Day 24: Even More Active!


Yesterday,  I challenged you to be less passive and more active in your list building methods. A number of you stepped up to the plate and moved further out of your comfort zone, but I know you can go further.

With that in mind, we’re going to finish out this week bootcamp style and I’m going to work you hard! :-)

It’s funny how something can seem so hard, but once we do it, we discover it wasn’t so bad. Then when we do it again, it becomes even easier. And eventually, it just becomes natural. I want you to find all your email marketing to feel natural because when it feels natural to you, it feels natural to others and becomes more effective.

So with that in mind, let’s go ahead with our writing and building tasks… [Read more...]

Three Things Get Content Writing Done


The list of to-dos that I could create would give Santa’s own list a run for its money. Between my home, life and work there always seems to be one more thing that I remember to do and then I fret and worry and end up getting nothing done. The other day I discovered a key that helps me to unlock success in getting projects completed.

The plan was about life in general, but I it works just as well for my work life. The foundation lies in doing three things. When you make the to-do list you put on just three things you must accomplish that day. At the end of the day you sit down and review how well you completed the three tasks and then formulate a plan for tomorrow – again using the three things key.
[Read more...]

Day 23: Less Passive, More Active


Holy smokes…we’re getting close and I’m so happy to see so many participants really getting into this.

I am particularly impressed with how people are really getting into the writing portion…there are a TON of emails being written out of this challenge. We’ve also got members readily putting together their freebies/ethical bribes, working on opt-in pages and tweaking opt-in boxes. Of course, those are good for list building, but it’s still passive list building.

I want to challenge you here on in to get ACTIVE with your list building. Make connections with people, recruit affiliates, submit more guest blog posts…you know the drill. Even if you’re just starting out by exchanging a few words on Twitter or a forum or wherever you hang out…plant those connection seeds today, so they can serve you in the future.

So, let’s get on with today’s stuff. You are hereby challenged to write one email and participate in one list building activity and here’s what I recommend… [Read more...]

Day 22: You Tell Me!


Nice! You guys are really zooming here that I cannot keep up with your comments. I will have some time this evening to catch up with what you’ve been working on, answer questions and offer feedback.

One of our participants has told me that one of the things she loves about the challenge is that it has forced her out of her comfort zone. And I have to tell you, that pleases me to no end. We don’t like being uncomfortable, but once we get in there…we realize it’s not so bad after all AND our business grows by leaps and bounds.

So if you’ve been trying to get caught up here and are still making baby steps…challenge yourself to do more. Really get out there and make connections to grow your list. Write more, sell more and just DO MORE! You can do it.

Now for today’s tasks, I’m turning the tables on you a bit. [Read more...]

Google’s Panda Update and How it Affects You

photo credit: JosephLeonardo

As blog owners, writers and content marketers, Google’s new Panda update could have a huge impact on your business.

Google’s Panda update specifically targets how its algorithm evaluates and ranks content websites.

If the Panda update sees your site favorably, you’ll likely see an increase in traffic as competitors are pushed off rankings. If Panda sees you unfavorably, you’ll likely see a dip in traffic, possibly even a complete drop in rankings.

So far, the Panda update is only applied to US searches, but will soon be applied worldwide.

So what is the Panda update, what’s it’s criteria and how might it affect you? [Read more...]

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