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I don’t know about you, but I’m not always big fan of podcasts, lengthy videos, longer-than-necessary ebooks and well, any FLUFF, when it comes to learning. I want people to give it to me straight and give it to me quickly, so I can go apply what I’ve learned.

Well, somebody I know completely understands that…and she’s found a way to deliver this education, at no charge. Yep, it’s free. All you have to do is complete a quick and painless registration.

I’m talking about Cathy Demers (who very coincidentally lives in the same city as me, but I had to travel to Atlanta, Georgia to meet her!)…and her wildly popular Business Success Cafe. She delivers extremely high-information sessions in just 20 minutes each week.

And guess what? I’ll be at the Business Success Cafe in July!

My presentation is called, “How to Get More Satisfied Email Subscribers – Ones That Love to Buy Your Stuff,” which is great in itself (if I do say so myself), but if you register now, you’ll also have access to a bunch of great training opportunities including:

• Sandra Beckwith:“3 Easy Ways to Build Buzz for Your Business with Publicity”

• Connie Ragen Green: “Affiliate Marketing: Recommending What You Love”

• Bob Jenkins: “Finish What You Start!” — oh boy, we could all probably use a bit of this.

• David Perdew: “Instead of Focusing on Short-Term Revenue…Create Long-Term Streams of Passive Income”

• Michael Bloom: “Stop Hearing Crickets on Your Facebook Page”

…and actually, there is quite a bit more planned for July. Go here to see the details.

I hope you’ll sign up to join me. This is definitely a great opportunity.

Interview: Using PLR, Only Doing What You Love and More

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Lady Business Podcast

If you’re looking for something to listen to while you work today, head over to the Lady Business Podcast where Jessica Kupferman interviewed me about:

  • Why PLR can be a business lifesaver
  • Why doing all the work for your business is no way to run a business
  • Where to put your focus instead, so you can do just the stuff you love
  • What you HAVE to do in your business…or else (Hahaha…if you know me, you know the answer)
  • The importance of building connections online

…and more. Go here to listen.

Listen or Read: Me on the Online Success Cast

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Alice Seba InterviewNicole Dean recently interviewed me on a number of subjects including:

  • Why I chose my business
  • The top 3 things I’ve done to grow it
  • Some of the tools I use
  • A mistake I’ve learned from
  • Advice for people seeking success

…and more. You can take a listen or download it to Kindle from here. [Read more...]

Give Your Readers What They Want - WITHOUT All The Hard Work - Pre-made fully-illustrated step-by-step tutorials make it easy to sell your products, build your list and grow your business. Click here to learn more.

Remembering Gary Halbert
and What We Can Learn from Him

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Gary HalbertAs I was working on our Internet Marketing Top 10s package at DIYplr.com (with a ton of help from Derek), I was reminded of a number of resources and tools that I haven’t checked out for a while.

I plan to share a few here and there in the coming weeks, but I wanted to start with this one.

Many people will already be familiar with Gary Halbert, and if you are, you’ll know that many trusted people we learn copy from today, learned from Gary.

He was a genius when it came to direct mail and in later years, brought that brilliance to the Internet. You know that when you are shelling out money for postage, you had better have some clue what you are doing or you’re going to go broke. Something many of us online babies just don’t understand. We can throw up something crappy and if it doesn’t stick, we can move onto something else. [Read more...]


Part 2: Setting Up a Content Membership Site Interview

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wishlist-interview-2If you listened into part 1 of this membership site interview, you’ll want to check this out. Part 2 is available and covers:

  • Adding a forum to your membership
  • Adding more functionality and interaction
  • Tracking and monitoring members

Go here to download it directly.

Give Your Readers What They Want - WITHOUT All The Hard Work - Pre-made fully-illustrated step-by-step tutorials make it easy to sell your products, build your list and grow your business. Click here to learn more.

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