Meet Vera Raposo & Creative Ideas To Creating Content For Your Blog


Hi it’s Vera Raposo and I’m the new contributor over at

I met Alice in about 2004 and she was doing an online business while I had five retail stores and wanted out very badly. So I met up with her and all these years later things are still going great.

I’m very excited to be contributing here and providing a new way to look at content. I like to be creative with everything that I do and I’m really embracing it in my life now and my experiences.

Yeah, so I’m just excited to be able to share with you weekly, some different creative ideas on how to look at content and how to develop it. I’ve never considered myself a writer, but I embrace different things all the time as an entrepreneur. Hopefully that will inspire you, help you and encourage you to create with new different types of content on your blog as well.

Here’s a video I made for you or if you prefer, you can read the transcription below if you prefer.

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If You Plan to Publish a Book in 2013…

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Book Publishing Workbook & Checklist…there’s good news!

Annette and I have just released a free Book Publishing Workbook and Checklist that should guide you through what you need to know.

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Solopreneurs are Smarter by Kelly McCausey – 3 Favorite Quotes


Kelly McCauseyWhen it comes to this noisy world of Internet marketing where everyone seems to be an expert and wants to tell you how you must do something. Actually, one of my biggest pet peeves is the use of the word “correct” when it comes to anything related to marketing YOUR business…there is no CORRECT.

Thankfully, there is someone who stands out amongst the noise and that’s Kelly McCausey. She’s the great motivator of online business owners and helps them create the businesses THEY want, rather than the businesses she thinks they should have. She tells it like it is, but tactfully guides entrepreneurs into making the right decisions for themselves. I’ve known Kelly for 10 years now and she never ceases to amaze me with her amazing energy and ability.

That’s why I was pretty excited when my copy of her Solopreneurs are Smarter in the mail today. I even contributed a chapter to the book, but the work really shows what Kelly is all about.

Here are 3 of my favorite quotes from the book… [Read more...]

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Do Watcha Like in 2013


Follow Your Passion in 2013

You may have heard…or maybe not yet…that I’ve started working on a new project in the last week or so. I shared it on my personal Facebook profile and with our DIYplr subscribers earlier this week. I just didn’t have a chance to mention it on Contentrix just yet.

This project is something I plan to spend more time on this coming year and am very excited to see what shape it all takes. Of course, I’ll still be here, helping you with your content in any way I can. We even have a new writer coming on board to share even more great advice, so 2013 for Contentrix is looking grand. [Read more...]

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