5 Steps to High Converting Email Promotions

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Get Them to Click That Buy Button

If you’ve ever sent out a promotion and it was a big flop (who hasn’t?), this is probably going to be a very important message for you. If you want to get more people clicking on your links and taking action on your offers, we’ve outlined 5 steps for you.

So let’s go…

1. Write a Captivating Subject Line

Think of your “Subject” line as a headline. The goal is to motivate your subscriber to open and read the email, so it has to be appealing. The most effective subject lines ask a question, state a benefit, or spark curiosity. Shorter subject lines are more effective than longer ones. Keep it around 50 characters or less. (“From” lines are important too. If possible, the “From” line should include both your brand and name. Emails from named people are more likely to be opened than emails from “Info@…”.)

We talked about this in-depth about getting people to open your emails. If you missed that message, we’ve posted everything for you here. Your subject line is the very first step to creating high-converting email promotions for certain.

Now moving along…

2. Identify a Problem and Make a Promise

Your first paragraph has the task of keeping your reader’s attention and motivating them to read more. Assuming you have developed a relationship with your email list, you can begin with a brief and friendly sentence or two. This reminds your readers that you’re a real person and someone that they have grown to like and trust. Transition into discussing a problem that they might be dealing with right now and providing some value in the form of a solution or the promise of a solution. This solution should directly relate to the product or service you’re promoting.

3. The Body – Length Doesn’t Really Matter

The middle section of your email promotion is where you actually provide your reader with the information about your promotion. Focus on what benefits the reader will get by taking the desired action. If you state a feature, also state the benefit. The length of this section doesn’t really matter, it can be a single paragraph, or five paragraphs.

The important takeaway is that you’re providing value to your reader. (Consider testing and tracking various lengths with your audience. You might find that your prospects prefer long copy over short or vice versa.)

For example, a business coach that is promoting a time management system might provide a few time management tips before leading into the promotion. Or, that same time management coach might simply transition from the problem, not enough hours in the day, to the solution, a simple system that helps you automate your most time consuming tasks.

4. Your Offer

Wrap your offer into the end of your message. If the offer is limited in time or quantity, let your readers know that. Urgency motivates action. Explain the offer in detail and remember to highlight how the various features of your offer will benefit your reader. Consider sweetening the deal in some manner. Add a bonus report or a free consultation. If they’re leaning toward a buying decision, this bonus often locks them in and helps them feel more confident about their decision to buy.

5. Your Call to Action

Don’t forget to tell readers exactly what they need to do right now to take advantage of your offer. Include a link that they can click on. It should take them directly to the payment page. This is also a great place to include a PS. Your PS can remind them that the offer is limited or to take action now so they receive the bonus. (Some people have found that an additional “buy” link in the middle of their message works well. It may be something to test with your audience.)

And of course, don’t forget to FOLLOW UP. If you just send one email, you’re missing out on a lot of potential income. People may have missed the first email, didn’t have a chance to check the offer or just need a nudge to take action. So always, always, always follow up.

How to Develop Successful Email Marketing Habits

A big part of email marketing success, comes from making it a regular habit. The more you work on growing and nurturing your list, the better your results. To ensure you develop those great habits, be sure to join Alice for the 30-Day Email Marketing Challenge. She’ll whip you into shape in no time.

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