Relationship of Business Fundamentals to Content Writing


“Writing is a business and requires good management and productivity.” – Jamee Rae

The words screamed at me instead of just tweeting. It can be easy to forget about the fundamentals of business and get caught up in the “art” of writing. Creating good content requires finding the perfect balance between being a writer and being a business owner trying to grow to a new level of success.

Fundamentals of Business for Content Writers

    1. Good management – creating consistent content starts with time management. You need to have a schedule of when things will be accomplished. Putting together an editorial calendar is one of the best places to start when it comes to managing content.
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How to Run a Great Teleseminar or Webinar


photo credit: chrisparkeruk

Teleseminars and webinars are highly versatile tools you can use to build your relationship with your list, increase credibility and ultimately making more sales.

Instead of just sending text emails, teleseminars allows you to build a two-way conversation with your list in a multi-dimensional and interactive way.

Here’s how to run a successful teleseminar. [Read more...]

Easy Content Weekly – April 15, 2011


Well, it finally came to a close a number of go-getters managed to complete the intensive 30 Days to Email Profits Challenge. You can see their updates here. All those that completed the challenge received some free PLR bucks and are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Free PLR for Life winner on April 30, so stay tuned for updates.

A few other Contentrix updates before we get to all the “Easy Content” done for you updates:

And here’s some good news… [Read more...]

Your Questions: Giving Away too Much for Free

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questions1It’s an information age-old dilemma for many online business owners, particularly when they are extremely passionate in their subject area. We just love to give, give, give…but sometimes forget to sell, sell, sell.

Some people say you should give away your best stuff for free. Others say, hold onto the best stuff and sell it. Then others say you can’t give away too much for free, while others say it’s simply not true.

So who’s right? That’s what Mary and probably quite a few others would like to know. Mary asks…

Coincidentally, over at Contentrix, we just released a handy guide called 3 Keys to Giving it Away Free AND Get Paid! I think that checklist answers the question very nicely.

Click here to download it.

The good news is you can help your market freely and still earn good money. It just takes a slight shift in mindset and having a conversion plan. That guide will show you how to get started.

Guerilla Marketing for Content Writers
from Rick and Bubba


The next great idea for content writers could be hiding anywhere. The new book by radio personalities Rick and Bubba arrived at my house yesterday with some great tips for guerilla marketing.

The story in “We Be Big” had nothing to do with content writers or marketing on the internet, but it did start me thinking down that path.

Marketing Lessons for Content Writers

    • Rick and Bubba created a radio show that was like nothing else around because it was all about them and their real lives. They were open and honest with viewers and it struck a chord. Content writers have to be willing – at some level – to be open and honest about the words on the screen if they want to build the same devoted fan base that follow The Rick and Bubba Show.

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