What is the Difference Between a Blog and a Website? Which is the Best One for Your Business?


Our next question comes from Vernon Shirley. Vernon asked:

What is difference between a blog and a website? Which is the best one for my business?

I’m glad you asked. There was a time when blogs were so new that people would regularly talk about what it is and whether or not it makes sense to use it in a business. Today however, blogs are so ubiquitous that to many people they’re almost indistinguishable from normal websites.

So what is the main difference between blogs and websites? Which is the right one for your company?

Great question. Let’s dive in.

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Long Time in a Niche…How Do You Come up with Content Ideas?


Our next question comes from Robert. It’s a perfect question for Annette and I to answer because it’s about stuff we do all day long at All Custom Content and that’s coming up with content ideas.  Here’s the question…

“How do you come up with new and interesting things to write about if you’ve been writing about the same topic(s) for years? There are only so many things you can say about SEO, and only so many slants you can write from.”

Robert specifically asked about the search engine optimization (SEO) niche, but this advice applies to many niches…so definitely read on for help in getting more ideas for your niche, no matter how long you’ve been in it… [Read more...]

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Images and Content for My Website?


Finding what you needYesterday, I asked our email subscribers to submit their content marketing questions and I got some great responses, just as I expected. So thank you very much…keep them coming. I will try to answer as many as I can in the coming weeks.

The first question comes from Terry P. Mielcarek of 4greentechenergy.com

“I am trying to start a content related site for both the frugal living and renewable energy niche, which if done right, could be huge see our global economy is in a rut. Where do I find photos and any suggestions on where to find good up to date content. Thank you.”

Thanks for your question, Terry. Looks like there are a few things to address here… [Read more...]

What to Do if Your Content Gets Plagiarized


Web plagiarism happens all the time. Someone simply takes your content and uses it as their own on their site.

Sometimes it’s someone who’s simply scraping content. Plugins like Caffeinated Content crawl the web for content and “auto-update” sites with scraped content to keep them relevant.

At other times, it’s webmasters who simply don’t respect copyright. They repost articles they like without regard for attribution.

Leaving your plagiarized content online can hurt you in a couple different ways.

First, you could get duplicate content penalized. Google has systems in place to differentiate the authentic author from the copycats – But they don’t always work, especially if the copycat has a higher PageRank or authority than you.

Second, it dilutes your brand. If someone sees the same piece of content on your site as someone else’s, how will they react? Unless they already know you, they’ll probably distrust botsites.

So if you spot a plagiarized copy if your content on the web, what can you do about it? [Read more...]

Publishing in a hurry? Easy Monetization Tips

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If you’re a savvy entrepreneur that outsources your content and/or uses PLR, there might be times when you have so much content to publish, you can’t always find the time to properly monetize it.

Well, there are a number of ways to make monetization more automatic for you. Here are three… [Read more...]

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