Reason Why Photo Contest Winners


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated and followed along our photo journey. It has been so great to see all these pictures and to feel even more inspired and grateful for the lifestyle we are able to have. I think we’ll have to do this again next year, so I hope to see even more of you being a part of this.

To find out who won our great prizes, you have to watch the video. Of course, if you have serious technical issues or an impairment that keeps you from viewing the video, please contact our support department for a list of winners.

If you are a winner… [Read more...]

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Pomodoro & GTD: Productivity Systems for Writing & Working

Speed up time 3/366
photo credit: CraigMoulding

One of the greatest challenges of working for yourself is maintaining productivity.

When there’s no boss looking over your shoulders, no deadlines, no external source of motivation, how do you stay on task?

How do you stop wandering over to Facebook, stop checking email incessantly, stop checking sites like Reddit or StumbleUpon?

How do you stay concentrated and get stuff done? Two of the best systems I’ve found for improving productivity are the “Getting Things Done” system and the Pomodoro system. [Read more...]

Quick Update While Lesli Sniffles


We don’t have an official Easy Content Weekly for you as Lesli has come down with the flu. So while she sniffles and eats some chicken noodle soup, here are some quick updates for you:

#1: New 100 Topic Ideas

We just posted a new 100 topic ideas pack for you. This one is all about Kindle Publishing.

Find this one and our other 100 topic packs here.

#2: Just 1 More Day to Get FREE PLR and Topic Ideas for Life

We’ve got just over 50 entries into our photo contest and that means that there is still a GREAT chance for you to win some great prizes. Remember, many people have entered more than once and with there being 8 prizes up for grabs, you’ve just got to enter… [Read more...]

How to Collect and Publish Client/Customer Case Studies


In our 3-part series in creating online credibility, we’re now at Part 2: Collecting and Publishing Client/Customer Case Studies.

A couple weeks ago, we covered publishing testimonials and next week, we’ll talk about credibility-boosting case studies when you don’t even have any clients.

Yep it’s true. You don’t need clients to create legitimate case studies that showcase your knowledge.

(By the way, we are currently developing a PLR bundle called “Online Credibility Booster Pack” that will help you provide templates and advice on boosting online credibility to your readers. You can expect the release of that one early next week.)

So getting to today’s subject, let’s start with a definition. A search on Google defines a case study as:

“A process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time.”

We aren’t talking about academic case studies, so this definition will serve us well. For case studies of your clients, the focus will be on development in a specific area that is related to your product or service. It may be over a short period or long period of time, depending on what is appropriate for the particular case.

For example, if you’re a running coach and you have a client training for a marathon, you might focus on that specific training up to the date of the marathon. Or if you teach people how to relieve pain with yoga and meditation, you want to capture a period of time from where your client experiences daily pain to where most of the daily pain is relieved.

Case studies bolster your credibility and encourage more sales of your product in a few ways:

  • They provide social proof to your potential clients. While there are some trail blazers out there, most people don’t want to be the first to do something at risk of failing. They want to see others doing it and doing it well before they take the plunge. Case studies help accomplish this.
  • While case studies can be faked (never risk your reputation this way), they generally provide so much detail that it provides your prospects with a good sense of legitimacy. It’s not the same as a vague testimonial of “I loved your product. Signed Annie” on your website.
  • They go further than testimonials in that they are valuable pieces of content that showcase your knowledge, expertise and/or the effectiveness of your product. While they are generally self-promotional in the way we are using them, they still provide useful insight to your prospects and clients alike.

How to Start Collecting a Case Study

The best thing you can do is make the decision to create a case study early. If you have a client that shows potential for great progress, you want to collect all your information and proof as it happens. Scrambling to collect information after can be tricky and may result in a less complete case study.

When you think you have someone with potential, ask them if they would be willing to participate. It’s best if they allow you to use their real name and photos, but in some sensitive cases, it might not be as likely. You may also want them to sign an agreement to participate and that allows you to publish the findings. When approaching your client, always focus on the benefit to your client. After all, they are getting extra care and attention as you check in with them during the data collection process.

Make a schedule for check-ins with your client and take any photos, copies or records that you need. You want to have as much proof as possible. For example, if you are helping a client lose weight, you want to have plenty of photos throughout the weight loss journey. Or if you are helping a client get out of debt, copies of their credit card statements as they reduce their debt is a good idea. Just make sure to remove any sensitive information, of course.

When you check in with the client, record your discussions. If you have an audio record, you can go back and refer to everything at a later date. After all, you never know when something they say in week 1 will have an even bigger impact in week 3.

Decide whether you should interview other people to complete your case study. For example, if you’re helping a parent deal with a child struggling in school, you might arrange an interview with their teacher or anyone else involved in their education.

The key is to collect as much information as possible. While you may not end up publishing everything, you have everything ready at your fingertips when you start to put together the best case study as possible.

Publishing Your Case Study

Now you’ve got a big heap of information to go through, right? While that may seem daunting, it is also very good news. You have a TON of content that you can work with.

Case studies can be used in a number of ways:

  • Full-length case studies can be made into downloadable reports.
  • Create a case studies section of your website that includes summaries and full-length case studies.
  • Condensed case studies can be placed on your blog for discussion with your other clients and readers.
  • Audio recordings can be edited, polished and placed on iTunes and elsewhere.
  • Photos can be turned into photo galleries on Flickr, Pinterest or another photo sharing site.
  • And of course, photos, audio and text can all be combined into creating informative or inspirational video.

How you’ll put final and full case study together will depend on the type of data you have at your fingertips. The key thing to remember is your intended audience and keep in mind that, again, this isn’t an academic case study. We are trying to get and keep the attention of our prospects and deliver information that is useful to them. So while your focus is on the client of the case study, you want to make sure you keep things succinct and relevant to your potential client too.

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Make a Slide Show Online – With Your Content


Slide shows seem to be popping up all over the place. They bring together the awesomeness of written content and the power of photographs and graphic images for a very visual experience.

Slide shows are great for:

* Demonstrating a process
* Sharing a tips list
* Sharing quotes
* Inspirational and motivational content

And, of course, use your imagination to come up with other ways that slide shows might work for your unique business.

You’ve probably seen slide shows in many places including… [Read more...]

Give Your Readers What They Want - WITHOUT All The Hard Work - Pre-made fully-illustrated step-by-step tutorials make it easy to sell your products, build your list and grow your business. Click here to learn more.

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