16 Ways to Use Content Online

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In previous articles we’ve discussed ideas for content creation. But before you create your content you need to know how you’re going to use it.

Here are 16 ways to use content online:

1.Website Articles
2.Blog Posts
3.Reports (usually 5-20 pages) [Read more...]


Video: Edit Your Articles to Grab & KEEP Your Readers’ Attention


(Click the image above to open the video in another window. Click the play button to start the video. If you are using an iPhone or can’t view Flash, please watch this video, in 2 parts on our YouTube Channel.)

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Google Has Their Caffeine,
Do You Have Yours?

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caffeineLast week Google released their long anticipated Caffeine. I don’t profess to be an expert on search engine algorithms but I do know there are some real benefits and challenges to this new system.

And if you’re an online marketer, it’s even more important now to publish new content on your website regularly.

That either means spending more time writing, or learning how to write a bit faster. Because you probably don’t have a whole lot of time to spare, here are a few tips that work for me to write more content in less time.

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Featured Content Website: Article Alley


Article Alley provides website owners with a place to promote their sites through content sharing. It also has free content available for use on websites. The author bio included with each article links the content with the writer’s website. Using Article Alley can expose content to readers around the globe – expanding a websites customer base and a writer’s opportunities.

The foundation of Article Alley centers on the promotion and syndication of content. The website was first built in 2004 and has grown over the last several years into a site with over 90,000 active authors and around a half million pages of content.

The ease of submitting articles helps with the popularity of Article Alley. The large number of articles gives users a wide selection which also aids in its success.

Statistics for Article Alley
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Are You a Content Environmentalist? – All Custom Content News & Special


All Custom Content

As a new feature here at Contentrix, we’re posting the (currently monthly) newsletter for All Custom Content.

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This month’s topic is all about recycling, reusing and repurposing content.

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