It’s My Birthday – 38 Fave Resources for Content Marketers


I don’t usually go crazy and tell everyone it’s my birthday, but I’m feeling pretty good about this one. I’ve got a great life, great family and a great business…so let’s go virtual wild. ;-)

To celebrate, here is a list of 38 great  resources for content marketing. From generating traffic, to writing content to selling with words, these all get this old lady’s seal of approval. By the way, if you like the list, be sure to grab your free Profit with Content guide or join us on Facebook or Twitter.
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Copywriting Naturally – Easier Than You Think

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When it comes to writing sales pages, squeeze pages and other online forms of persuasion many people freeze in their tracks. They’re afraid if they don’t get just the right (perfect) formula they won’t sell a thing.

While it is true that you need to get it right, you certainly don’t have to get it perfect to start making sales with your own copywriting.

Think about when you tell a friend of the delicious meal you had a local restaurant. Do you follow a formula to make sure you’ve told them just the right things?

No – I bet you don’t! You just let the conversation flow naturally…

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Don’t Know What to Write About? Here’s Some Help


As I sat down to write another (hopefully awesome) post for Contentrix I wondered what to write about. So the first thing I did was point my browser to the Blueprints page here on Contentrix.

In that section I found great blueprint reports on: [Read more...]

5 Quick Tips for Putting a Professional Shine on Your Reports


Reports have a variety of uses. As you likely know, they can be used to motivate opt-ins. They’re used to establish credibility and authority and they can be used to virally market your business. The more professional your report looks, the stronger of an impression you’re likely to leave – of course a terrible looking report would leave a strong impression too but that’s not the image we’re after!

Here are 5 quick tips for putting a professional shine on your reports…

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The Center of Your Content Marketing


If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll know that over the past couple of weeks we have been sharing some ideas on how to maximize your content marketing efforts. Let’s keep this going because we have a few more topics to cover and the include:

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