What Does Persuasive Writing Mean Anyway?

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It’s an important key to monetizing your content…being persuasive. If you can’t convince anyone of anything, you simply aren’t going to sell anything. Nor will your readers sign up for your newsletter or come back to read more later.

For some, persuasive writing techqniues come easier than to others. You can learn about copywriting (we cover this in lesson 4 and 5 in our free course at Contentrix), but you have to learn how persuasiveness works without sounding like a used car salesman or just a plain old bully. It takes practice, but your practice is much better if you are conscious of what you are trying to accomplish.

I read an interesting article on Fast Company called Leading Through the Power of Persuasion and even though the article was geared toward “real-life” leadership, the advice applies to your online writing as well. After all, our business world may virtual, but the leadership qualities we convey are still very real.

The article by Charlotte Beers, lays out some persuasion tools that leaders have:

  • Threats and consequences
  • Passion and pathos
  • Humor and wit
  • Imperfection
  • Surprise
  • Wonder

I encourage you to read the full article, but here are a few things that stood out for me (emphasis added):

“Of course, laying out the response you want is a central part of good communication, but in the goal of leading others, you are also always after one very specific response: ‘I never thought of it that way.’

To elicit an ‘I never thought of it that way’ response, you must be prepared to express your own excitement, your keenness, the leaps you’ve made from logic to an imaginative new proposition, the size of which is yet unknown.”

And then, more importantly, she cautions people from beating people over the head with baseball bat and instead encourages this…

“You are not trying to sway people against their will but to offer them a chance to see things anew. To create change, to invent a new future, you have to be vulnerable, to show passion and belief in an unproven idea, and to risk failure by pursuing it. You, the initiator, have to find a delivery style that allows you to communicate your conviction in a compelling, inescapable way.”

No perfection is required when it comes to persausive writing techniques, but you’ve got to believe in what you say and let others discover new perspectives for themselves.

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19 Reasons to Stop Messing Around
and Start Getting Serious about Email

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Why email marketing worksIf you didn’t know it already, I love email as a marketing medium.

Plenty of evidence of this can be found in our email marketing category and I’m always encouraging our students to build their lists!

Still, I realize that many have turned to the new social age of marketing and other traditional business are still paying for ineffective and difficult to measure advertising.

But I’d like to show you something that brings the absolute best of both worlds. If you need a few reasons to get serious about email,  I’ll give you a few… [Read more...]

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Adding and Removing Limited Time Offers from Your Blog

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Content publishers are busy. Many of us publish a lot of content, manage our email lists, social media and a whole long list of things.

And in all that stuff we do, we want to make sure that the content we have out there is the best possible and offers current information.

That means, if you’re like me, you may have hesitated putting anything that was time-sensitive into your blog posts. Because really, who wants to update their calendar for every little update and then have to run around fixing blog posts?

But when you think about it, it’s silly if we aren’t willing to do that. After all, if there is a special offer to give your customers, you’re doing a disservice by not telling them about it. But add to that, if you avoid putting any limited-time stuff on your posts, you are DECREASING your chances of getting a sale.

Think about it, what do you think people will take action on first?

A post where you talk about giving a Master Moves Mickey to your preschooler OR a post where you talk about the toy and mention that Toys R Us has it on sale for the next 3 days?

The answer is probably obvious. People are more likely to take action when there is a limited time to do so or to get the best deal.

Of course, by now, many of our readers know that at Contentrix, we have released a free plugin that can automate this process for you. You can add and insert promotions into posts automatically, according to the schedule you set out. If you aren’t a member of Contentrix yet, just register for free and add the Limited Time Offers plugin to your account.

Let’s Look at Some Practical Examples of Inserting Limited Time Offers

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few instances when using the Limited Time Offers plugin could come in handy.

Example #1: You or a company you work with releases a coupon that eventually expires. If the coupon is good now, you just enter the information into your post and set that content to expire the same day that the coupon expires.

In the example below, this coupon will appear in the post until the end of November 16.

NOTE: All that weird “expcontent” code does not show in the post when you publish it.

Example #2: You have a post or a sales page for a limited time offer. Once it expires, you want to let your visitors know it’s expired, but you invite them to sign up for your mailing list, so they are notified of new offers.

That might look something like this (again, the code…your post will not show the extra coding):

Example #3: If you have an image for a limited time offer, you can also set it to expire.

Example #4: You can also replace old offers with new content.  In the example below, the first snippet expires after a certain date and the second snippet, will appear when that one expires.

How to Start Implementing These Ideas

If you download the plugin, here are a few ways to start using it:

  • Use it on new posts. Add limited time offers for your own products or contact product sellers to see if they can offer your readers a special limited time offer.
  • Use it on popular posts. Go through your analytics and look for pages that are currently getting a lot of traffic. Add limited time offers to those. Pages that are getting a steady stream of search engine traffic or from other sources, are perfect for trying out new offers.

Whatever you do, always remember that if you give your readers a reason to do something RIGHT NOW, they’re more likely to do it. If you leave it open-ended, they’re probably going to click away and never come back.

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Get Ready for 2013: Free Blogging Calendar

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2013 Blog Ideas CalendarMany of our subscribers probably already know that my friend, Lynette Chandler, releases a yearly Blogging Calendar with tons of ideas to keep you blogging all year.

Well, it’s that time again and the 2013 calendar has just been released. This year marks the 5th year for the calendar that has been downloaded 22,000 times over the years.

If you’re looking for a way to get your blogging organized and have plenty of ideas on what to blog about, go grab it here.

The calendar includes… [Read more...]

Publish a LOT of Content?
You Can Still Monetize It All


Monetize ContentIf you publish a lot of content, it’s not always easy to  monetize every single piece. That’s why we have some suggestions on applying monetization across your site, instead of piece by piece.

But do keep in mind that in-context monetization (product recommendations you make directly in the content) will almost always produce better results than site-wide monetization… [Read more...]

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