5 Marketing Tactics to Avoid in 2012

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In 2011, the tectonic plates of the internet marketing landscape shifted.

The underlying fundamentals of many strategies, including SEO and social media have changed.

Marketing in 2012 is going to rely much more on customer connection than tactics.

Of course, having strong strategies is important. It’s just that many of the strategies and tactics that marketers have come to rely on no longer work.

Here are 5 such tactics. At one point in time, these tactics were cutting edge. Today, they’re completely outdated. [Read more...]

Easy Content Weekly – January 28, 2012


One month down in 2012 already. I hope that you’re steadily working toward your content marketing goals for this year.

By the way, if you haven’t signed up for the free 19-week Better Content Marketing course, do it. Alice’s weekly lessons will whip you into shape and keep you moving forward.

Now, let’s check out everything that’s new around here and in the world of content marketing… [Read more...]

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How to Sell Ebooks on Kindle


A couple of weeks ago, I posted our Top 12 Ways to Monetize Content in 2012 list and you can bet that Kindle was near the top of that list. In May 2011, Amazon announced that it was selling more ebooks than print books on a daily basis. Later in the same year, they announced that they were selling over a million devices each week. That’s big news.

Whether you write fiction, non-fiction or want to rework public domain or reworked PLR content, Kindle has plenty of options for digital content publishers. To get started, you need to create or log into your account account here. You also need to go through all the tutorials here.

By offering your content on Kindle, you not only have the potential to reach new audiences, but you will satisfy for your audience’s likely growing desire for Kindle-friendly content.

What to Sell:

If you already have ebooks you’ve created or a ghostwriter has written for you, you can sell them on Kindle. Obviously, you can also create new content to sell on Kindle too or rework PLR into a unique piece.

You can also use content that is in the public domain content to create an ebook. Kindle’s policy on using public domain content is that is differentiated from other ebooks using the same content. The website states that you must meet one of the following criteria:

(Translated) – A unique translation
(Annotated) – Contains annotations (unique, hand-crafted additional content including study guides, literary critiques, detailed biographies, or detailed historical context)
(Illustrated) – Includes 10 or more unique illustrations relevant to the book”

Think outside the box even further. You can put together a collection of your articles, reports, blog posts or anything else that is of interest to your target audience.

How You Get Paid:

How much you get paid on Kindle, depends on a few factors. The first decision you need to make is whether you want to go straight to earning royalties or if you want to enroll in the KDP Select Program.

The KDP Select Program is a way to earn money by “lending” your content in the Kindle Owners Lenders Library. If sign up for KDP Select and you make your ebook exclusive to Kindle for at least 90 days, your ebook will be in the library for the same amount of time. You earn a share of a monthly fund each time your ebook is borrowed from the library. This month’s fund was at $700,000 and $600,000 is available for February.

If you choose to get royalties instead, you can earn 35 or 70% on your titles. Public domain content qualifies for 35% royalties only. Smaller, lower priced books generally qualify for 35% as well. You can find the full details on royalties right here.

Amazon pays out monthly, but you are paid out about 60 days after the last day of the month your sales occurred in. You can get paid by check or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), but you need to earn at least $100 before a check and the minimum requirement for EFT is $10.

Getting your content on Kindle isn’t complicated, but you should do your homework first to make sure you do everything just write. Next week, we’ll talk about Kindle formatting (it’s probably the most pesky thing about submitting to Kindle), but in the meantime, start here to learn more.

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3 Ways to Get More Personal With Your Readers

316/365 - 8/20/2011
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Blogging success doesn’t just depend on providing great content.

More often than not, people follow blogs because they like the writer, like the writer’s values and can relate with them – In addition to learning from the content itself.

So how can you build more of a personal connection with your readers? How can you let your personality shine through more?

How can you build that all important sense of writer-reader bond?

[Read more...]

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Easy Content Weekly – January 21, 2012

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It’s our first Easy Content Weekly for 2012.

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted, but it’s great to be back. A lot has happened over the past month and just the last week has been particularly eventful.

Since I’d be writing forever if I updated you on what’s happened since December, let’s take a look at the last week because there has been some pretty darned exciting news.

Here’s what’s new… [Read more...]

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