How to Integrate Salesletters & Squeeze Pages With WordPress


One of the former big downsides to WordPress used to be its inability to format good salesletters. For a lot of marketers, that was reason enough to stick with HTML and CSS pages.

Over the last few years though, WordPress has come a long way in terms of what it can do for online response-based marketers.

WordPress today can be used to create absolutely gorgeous looking, high converting salesletters. It can be used to churn out fantastic squeeze pages.

On top of that, WordPress can also use almost all the advanced sales tools you might need to use.

Here’s everything you need to know about using WordPress as your platform for your opt-ins and your salesletters. [Read more...]

End of Lazy Days: Getting Productive for Fall

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Sigh…summer is coming to an end. At least in the Northern Hemisphere of this great big planet. It’s a bittersweet time for many online business owners because, for many of us, summer is the time to relax a little and slow down our schedules.

Now that autumn is coming, we’ll be staying inside a bit more. The kids are going back to school. And we’re out of excuses to just chill out in the shade because the shade is getting cold!

Empty beach

At All Custom Content, we actually have some great tools and guides coming your way in the next few weeks, so we’ll have more details on that soon. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to start gearing up for fall… [Read more...]

Q&A Rapid Fire: More Questions Answered

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Grabbing a few more questions from our virtual mailbag, here are a few answers you may have been looking for.

I really appreciate all the questions we’ve received and we keep working our way through them.

After this, there will still be some more and look for another Rapid Fire post soon to polish them off.

There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s get right to it… [Read more...]

Screencasting 101: Creating Video Walkthrough Content

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Screencasting is one of the best ways to create video content for web-related topics.

A screen cast is a recording of your screen, along with your narration on top of it. You can use it to demonstrate software, to demonstrate web business topics, to show a particular skill or to teach an online class.

Screencasting might seem complex at first. In reality, it only takes about one day to setup.

Once you’ve setup all your equipment and software, you’ll be able to fire it up at any time.

Here’s how to get started with screencasting. [Read more...]

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3 Reasons a Ghostwriter
Might Be in Your Future

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Your FutureThis week’s question comes from Melissa and she asks:

How do you decide to use a ghostwriter when you actually like writing?

This a question a lot of people don’t consider, so we’re glad Melissa brought it up. After all, if you love writing, why would you need anyone to help you write?  As writers ourselves, we know there are plenty of very viable, business-building reasons to use a ghostwriter… [Read more...]

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