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Hi it’s Vera Raposo and I’m the new contributor over at

I met Alice in about 2004 and she was doing an online business while I had five retail stores and wanted out very badly. So I met up with her and all these years later things are still going great.

I’m very excited to be contributing here and providing a new way to look at content. I like to be creative with everything that I do and I’m really embracing it in my life now and my experiences.

Yeah, so I’m just excited to be able to share with you weekly, some different creative ideas on how to look at content and how to develop it. I’ve never considered myself a writer, but I embrace different things all the time as an entrepreneur. Hopefully that will inspire you, help you and encourage you to create with new different types of content on your blog as well.

Here’s a video I made for you or if you prefer, you can read the transcription below if you prefer.

Creative Ideas for Creating Blog Content

It’s snowing here in Vancouver, BC. Today I am standing in the snow (yay!), we don’t get it that often here actually I think it’s starting to hail.

Anyhow just bringing you some neat ideas on creating content for your site.

I personally like to be creative and I think content is not just about writing an article or a blog post and putting it on your blog.

I think it’s also about creating a really great experience for people who come to your site so they get to know who you are and what you’re about and I personally like to be a little creative.

I’ve been really enjoying my own photography, I used to do photography years ago and I’ve been picking it up.

(look I’m getting hail all over myself)


So I’ve picked up photography again and I’ve been putting little quotes and things that I think of. I personally like to put on scripture or something positive that kind of comes to my mind about being an entrepreneur.

So I put that on my blog every Wednesday and I like doing videos which is nice and easy.

Some other ideas for you are:

If there’s a step-by-step process that you have been stuck on personally you can share your own personal thoughts behind that and how you got through that.

That will I’m sure appeal to your readers as well especially if it’s a topic that you are passionate about and they are passionate about, that will really help them.

(I should have brought my umbrella!)

So just get creative with your content.

Besides popular topics you can find a topic that you have a lot of FUN with that you really enjoy, boy you could write a lot about that right?

That’s another idea, something that’s really fun and inspiring to you makes for very easy blog posts.

Besides a top ten list and all that sort of stuff, make it something that appeals to your readers and get creative and fun with it.

That is it from me, I’m getting very cold now. It’s Vera from & writer for

You have a wonderful day!

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About the Author

Vera Raposo is the Founder & Creator of, devoted to helping women entrepreneurs realize their dreams in all aspects of their lives and to have a business that is customized to who they are.

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  • contentrix

    Thanks Vera for the great ideas. I was giggling at you in the snow. The weather was crazy today. There was snow, then hail, then rain, then snow again. Looks like we’re up for some more tonight. I love it!

    • Vera Raposo

      No problem-o Alice!

      Yay snow! I don’t know why it made me laugh but it did, I was getting snow in my eyeballs and it made me giggle too. (lol!)

      It currently looks like snow/hail for me right now, it’s fun to have snow instead of rain for a change eh?

      See you next week!

  • Loretta Oliver

    *waves to Vera* great to see you here on Contentrix :)

    • Vera Raposo

      Hey Loretta,

      *waves back to Loretta*

      Yes, I’m thrilled to be here in Alice’s neck of the woods. I’m looking forward to contributing here on a weekly basis, see you next week! :)


  • Aurelia Williams

    Graat ideas Vera and what a trooper you are for shooting that out in the snow/hail.

    • Vera Raposo

      Hey Aurelia,

      I love taking video outside but wasn’t expecting the sudden hail dump while I was recording. ha ha.

      Have a super day! Vera.

  • Linda Lee

    Welcome Vera, looking forward to your content on Contentrix!

    • Vera Raposo

      Thanks Linda, it’s super nice to meet you!

  • Patty Gale

    Welcome Vera!!! So nice to see you here!!

    • Vera Raposo

      Woo Hoo, Hey Patty! :-) I’m happy to be here!

  • Brandy Roberts

    Welcome Vera. Looking forward to reading your posts :) Loved your video. Wish we had a little snow here in Louisiana.

    • Vera Raposo

      Hey Brandy,

      Very nice to meet you. :-) The snow is raining away today though. It’s nice while it’s lasting a bit here (just a couple of days).

  • Joyce

    Great article Vera. Went to your website and put my email in for the 50 Creative Ways to Market Your Biz. Everytime I hit submit, I kept being taken to the sales page for 1shopping cart. You might want to check that out

    • Vera Raposo

      ahhh.. Thanks so much Joyce, problem is now fixed. Have a super day!! Vera.

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