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Your Opportunity to Grow Your Business Faster Than You’ve Ever Imagined

Forget the Idea of Competition. Here’s How to Turn Your Competitors into Profits Instead.


Forget the idea of competition.

Forget the idea of competition.
Turn them into your allies instead.

In the traditional brick-and-mortar world, the idea of competition is a very real thing. If you run a coffee shop and there is another coffee shop across the street, they are definitely your competition. There may be ways you find to work together, but generally, you’re competing for the same group of customers who are grabbing their daily coffee.

But when you run your business on the Internet, you’re at a unique advantage.

You aren’t competing for the exact same group of customers and there are so many opportunities to promote other people’s products and get paid for it.

So now’s the time to embrace those would be competitors and make them your friends and allies instead.

When You’ve Got Friends, You Go Places

It’s no secret that friends share advice and that friends promote friends, so it’s important that you get out there and start making meaningful connections. Because when you do, you receive countless benefits including:

Grow Your Business through Key Connections

Grow Your Business through Key Connections

Broader Reach:

When you connect with others in your niche, you get to tap into new audiences and get in front of more people cost-effectively than you would through your own marketing or advertising methods. Plus, having a friend recommend you to their audience is more powerful than any advertising you can buy.

More Profits All Around:

The most obvious way friends can bring us more profits is by having them promote our products. New customers are a great thing to have, but you also get the added benefit of extra revenue by promoting the complementary products of your so-called competitors. There is no way we can be a one-stop-shop for all our audience’s needs and by promoting other people’s products, we earn even more.

Shorter Learning Curves:

Almost even more valuable than the extra sales is the knowledge you gain through your connections. When you’re part of a trusted circle of friends, you get access to information that can help you grow your business more than you could ever images. You’ll share strategies, successes, failures and more.

Reduced Workload:

Our competitors offer a great opportunity for co-projects. From podcasts and products, all the way to webinars and blogging, there are so many ways to work together. This saves you a lot of time and also has built-in marketing power when you’re all marketing your projects.

Before we go on, let’s just take a brief look at this…

Here’s What Your Fellow Online Business Owners Say about the Importance of Creating Meaningful Relationships

I recently asked some friends on Facebook, “Can you tell me how creating meaningful online relationships has been helpful to your business?” Here is what a few of them had to say…

Connie Green Comments

All this gave us so many reasons to create our brand new learning and action opportunity…

Announcing Your Opportunity to Join Our
Competitors into Profits” Program That Provides You
with the Education, Tools and Butt-Kicking You Need to
Stop Working Your Business in a Bubble

Bust out of your Marketing Bubble

It’s High Time to Bust out of Your Marketing Bubble

When I first started my online business in 2002 (well over a decade ago), I learned the secret early. Nothing is quite as powerful as friends. Because of my connections I was able to fast track my progress to running a full-time online business that didn’t require so much darned hard work on my part. I’m hoping the same for you and we’ve put together a comprehensive program to help you do that.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside:

  • 8 Lessons to Ensure You’re Using Effective Strategies to Build Meaningful Connections: We’ll work through 8 modules to ensure you’re fully using all the meaningful networking techniques available to you. You’ll learn the most successful methods and learn to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Easy-to-Use How to Sheets and Templates: Each lesson is accompanied by the appropriate checklists, templates and other tools you need to succeed. We’re taking care of a lot of the technical stuff, so you can focus on the relationships.
  • Access to All the Hot Seat Recordings: Learn from the success and failures of others, so you can be a networking machine. You’ll get access to hot seat recordings of people just like you who are learning to use these techniques.
  • Assistance and Butt-Kicking through our Private Facebook Group: As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to our Facebook Group where you can interact with other participants, ask questions and post your goals, so we can push you to be accountable.

Everything is Presented in 8 Modules, Designed to Help You Create Strategic Connections in Your Niche

We’re in this together for all 8 lessons and beyond. Each module includes a complete lesson and helpful tools like checklists, templates and worksheets to ensure you’re on the right track. And remember, we’ve go the hot seats too!

