How and Why Content Marketers Should Consider Publishing a Web App

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Build Desktop Applications at Amazing Speed
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If you’re willing to invest $300 to $500 dollars to build a massive amount of one-way links and brand recognition for your website, you might want to consider having a web app developed.

A web app may seem like a departure from a content based website. Yes, it’s outside the repertoire of most content marketers; but that’s precisely why it works.

It’s not all that difficult to write an article about a subject. You’re likely competing against hundreds if not thousands of other content sites in any established market. However, very few people will be willing to go the extra mile and create a web app that’s useful for their visitors. [Read more...]

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4 Things You Need to Know to Make Content Build Your Business

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I always fancied myself to be a writer. Teachers  told my parents I wrote great stories and poems. I even won an award once. I got A’s in English and in my Grade 12 Creative Writing class. I even got mad at my teacher when I got a B on a particular short story. How dare she?! ;-)

You might be a great writer too, but is it really enough to build a business around?

Maybe. Maybe not if you don’t have additional skills to go with that writing talent. See, making a living publishing your own content isn’t quite the same as writing stories for class or articles for the school newspaper. I wish it was, but it just doesn’t work that way.

If you want to make a real go of this, here are 4 thing you need to know to make content work for you… [Read more...]

Outsourcing: Cost V.S. Benefits of oDesk, Textbroker and Finding Your Own

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Recently I’ve been experimenting with a few different ways of outsourcing content.

If you want to build a large and successful information-based business, chances are at some point you’re going to want to outsource content.

There are three main things you should look for when it comes to outsourcing: Quality of content, price of the content and speed of delivery.

Where do you find good outsourcers that meet all three criteria?

On one hand, you have the mainstream networking sites like oDesk and eLance. On the other hand, you have services like Textbroker, which specialize in matching content writers to content buyers. Finally, you can find your own outsourcers.

Which is the best option in terms of all three factors? Let’s take a look. [Read more...]

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Sound into Print

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It’s probably pretty obvious that we are big fans of the written word. With video exploding on the net, we
tend to hide behind our keyboards because it’s how we express ourselves best.

And don’t be fooled, despite the growth of multimedia, text is still definitely the most consumed media online.

While my business partner, Annette isn’t afraid to come out and show herself on camera, if you ask me to explain a content marketing concept out loud, I often clam up and stumbles over my words.

But no matter… [Read more...]

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Easy Content Weekly – September 17, 2011

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If you came here via Alice’s email, you know this is our last wrap up until the end of the month. We’re gearing up for the last round of students for the Contentrix Better Content Marketing course and will keep ourselves busy with that.

If you’d like to join us, here’s a little tuition coupon code to sweeten the deal. It gives you an extra $30 off the lifetime option -

Coupon Code: contentrix2011
Discount: $30 off lifetime membership
Expiry: Wednesday, September, 28, 2011

Once again, you can get the full course details here.

Now let’s get back to what else is happening this week… [Read more...]

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