10 Creative Ideas for Using Slide Shows

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Slide Show IdeasLast week, we talked about why slide shows make great marketing materials. If you missed that, we posted it for you here.

Now let’s get into some creative ideas for using slide shows.

1. The Countdown:

Countdown slide shows motivate your reader to complete the entire show. Curiosity pulls them through so they can see what your top item is. A good example of this is the “Top 10” concept which can be applied to just about any topic. For example, “The Top 10 Reasons to Travel During the Holidays.” This format is easy to enjoy and understand for readers and it’s easy for you to organize and present.

2. Lists:

Another popular content format that transfers nicely to slide shows is the list format. Many people enjoy lists because the value is immediately accessible. For example, “The Complete Guide to Holiday Travel,” or “101 Holiday Travel Ideas.”

3. Tips:

Tips are another simple format that’s easy to compile. Tips are also quite valuable to your audience. Each slide can be presented as a relevant and valuable tip along with a supporting graphic. The key to compelling slide shows is to make them streamlined, benefit driven, and visually interesting.

4. Photos:

Photo slide shows work well for visually oriented business like graphic designers, fashion bloggers and photographers. However, you can also use them in some of the other formats already discussed. For example, the “Top Ten Friendliest Places to Travel During the Holidays” could be a slide show of pictures from the places on your list. Little to no written content is needed.

5. Interview Clips:

Interviews that you’ve conducted or been a part of can be used to create slide shows. Organize the most relevant information from the interview into short clips and present it in a logical order. You can also embed audio or video snippets if the interview was recorded. If you’re using the interview as a lead generation tool or list building tool then be sure to include a link to the full interview in the body of your slide show.

6. Book Teaser:

Have you recently published a book or report? Consider using that material to create a slide show – provide value and promote your book at the same time. Use key pieces of information to create your slide show. For example, if your book is titled “How To Travel During The Holidays and Stay Sane,” then you might highlight one of your key chapters in your slide show.

7. Demonstrations:

Product demonstrations are always useful. You can embed short video clips into your slide shows if they help provide clarity. This is a great customer service tool, particularly if your customers often have questions about how to use your product or service.

8. How To Content:

How to content can work for a slide show if the concept that you’re discussing is focused. For example, “How To Travel During The Holidays,” may be too broad. “How To Keep Toddlers Happy During Holiday Travel” is a bit more focused and therefore easier to create and enjoy.

9. Product Use Examples and Pictures:

If you sell a product, consider creating a slide show with examples of how people can and are using it. You can turn the creation process into a contest as well. For example, someone who sells coffee mugs might ask customers to send in interesting photos of themselves using their cup. Each submission might earn an entry into a drawing for a prize.

10. Case Study:

Coaches and service professionals can make use of this approach by sharing “before and after” type case studies. Present the customer’s situation, how the problem was solved, and how they succeeded. These slide shows are both motivating and inspiring.

Plenty of ideas to get you started. And remember, we can help you put your slide shows together. Here are the services we offer.

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