Great News! Our 19-Week
Better Content Marketing Course is Now Free

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It’s a wickedly awesome day for content creators today…and that means you too!

As we announced yesterday, our 19-week hands-on Better Content Marketing course is now FREE for registration. I am super excited to greet new and old students, so it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get really serious. :-)

If you need to register, the details are right here.

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Get That Content off Your Hard Drive

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Have you ever hired someone to write content or purchased some private label right content and then just let it sit on your hard drive?

Sure, we’ve all done this at some point in time.

We get projects started with the best of intentions, but then we get busy or distracted and the seemingly small task of publishing our content gets put aside.

But have you sat down to think about how that “small” task can mean BIG things for your business? After all, content can serve a lot of important uses… [Read more...]

Give Your Readers What They Want - WITHOUT All The Hard Work - Pre-made fully-illustrated step-by-step tutorials make it easy to sell your products, build your list and grow your business. Click here to learn more.

How to Write a Stellar “How To” Article

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The “how to” article is one of the most popular article formats on the internet. A large percentage of web browsers are online to look for information.

If you present this information in the right way, you can turn that browser into a loyal reader for life.

Not all how to articles are created equal. A great how to article should capture attention, get the reader emotionally engaged and end with them feeling like they got massive value.

A poor how to article sounds boring and doesn’t provide enough new content for the reader to feel excited about it.

How do you write a top notch how to article? [Read more...]

Top 12 Ways to Monetize Content in 2012


If you haven’t had enough of Top 12 posts for the New Year, here’s another one for you. And even if you’ve had more than your fair fill, I hope this one will be helpful despite any feelings that this theme has been overdone. :-)

For this list, we’re talking about the important topic of monetizing your content. After all, most of us are in publishing as a business, so there needs to be a monetization plan. Here are 12 ways you can earn from your content this year.

(By the way, we are working on a bundle of how-to guides on content monetization that you’ll be able to share with your readers and monetize it too! Details on that next week.)

1. Building Your List: Don’t do anything else until you content is feeding people into your mailing list. Your mailing is still your number 1 marketing asset in 2012, so have that in place first. If you missed it, here are some tips for getting more subscribers on your list.

2. Kindle and Big Box Ebook Stores: One of the most exciting things to come out of ebook publishing is the growth of Kindle and other big name ebook stores. With the growing popularity of ebooks, you have so many opportunities to reach customers you probably never would have reached otherwise.

3. Mobile Apps: The mobile app marketplace continues to grow. Whether it’s iPhone, Android or just about anything else, there is plenty of opportunity here. Apps can be made for sale, display ads or use any number of monetization methods.

4. Self-Published Info Products: Just because the big guys are in on the action, that doesn’t take away any of your power to sell your info products from your own website. Selling products yourself allows you to use multimedia, target specific audiences and command just about any fair price for your product.

5. Info Product Publishing House: Now that ebooks and information products are hitting the mainstream, more budding authors want in on the action. Of course, just because they can write, doesn’t mean they can market or want to deal with all the other technical details of info product publishing. This is a great opportunity to position yourself as a publisher and profit by helping others get published.

6. Membership Sites and Subscriptions: The recurring revenue model never gets old and having someone pay your for your content month after month is a great monetization approach. But it’s not enough to slap up some articles and think you’ll have a rush of members. Constantly think of ways your content can be more useful to your members and make it so valuable, they never want to leave.

7. Product Links and Recommendations: Adding recommended products and creating product reviews with affiliate links (or links to your own products) have always been a great monetization model and continues to be so. Make sure your links are highly and targeted for best results.

8. Selling Advertising: While it can be time consuming dealing with advertisers, there plenty lot of scripts and programs that can automate the advertising process. Keep in mind, today’s advertiser is pretty savvy and anything you can do to provide a better client experience (stats, split testing, conversion data), the better your advertising opportunity will be.

9. Selling Rights to Publish Content: Selling your content, so other business owners can publish it is a lucrative model. Whether it’s private label rights (PLR) or resell rights, online publishers are always on the lookout for ready-made content.

10. Writing for Pay: Ghostwriting and guest writing opportunities are all around you. With ghostwriting, you write and let someone else take the credit. With guest writing, you get the credit, extra exposure and you get paid. It’s one of the most direct ways to make money from writing content.

11. Contextual Advertising: We’re talking Adwords, Chitika and others like it. These advertising networks display ads relevant to your content and you get a percentage of the advertising profits. While many publishers have indicated that their contextual advertising revenues have gone down over the years, it still remains a viable and very easy way to monetize content.

12. Keyword Advertising: No, I’m not talking about selling links for search engine benefit. If you’re smart, you’ll avoid engaging such behavior that could get you in hot water with traffic-giving search engines. Instead, I’m talking about advertising networks like They place ads on your site at relevant keywords. This method works well for sites with high traffic volume and large amounts of traffic.

When the user hovers over the link, they are presented with an ad for more information, as you can see below:

What’s your monetization focus for 2012?

Making Ghostwritten Content Your Own

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Last week, we talked about what your ghostwriter needs to know before beginning your project. The better you can prepare your writer, the easier it is to get the end results that you were hoping for.

Of course, it may be cliche, but it really rings true…

People are like snowflakes. No two are exactly alike.

While it may seem strange for the owners of a ghostwriting company to say, there is nobody that will write EXACTLY like you do. In fact, it’s pretty much statistically impossible that any two people would write the exact same words given a specific subject area.

So does that mean you shouldn’t bother to hire a ghostwriter? Of course, not, but since I’m part of a ghostwriting business, you knew I’d say that. ;-)

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind and do to make ghostwritten content really yours… [Read more...]

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