Creating Consistent Content

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Create a habit for consistent content

Developing a strong following on your website begins with consistent content. The number of times that you post each day or week and the specific day that you choose to post your articles are not as important in creating consistency as simply posting on a regular basis. It is the consistent that readers will find reliable.

Consistency and procrastination have been waging war in my life since I was old enough to make a plan. I would have told you that procrastination has the winning percentage, but I recognized something as I was writing this article. Procrastination wins out when the things are important or what I want or need to do. Consistent always wins when cake is involved.

Forming a habit of being consistent requires doing. I can plan to be consistent, I can think about being consistent. The only way to be is to do.

Forming a Habit of Consistency

    – Realize that you are already very good at being consistent. You get up every day. Most of us get dressed every day. There are things you do every day (and many of them without thinking about it). You are already a consistent person. The key is to apply that habit to your content.

    - Write 400 words every single day. It can be on your computer or on a notepad, but eventually you need to put those words into a folder that you can access through your computer (and it needs to be done each day). Lock yourself in a room to get the words written. Make them a priority. Making a point to do the writing will begin to grow the habit of consistent content.

    - Recognize that creating a habit requires a daily commitment. It has to be an everyday affair. Even if you only post articles once a week, consistent content comes from consistent writing. Use your other writing to create products or do guests posts. But make a point to write each day and to organize the writing that you do.

    - Find some accountability. Team up with another writer and check in at least once a day to see if you are both doing what you have determined needs to be done. You might also want to make a face to face meeting once a week to help look over what has been accomplished in the last week and what needs to be accomplished in the week to come.

Readers want some stability in the sites that they visit and knowing that you will have new words of wisdom to share on a particular schedule will help keep them returning to your site. Develop a habit that has you writing every day. You will find that the daily creation of words allows you to keep posting consistent content for your website.

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Kathryn Lang
Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer in Alabama. Her work has been published in regional papers, travel magazines and national religous publications along with multiple websites. She has been writing for pleasure since she was able to write and writing as a career for the last several years.

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