Troubleshooting: If Your Traffic Starts to Go Down, Here’s What to Do

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Ideally, your website traffic should be consistently growing every day, every month. Unfortunately, that’s just not what happens in the real world.

Sometimes your site(s) will take a dip in traffic. That dip could be temporary, or it could signal a downward trend that you need to do everything in your power to stop.

If you find your traffic going down, here’s how to troubleshoot it. [Read more...]

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Easy Content Weekly – May 28, 2011

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Despite the fact it was Alice’s birthday this week, it looks her and the crew kept plenty busy.

We’ve got a couple great posts, a teleseminar update and a special discount Alice has secured for you.

Plus, there’s plenty more ready-made content to grab, brand and monetize!

[Read more...]

It’s My Birthday!
39 Things to Make Content Better


Last year, I shared 38 favorite content marketing resources and so you know I’m not cheating on revealing my age, I’m back with a new “Things” list and now we’re up to 39. ;-)

When it comes to content, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and many of our readers and customers ask:

“How can I write content, so it stands apart from everyone else’s?”

Or they ask, “How can I write on topics that have already been written by others and not have it seem exactly the same?”

It’s a problem, but not one you can’t get around and this year’s list should get those creative ideas flowing because it’s easy to stand out and provide extra value to your readers. Just pick a way and run with it… [Read more...]

Six High Impact Blog Design Tips

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Though blog content is the most important aspect of blogging, design also plays a critical role.

Your blog’s design has a big impact on the overall user experience of your blog. A great design positively colors everything else your visitor will see on your site. It’ll keep them on your site longer and is subconsciously more pleasant and professional.

A poorly designed site has the opposite effect. It can even drive away traffic.

How can you have a superb looking blog, without hiring a designer? Here are a few tips. [Read more...]

Easy Content Weekly – May 21, 2011

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If you’re looking to get more out of the work you do, you’ve definitely come to the place this week. A few new posts to share with you here and lots of great new ready-made content for you too.

First, if you need a little guidance creating a great first impression with a free report, Derek has some free report writing tips for you. He tells you how you should start your report, how to get from draft to finished product.

Next, Alice put together a “Priority Checklist for the Well-Paid Content Publisher” – and warning, it may turn your usual priority approach on it’s head.

And finally, if you have a blog that serves regular readers, but you also publish keyword-based articles, Alice put together a helpful post. It shows you how to balance content for regular readers and for search engine traffic.

And if you’d like a little hand putting together your content, here’s what’s new… [Read more...]

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