts where you’d like. It saves you time because you only have to create an ad once and whenever you need to make changes, you can make them in one place only. No HTML coding required.

Some of the features include:

  • Create unlimited ads
  • Quickly insert them into posts wherever you’d like
  • No worries about “breaking” javascript code when you open a post
  • Insert eye-catching headings and choose your background colors
  • Use an optional “fallback ad,” so if you delete an ad, another ad will automatically appear

Here’s are the headings you can choose from:

Headings You Can Add to Draw Attention

Headings You Can Add to Draw Attention

You can also choose from different ad styles and colors…or just make it plain, if you prefer:

Add Box Colors and Styles You Can Choose From

Add Box Colors and Styles You Can Choose From

And here’s a sample ad:

Sample Ad

Sample Ad You Can Insert into Any Post


Get the In Content Ads Plugin for Free

It’s for members only…but don’t worry if you’re not a member yet. You can create your membership for free. Note: you must have, at minimum, WordPress 3.6 to make this plugin work.

Back to main plugins page

Why Email Marketing is the Bee’s Knees

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It’s no secret that I love email. This video below shows 11 reasons why. If you’d like to harness the power of email, make sure to join us for 30 Days to a Bigger Email List, Better Relationships and More Results. We’ll whip you into shape.

Nothing quite compares to email, but you’ve got to work to get started. But that work pays off and once you have the foundations in place, it just grows and grows. Join us to get the push you need to get the ball rolling.


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But here’s what you really need to know to make autoresponders really work for you. How do you promote products, so your autoresponder builds your business?

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Proven Tactics for Approaching Your Autoresponder Series

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Plan your autoresponder strategy

We started talking about creating autoresponder series last week and how powerful they can be for your online marketing. One of the biggest stumbling blocks that business owners have with autoresponders is how to put their content together.

Let’s make things a whole lot easier with these handy tips… [Read more...]


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