Will to Write


My day swept passed with little getting done in the form of writing. I now sit here staring at the blank screen and flashing cursor then over at the clock and then back at the screen again wondering why even bother if I only have 45 minutes before we have to go. Something always calls me away from my writing even before I get started.

The other side of my brain says the same thing it says to the kids when they put off doing what needs to be done. “One excuse is as good as another.” Even if I only complete the beginning of the article, an outline or just a paragraph then at least I am that much closer to being done with what I am doing. Time IS just one more excuse in a long line of excuses.

There will be days when mustering enough words to complete an article to fill your content void may seem like an impossible task. The excuses will take center stage and refuge to budge an inch. Those are the days when your resolve to write has to be greater than your need to give into the call of the excuse.

Tips to Find the Will to Write
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Article Resource Box Explained: What I Learned from EzineArticles Experts about Maximum Click Conversion


Ezine Articles dot com guys explain the resource box as the last call to give your readers extra resources to learn more about what they were just reading, before they close the page and move on to something else.

Let’s dig deeper and understand why this is so important to your article marketing and content publishing success – the following tips apply not only to article writing but also to any other type of content you publish, either offline or online.

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Web Site Design versus Content – What’s More Important?


I made my first website in 1999. Back then it was all about content for me. Not written content. My first website was for fun and I posted pictures of bracelets and necklaces I used to make out of beads. At the time I had no idea about proper site structure or super quality website design.

Now I run my own website design services business and have created dozens of websites. I’ve also studied what makes a great website. One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen is people focus entirely on the design and forget about the content or vice versa, they focus on the content and forget about design.

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Selling PLR Content? Tips for You


As soon as creating websites became easy for anybody to do, the demand for online content has been growing.

According to Technorati, 1.4 blogs are created every second, every day. That’s plenty of content needed to keep each blog fresh and updated. This doesn’t even include static websites that also need content.

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Create Content Faster


Most content experts tell website owners to create more content on a consistent basis to keep visitors coming time and again. The other half of the aisle reminds content writers that quality of content does matter. No matter which side of the net you consider your side, the truth rests on the fact that content is KING.

Creating great content on a consistent basis means finding ways to write fast. Increasing typing skills will only get you so far. Your thoughts have to move faster in order for you to be able to create all the content you need to keep your website up to date and interesting to your readers. Here are a few tips that you can use to make your content work better for you by making your writing faster.

Tips for Writing Faster
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