7 Ways to Use All That Content Hiding on Your Hard Drive


Not too long ago I did a clean sweep of my computer and decided that I need to either delete or use any and all content I could find. It was like hitting jackpot!

I had old newsletters from defunct websites, reports I’d written but never done anything with, pages from sites I’d long taken down and hundreds of pages of PLR content (most of which I’d never used). So I got to work using it all up.

How I used it should give you some inspiration to go through your own computer files and ideas on what to do with that goldmine of content that might be hiding on your hard drive.

Here’s ten ideas of what you can do with those blog posts, reports, website pages, plr and more that’s just collecting digital dust: [Read more...]

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Content Writers NEED Accountability


Writing content for your own website may sound like an easy task but most website owners and content writers soon discover that turning out consistent content can become a chore. Good intentions may exist, but the follow through falls short because of the circumstances that surround everyday life.

We have talked about plans and schedules, but holding your feet to the fire comes easiest when there is accountability. Participating in challenges offered through other websites or publications can be one just one of the ways to help push your content to the level that you want it.

5 Tips for Finding Accountability in Content Writing

1. Enlist a friend to help keep you on track with your content writing. This needs to be a person that you meet with regularly or that will commit to visiting your website on a consistent basis. Having someone that will call you out when you fall short will go a long ways in keeping you writing regularly.

[Read more...]

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SEO Blogging: Should I Blog For Search Engines or People?


One of the most common issues I hear people facing when starting a blog is what to write about. For me blogging is a balance of using keywords that people are searching for and writing posts that my readers really relate to.

The funny thing about blogging, or writing in general, is the more you write, the more you have to write about. So if you’re feeling stuck just start writing. Sooner or later you’ll have lots of content.

SEO Blogging

It’s important to do your keyword research. While you might consider keyword research dry and boring consider the fact that keywords are just statistics from search engines – they are the words that real people sit down and type INTO the search engines to find what you are looking for. [Read more...]

Why People Don’t Click Your Bylines


Sometimes an assumption is a dangerous thing. That said, this post is going to include an assumption or two. Of course, I prefer to call it an educated guess and welcome your educated guess as well.

This all started with something Ezine Articles posted on Twitter earlier today:

I very much respect and appreciate the information provided in that statement. After all, we may not have known this information about click throughs if Ezine Articles hadn’t dug into the massive amount of data they have at their fingertips. But I definitely question the assumption about WHY certain links are clicked more readily.

[Read more...]

Q2: What Are Your Content Marketing Goals? Accountability & Help Is Here


The first quarter of 2010 is nearly over and it’s time to take stock in all you’ve done and accomplished in the first 3 months of the year. You may have laid out some plans and set some goals (if you didn’t, let’s get started right now, okay?).

A few things to look at:

    1. What were your planned tasks? Did you complete the planned tasks? If not, why not?
    2. What were your goals? Did the tasks in #1 help you achieve your goals? If yes, how? If not, how not?
    3. Where can you make improvements?
    4. What are your major tasks and goals for the 2nd quarter?

      Go ahead and answer those questions in the comments area below…and if you ALSO have questions for me, feel free to fire away. Just make sure you do answer the questions before asking yours.

      To give you a bit more guidance, let’s go into the above points in some detail.

      What were your planned tasks? Did you complete the planned tasks? If not, why not?

      Planned tasks are specific things you planned to do for your business. Tasks may include things like:

      • Write on my blog XX times per week.
      • Outsource XX pieces of content.
      • Write XX guest blog posts per week.
      • Write XX reports.
      • Submit XX articles to article directories.

      Take note if you completed those specific tasks and whether it was on an ongoing basis (if applicable). If you weren’t able to stick with the plan, come up with some reasons why this might be the case. You may need to adjust your plans or perhaps set out a more structured schedule for yourself.

      What were your goals? Did the tasks in #1 help you achieve your goals? If yes, how? If not, how not?

      Here’s the thing, many people will mistake “TASKS” for their goals. I guess in some way, tasks are goals as they are something you want to achieve, but since you want your content to turn into profits for you, your goal needs to be something beyond simple actions. For example, your goals might be:

      • Increase traffic to XX daily visitors.
      • Gain XX newsletter subscribers.
      • Increase sales by $XX (or $XXXXXXXXXXX ;-) )
      • Increase favor in search engines by getting a top 10 ranking for XX good traffic phrases (and know which keyphrases they will be).

      Also, keep in mind the SMART goal setting guidelines set out in the graphic above:

      Specific: As you can see, the goal examples above are specific. They don’t just say I want to “improve my business” or “take it to the next level”…they say what you really want to achieve.

      Measurable: Again, the examples above are measurable. There is a certain number and specific result attached. I’m even asking you to take it a step further to ensure that the TASKS you are doing are providing the results you wanted.

      Now, it may not be possible to link all your tasks directly to the results of the goals, but you should have a general idea of whether or not your activities have been truly productive. If you didn’t achieve your goals, now’s the time to determine why this may have happened.

      Attainable: Be realistic, but do make sure you challenge yourself. If you have a brand new website, don’t expect 300K visitors in the next 3 months. Set a realistic goal and work toward it.

      Relevant: Make sure your goals are relevant to what you want your business to accomplish as a whole. More traffic can lead to increased sales, but it needs to be quality traffic…so keep that in mind when you plan to achieve your goals.

      Time Bound: By asking you to look at this quarterly, you’re definitely time bound. Set your Q2 goals for what you can accomplish in 3 months.

      Where can you make improvements?

      Even if you achieved all your goals, there is still room for improvement. Where can you refine your process? Where can you possibly outsource some of the tasks, so you can focus on more profit-generating activities? What part of your “tasks” are less productive and where should you shift your focus?

      What are your major tasks and goals for the 2nd quarter?

      You may find you have totally new tasks and goals or you may just want to build on what you’re already working toward. But the important thing is to know where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

      All right…it’s your turn. Where are you going in Q2?

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