Module 1: Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Learn how guest blogging benefits you and your potential partner, how to find quality guest blogging opportunities, best practices and more. We’ve also thrown in:

  • Guest blogging checklist
  • Byline templates and tips
  • Pitch letter template
  • Bonus: Hot seat recording and follow up


Module 2: Interviews and Webinars

How to Use Interviews and Teleseminars

Discover the benefits of interviews and webinars, how to get awesome guests to agree to be interviewed, coming up with great interview questions, marketing your event/interview and more. We’ve also added the extras:

  • Interview and webinar checklist
  • Interview question worksheet
  • Pitch letter template
  • Bonus: Hot seat recording and follow up


Module 3: Offering Product Bonuses

Profiting from Offering Bonuses

Find out how to add value to other people’s products and benefit yourself too. We’ll show you how to come up with great and highly targeted bonus product ideas and how to put them together quickly and easily. You also get:

  • Bonus brainstorming sheet
  • Bonus offer checklist
  • Pitch letter template
  • Bonus: Hot seat recording and follow up


Module 4: Using Your Intelligence to Get Attention

Use Your Intelligence to Get Attention

Learn how to use your noggin to get attention from other online business owners. This lesson provides you a variety of techniques for doing just that. We’ve also added:

  • Getting your intelligence noticed worksheet
  • Bonus: Hot seat recording and follow up


Module 5: In Person Networking 

Expan Your Connections with In-Person Events

It’s time to get out of the house and meet people face-to-face. Learn how to find the right events for you, create your own and how to use the events to make meaningful connections. We’ve also included:

  • Finding the right event for you checklist
  • Create your own local meet up checklist
  • What to bring and what to do at a seminar checklist
  • Bonus: Hot seat recording and follow up


Module 6: Rocking Their Affiliate Program

Be a Kick-Ass Affliate Marketer

An easy way to get attention is to join your competitors affiliate program, but you’ve got to get results. Learn how to sell more products and get noticed, even if you don’t have a large list or a lot of traffic. You also get:

  • Affiliate marketing checklist
  • Contact letter templates
  • Bonus: Hot seat recording and follow up


Module 7: Wowing Their Audience with Awesome Free Stuff

Wow Their Audience

Find out how giving free stuff to your competitor’s audience can grow your business and help your competitor too. We’ll show you what kinds of things you can offer and how to get people to say yes to giving away your stuff. We’ve also added:

  • Freebie brainstorming sheet
  • Freebie offer checklist
  • Pitch letter template
  • Bonus: Hot seat recording and follow up


Module 8: Creating a Mastermind Group

Go Further with a Mastermind Group

Once you’re ready to take your connections to a new level, it’s time to create a mastermind group. Learn how effective mastermind groups work and how to create one yourself. These extras are included:

  • Mastermind brainstorming sheet
  • Mastermind group checklist
  • Pitch letter template
  • Bonus: Hot seat recording and follow up


In each module, we’ll be pushing you to take action on these networking methods. You’ll be able to ask questions in the Facebook Group and post your goals, so we can give you the butt-kicking you need to achieve success.

If you’re also ready to realize the benefits of connecting with your would-be competitors, I’d love to have you join us…

Are You Ready to Start Making
Meaningful and Profitable Connections?

We’re ready to get this thing rolling and for one low price, you get access to all the modules, hot seats, templates, checklists and Facebook Group. Here’s a recap of what’s included:

  • 8 Complete Modules: Each lesson is designed to help you master and take action on a new method of making meaningful connections with your would-be competitors.
  • Templates, Checklists and Worksheets: These handy tools will make it simple for you to take action and start making connections with the best results possible.
  • Access to All Hot Seat Recordings: We can all learn from the mistakes and success of others, so you’ll be able to listen in on all the hot seats and the follow up recordings.
  • Facebook Group Membership: Connect with other students, ask questions, get feedback, state your intentions and get your butt-kicked when you slack off.

If you’re ready to make big changes in 2014 and benefit from making strategic online connections, you need to click the link below…

Click Here to To Turn Your Competitors into Profits

Get it Now!

Special Offer: Only $37 or your lifetime access. 

As always, we try to keep your online business growth opportunities as affordable AND practical as possible. This isn’t some ebook you download and then forget about…we’re here to help you every step of the way. So, let’s get this thing going!

To your networking success,

Alice Seba

Alice Seba
Your Butt-Kicker and Guide at

P.S. If you’ve been running your business from your kitchen table or home office and have been trying to do it all by yourself, it’s time for a change. Remember, when you’ve got friends, you go places. Join us now.

Maureen Wright-Evans: Hello everyone! I just did my first lesson today and I am excited to connect with you all. I have been very busy over the last few years and have not connected and networked as I would like to do. I am in the volunteering abroad travel niche and meet people everyday at my Guest House here in Jamaica. What I have missed and want to develop is networking and connecting online and also going to events. Our company gets 90% of its business online and I also do some internet marketing training. This course is forcing me to achieve one of my biggest goals this year so thank you Alice.I admire your work and read you emails daily. I feel that the $20 is just a donation you are asking for such excellent information and work. Thank you again.


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