Turning Written Content into Graphics

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Turn Your Words into Images

You’ve probably noticed that the web has become a whole lot more visual these days. Whether it’s videos, photos or graphics… images are everywhere. They’re on websites, Facebook, Twitter and just about everywhere else you go online.

While a picture by itself can be worth a thousand words, a content-based graphic can also have a big impact. Graphics can strengthen the power of your written message and they’re also readily shared by others – making your content go even further…

A few ways to incorporate written content into graphics:

- Add inspiring, humorous or thought-provoking quotes on top of a relevant image. We’ve all seen these floating around and they’ve certainly made us think, chuckle or otherwise added brightness to our day.

Quotation Graphic

- Create an infographic that shows a process, timeline or ideas. Information in visual form is often easier to absorb.

Infographic Sample

- Add eye-opening statistics in your subject area and include a relevant image. For example, if you’re trying to spread nutrition  awareness, you could find some pretty staggering statistics about obesity and illness, and share them through imagery.

Statistics Example

- Create a series of tips graphics with a single tip per graphic. For example, you could make 5 graphics that each include a rose gardening tip and an awe-inspiring photo.

Series of Tips Graphics

Gathering information for your graphics:


It’s relatively easy to find quotations online. Try sites like quotegarden.com, quoteland.com and quotationspage.com, or just Google the type of quote you’re looking for. For example search for something like “quotes about mothers” and you’ll likely find what you’re looking for.


There are plenty of statistics resources around. Government websites are always a good first stop and there are plenty of independent research companies in a variety of subject areas. As a starting point, check out fedstats.gov (USA), statscan.gc.ca (Canada) or  statistics.gov.uk (UK). The Yahoo Directory also lists worldwide government statistics resources.

We Can Gather Info for You

If you need a hand with the content for your graphics and would like us to gather the info you need, we’re happy to help. We can hunt down quotations, statistics and make a tips list for you. It’s what we love to do.

Just check our services at All Custom Content – if you’re not sure what you need, just use our general contact form. We’ll help you out.

Getting Graphics Done

If you’re halfway decent with a photo editor, you can probably make your own graphics. If you need something more complex or you don’t know a photo editor from an HTML editor, you might need some help. ;-)

We can help you with infographics. If you have a complex idea that needs visual representation, check out our infographic services here.

You can also get some help from our trusty graphic designer, Shannon Smith at her site Appetite for Design.

Or try Nicole and Melissa’s Social Graphics Pro – it’s very easy to use. Alice has posted a step-by-step tutorial on how the software works, so definitely check that out.

Social Graphics Pro

We also have a lot of fun playing with a tool called Box Shot King. Alice used it to create the screen capture image of Social Graphics Pro above. You can do ecovers, software boxes, DVD boxes, tablet screens and a bunch of other cool stuff. You can even create sneak peeks of your reports and information products by creating an open book effect like the image below.

Open Book Image Created by Boxshot King

Start experimenting with your images. Post them to social media and your website to gauge your audience’s reaction. What do they like the best? What do they share the most? Make sure when you post them on your website you also include the copy-and-paste code, so they can post the images onto their own websites too.

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