How to Make Your Writing FLOW

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One aspect of content writing that isn’t often discussed is FLOW.

Flow is what makes your writing sound seamless. It’s what makes your writing read naturally.

When there is flow, people who read your writing will feel like they’re gliding through your content, learning and enjoying their way through.

When there isn’t flow, the writing will feel choppy. It’ll feel unnatural and it just won’t be as fun to read.

The best writers in the world have all mastered flow. It’s an essential part of writing content that people want to read.

What creates flow and how can you add flow to your writing? Let’s take a look. [Read more...]

Easy Content Weekly: October 29, 2011

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Another month nearly come and gone. Where does the time go?

For me, the end of the month means planning content for the following up. I need to assign content for my ghostwriters and even make sure I plan my topics, so I am not floundering for ideas when the time comes to write. It’s the worst when you get all excited, log into your blog and then nothing happens. :-(

How do you plan your content? By the way, you can download these free content planning tools if you need some help.

Here are this week’s updates…

[Read more...]

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How Do I Start a Membership Site?

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Recently, a few people asked me about starting a membership site and interestingly enough, we ALREADY have a module about that in our “Monetize Your Knowledge Course”. :-)

If you haven’t seen it already or need a refresher, check it out here.

My best tips for you when starting a membership:

* Don’t promise more than you can sustain over time. It will either end up costing you too much money or if you try to cut your members benefits, you’ll have upset customers on your hands.

* Promise less and then add more as your membership grows. Wow your current members and attract new ones by adding more membership benefits as you go along.

* Raise your price as you add more benefits, but grandfather original members…as long as it make sense financially.

* Remember that marketing is an ongoing effort. As members leave (it’s inevitable), keep working to bring in more members.

* Get help where you can. Creating the content all by yourself month after month keeps you from important marketing activities.

Hope that’s useful. Memberships can be a source of great monthly income, but it still takes work…so be smart!

By the way, if you’re looking for a simple membership site solution, powered by WordPress, check out Wishlist Member. It’s easy to install and start using right away. That one’s not mentioned in the original checklist, so I thought I should bring it up.

Planning Your Social Media Content


Here’s a question for you and one we originally posed for our All Custom Content subscribers. Do you consciously create content specifically for social media?

Certainly, there’s a lot going on in your business and while social media has its purpose, it’s often put on the back burner when it comes to MEANINGFUL participation.

One thing you can do is pre-write your tidbits of wisdom, humor or thought-provoking ideas. Sure, the purists say you can’t plan social media interaction, but you’re not planning interaction. You’re planning interesting things your followers want to read…the interaction is the icing on the cake and that happens naturally.

Whether you decide to pre-schedule your updates using a tool like Hootsuite or you want to post them manually when you’re
available for interaction, that’s up to you.

But what content can prepare for the big social networks… [Read more...]

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How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

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When people look at your blog, one thing they use to determine how credible they think you are is the number of comments your posts get.

If you get a lot of comments, chances are people will think your blog is more credible than if they looked at your site and found that nobody has left any comments.

The number of comments you get isn’t caused strictly by traffic. There’s of course a corrolation, but low-traffic blogs can often get more comments than high-traffic blogs.

Here are a few tips for getting more comments to your blog, without having to bring in more traffic. [Read more...]

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