10 Best Habits for Great Content


The New Year provides a great opportunity to reset writing habits that will allow you to build better content and a stronger website. Becoming a better writer does include writing better content, but other traits and habits are equally important for providing great content on a consistent basis.

10 Tips for Content Writing Habits
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The Importance of Sharing Content

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“It is better to give than to receive.” That phrase gets tossed around a lot, particularly during the holiday season. Giving creates a special feeling in both the giver and the getter, so giving is good. But giving content does so much more for you and your website.

Offering your content to other websites through blog carnivals, article directories or guest blogs can all serve to compensate you well beyond any pay that you may, or may not, receive. There are several reasons that you should consider sharing your content to help build your own website.

Reasons for Sharing Content
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The Benefits of Seasonal Content

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With Christmas almost here, I’d first like to wish all of our readers a happy and safe holiday season and a wonderful, healthy and profitable new year. And second, I’d like to discuss the benefits of seasonal content.

Yes, it’s a little late to start thinking about putting up Christmas content for this year. But if you’re really feeling the Christmas spirit, there’s no reason you can’t put that creative energy to use and start writing for next Christmas. And there are plenty of other seasons and holidays coming up between now and then, so seasonal content is something that should always be on our minds.

Why? Because it brings in traffic year after year!

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How to Whip Out a Blog Post in the Midst of Holiday Chaos

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It’s the holiday season, the end of the year is rapidly approaching. Customers and prospects are trying to squeeze in their last minute needs. TurboTax is sending you notifications that indicate you’re way behind in tax preparation and oh, yeah there’s all the personal holiday craziness you need to attend to.

Family is knocking on the door, their presents are unwrapped on the kitchen table and something is burning in the oven.

And, you’ve committed to write a blog post and haven’t even had time to consider what it is about let alone write it.

Sound familiar?

This is when it’s time to pull out the handy dandy list. You know, the top 10 best such and such type of list that readers just love to read?

Lists are great for those last minute posts because other than a few guidelines, they don’t require a whole lot of creativity.

Here are the top 7 things to consider when writing a list for publication.

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Where to Find Content Ideas in the “Real” World

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Previously, I shared two ways of getting content ideas online: through keyword research and through web 2.0 sites. This time, let’s explore how you can find topic ideas offline.

This is going to be lots of fun and, unlike doing research online, won’t make you all flabby ;-)

Are you ready? Grab your purse and go to your favorite bookstore and take a look at…


Books in your niche or market are a good source of content ideas. The table of contents will easily give you at least half a dozen new topics. Also take note of the blurb at the back cover of the book. This is where publishers typically highlight the most attractive parts or angle of the book. Take inspiration from there as well.

While you’re in the bookstore, pick up a few…


Magazines are another good source of content ideas. They always strive to stay on top of a particular market, so magazines are a good source of fresh and current topics. Flip through the pages and skim the articles. You can also find topic ideas in advertisements and letters to the editor.

It’s also a good idea to read…


Newspapers are a good source of new developments and latest issues on a variety of topics. You may not always find one that’s directly related to your market or niche. However, you’ll easily find topics that are related to more general subject matter. For example, news about H1N1 can spark a content idea whether your niche is natural health, parenting, fitness, self-development or something else.

Similarly, you can find topic ideas from…

Television, radio and film

Again, the radio and TV news are  a good source of content ideas about what’s happening in your market. But so are documentaries, talk shows and even purely fictional programs produced for entertainment. I once used American Idol as a take-off point for a client’s sales page – for a marketing product. Who would have thought?

Now if you really want to dominate a market, it’s time to attend…

Live seminars

Imagine being completely immersed in your niche for at least a couple of days. The seminar topics themselves will give you enough content fodder for a year of blogging. Also take note of the questions raised during open forums. Your readers probably have the same questions, too.

Now that you’ve had a taste of a live event, you should also try to go to…

Industry meetings and trade shows

These can be more serious than a live seminar, but just as inspirational for a content producer like you. The meeting agenda is a good source of content topics. You’ll also find plenty of raw material for your content from the meeting’s resolutions and recommendations.

Trade shows can introduce you to new products and services for your market. They’ll also alert you to emerging trends in your niche.

What Should You Be Looking For?

As you can see, you can mine the world around you for content ideas. It’s easiest to spot specific topics you can create content about. But don’t forget other people’s content that you can respond to. If you find new developments, trends and notable products on the horizon, report about them to your readers.

Even entertainment media can be a good way of sparking new ideas. Use them to find metaphors for something in your niche. Something like, “10 Online Marketing Lessons from the Twilight Saga.” Or, “How Tiger Woods Inspired Me to Become a Better Virtual Assistant.” Content like this shows off your creativity and ability to create compelling and unique content.

I hope this post inspires you to get away from the computer once in a while and engage with the world that’s around you. Remember, before you became a blogger (or online content producer), you were a person with a passion and interest for life. Don’t lose that.

What’s Your Offline Experience?

Have you ever gotten a brilliant idea for content from the offline world? If so, please post a comment below and tell us all about it.

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