When You Just Don’t Feel Like It


A lot of people will tell you that if you blog, you MUST do it regularly or you will lose your audience.  While I can appreciate the value of regular content, I don’t think it’s necessary that YOU personally have to knock yourself out writing day in, day out.

Some people will have noticed that I haven’t blogged here since December 2, 2009 and that post was simply an announcement about a new PLR bundle. Certainly nothing to write home about. And while some people may have wished I wrote more, overall, business has not suffered by my laziness. Traffic is steady, sales are up and I’ve enjoyed my couch potato time. :-)

If you’re facing content writing burnout and are looking for a way out, I’ve got news for you. Actually, a few pieces of good news:

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The A-B-C of Persuasive Writing


Is persuasive writing as easy as A, B, C?

I wish it were. In fact, it takes plenty of time and practice to become a persuasive writer. Plus, there are dozens of techniques and ninja tactics at your disposal.

However, keeping just these three things in mind will certainly help when you write for the purpose of encouraging a specific action from your readers.

A is for Audience

Effective communication begins with a good understanding of your audience. What keeps them up at 3 in the morning? What do they want? What are their biggest fears? What is their fondest dream? How do they talk? What do they think of the subject?

If you truly know and empathize with your readers, it will show in your writing, and they’ll pay attention. Your piece will call out to them. Also, by knowing your audience, it’ll be easier for you to write about…

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Free Outsourcing Content Guide

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Better Organization for Consistent Content

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Great content comes from a place of organization and planning. The time and energy invested into the organization will not only make it easier to create great content but will also provide an easier path to success with your total website and online business or venture.

Organization means having a purpose and a plan for your content, your website and your organization or business. It prides you with the focus, the time and the energy to be creative and develop content that will draw visitors your site and keep them there and returning in the future.

Tips for Organizing to get Consistent Content
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Writing Is a Breeze… with Metaphors


Writers are constantly on the lookout for techniques to make writing our writing more interesting and effective. One of my favorites is using metaphors.

Back to English 101: What Is a Metaphor?

A metaphor is a figure of speech, where you explain something by saying it IS something else. For example, take the title of this post, “writing is a breeze.”

Writing isn’t literally a breeze, is it? But by saying that it is, I in effect characterize writing as something soothing, light and fresh – just as a breeze is.

In a metaphor, you use something more familiar (breeze) to describe something less familiar (writing). You don’t say they are alike (“writing is as fresh as a breeze”), because that would be a simile. Rather, you say that one thing is another.

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Developing Content that Visitors Read


Spending hours creating content for your website means nothing unless you can get visitors to stop and read what you have written. The length of the content may not be as important as the information that you provide and how it is laid out for the readers.

The easier it is for readers to scan, read and use the content that you provide then the more likely they are to take advantage of your content. These same readers will also spend some time reading older posts and are the ones that are likely to become return visitors. Ultimately, that is the goal of all the content that you produce.

Tips for Strong Content

    1. Start with subheadings. Bold subheadings that include the key words of your content will make it easier for the search engines to find your article but also make the article more appealing to the eyes of the reader.

    2. Never underestimate the power of a bullet. Readers can skim the content to unlock the main points of the article. Bullets can also make it easier for you to create the content by providing you with an outline.

    3. White space makes online content easier on the eyes. White space is any break in the print of an article. It includes the indentions of bullets, spaces between lines and other spaces that just open up the article.
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