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findingtherightphotoIt’s important that you put high-quality images on your website, in blog posts, and on social media sites that represent your business, speak to your audience, and are 100% legally obtained for the use you need.

One of the best ways to do this is to use a stock photo website. The problem is finding a reputable and quality stock photo website that has a variety of image types, price ranges and also allows for multiple  uses of the images that you purchase. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if the stock photo site makes it easy for you to narrow down search results.

Over the years, has changed and improved. The image quality is extremely high, the professional standard is above average, and the artists and photographers who manage to get their images online with the stock photography site are good at what they do. As someone looking for images to use for online content marketing, you can choose from a variety of price ranges, image types, and even search by color. It’s also very easy to search for exactly what you want at iStockPhoto. It’s Alice’s favorite stock photo site for this very reason.

When you first log on to you’ll need to create an account. It costs nothing to create an account and look. Only once you seek to purchase, will you be asked to purchase a membership or buy credits. There are choices for any budget. There are also different choices of licensing that you can choose from. You can read more about the licensing options here. But, if you want to simply use the picture on your blog, website or social media accounts the standard license is currently acceptable.

You can do a search right from the first window:

istockphoto front page

Once you’ve conducted a search, other menu options will appear to the left of your search results. Choices such as keywords, photo type, price range, and more appear on the left hand menu. It’s hidden away a bit, but the price range slider is very useful to helping you keep within your budget.

Price Range Options

One of the best things about is the ability to search for abstract concepts.

search for images

Type the word abstract, into the search bar, then inside the keyword window that will show on the left type in a term such as “business”, “emotional” or another keyword. Scroll down, and you can even choose the price range, and color preferences. Alternatively, you can type your keywords in the search bar, then scroll down on the left hand menu and find “concepts and ideas”.

concepts and ideas

Experiment with the different menu items on the left to narrow down your search results to the types of images that you want to use for your content marketing needs. Plus, choose which type of licensing you need. That way you can be assured that it’s okay to use the images you choose in the manner you want to use them.

iStockphoto offers all types of images in prices to fit any online marketing budget. It’s also the one stock photo site that offers everything you’ll need in terms of image types, concepts, and more with different choices of how to pay to get lower prices than you might think.


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With more than 20 years experience working from home in a variety of roles such as HTML Website Designer, Internet Marketer, Template Bender and Virtual Assistant, today Stephanie is an author and content strategist who organizes, plans, writes and implements content strategies for business owners through her business Barry Publishing.

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  • Robert Tutsky

    I have used iStockPohoto in the past and have to agree that they offer high quality photos. I don’t use them much anymore as I find that their prices have gone up considerably to the point my clients can’t afford to purchase photos from them. I found that the site to also have high quality photos but at more reasonable prices.

    • contentrix

      Thanks for the resource, Robert. I found the prices went up at, but then came down a bit. They also offer much larger images than previously…so the smallest images are probably good for just about any web project.

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