How To Publish A Great Blog Post…
Even If You’re New to Blogging

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Hi it’s Vera here again, bringing you some tips to keep your writers interested and keep them coming back to your blog, all the while, making it easier to blog for you. Watch the quick 2-minute video or keep reading for the full story.

If you’re new to blogging or you struggle with getting your blog posts done, here are some useful tips… [Read more...]

Adapt or Die?


Hanna Movie - Adapt or DieIf you’ve ever seen the movie Hanna, you’ll remember the phrase, “Adapt or Die.” Hanna’s father, played by Eric Bana, teaches his daughter to live by these words.

Since I’ve seen that movie, I’ve whispered that phrase to myself on a few occasions. No, not because I need to worry about honing my assassin abilities when the bad guys come, but because making a living with content does require that you adapt or you’ll quite likely meet your virtual demise.

Last night I followed a link on Facebook and read an article by a film critic, someone who makes their living with content, refusing to adapt. What’s worse is that the author, Kieran Turner-Dave, not only seems to refuse to adapt…he seems to want his audience and the whole filmmaking industry to adapt to him. [Read more...]

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What Formats Should You Publish Content In?


My 4 year old is awesome. Of course she is…she’s my kid. I bet you feel the same way about you kids, your nieces, nephews and so forth. ;-)

She has been watching cooking and cake decorating videos on YouTube since she figured out how to use an iPad (half her life now). Now whenever we make food or she plays with her toy kitchen, she pretends she’s on video and narrating her own cooking show.

I envy her confidence and her enjoyment in the spoken word and being on camera. I’m the exact opposite. I am most comfortable at a keyboard. I am very camera shy and I soon forget what I planned to say. Not to mention the weird things I do weird things with my eyebrows. But with my fingers the words just keep flowing and flowing. So even though I recently started a food blog that I’m enjoying immensely, there are no videos there. Seriously, I’m waiting until she’s a bit older and can start doing videos for me. I absolutely can’t wait!

But isn’t this a problem? It’s 2013 and I’m not making videos? The horror!

I’ve heard…and you probably have too…advice that says you should be publishing video, you have to blog and you’d better well have a podcast on iTunes. In short, you must use every medium possible to get your message out there.

Well, if you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ll know I think that’s just hogwash.

Here’s the thing. It’s your business and you get to do it on your terms. When you publish content online, you have much more freedom and you should use that freedom to shine with what you do best.

It’s not like you’re running a little store in your neighborhood and you’re at the mercy of the demands of the customers in that neighborhood only. No…you’re publishing content that can potentially reach the the WHOLE world (although you are only trying to please a small segment of that world) and that means you have a lot more leeway in determining what’s best for your online business.

Here are a few guidelines I like to provide to help customers and clients decide what kind of content they should publish…

Ask yourself:

  • What type of communication are you most comfortable with? Do you excel at writing and get tongue-tied when you speak? Do you love taking photos instead? Or are you comfortable with just about everything? Do more of what you’re good at and don’t post so-so content because you think you should.
  • What does your audience want? This is important, but the great thing is you can carve out your own audience. Just because another blogger in your niche, for example, publishes a lot of videos, does not mean you need too. There are billions of people on this great earth of ours, so work to attract those that appreciate your unique message.
  • Can you hire guest contributors, use PLR or ghostwriters to fill in the blanks? Just because YOU don’t personally like creating a certain kind of content format, doesn’t mean you can’t provide it through another source. As I’ve said, I’ve already got plans in the works for a cooking show…it just won’t be me in it! :-)

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed thinking you’ve got to create all different kinds of content…do yourself a favor and stop it. You’re interrupting your creative process. Stick with what you like and what works best for you. That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and improve your skills as you grow – in fact, stretching your wings is a very good thing – but don’t fall to the mistaken belief that there are rules for the type of content every business should publish.


What’s the Big Deal about Persuasive Writing?


So the other day, my 11 year old told me he was going to be learning about persuasive writing at school. I was definitely intrigued by that, since it’s a subject of interest to me. I told him to be sure to tell me about the things he would be learning.

Well a few days later, instead of telling me what he learned, he presented me with this letter… [Read more...]

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Storytelling in Content Marketing:
A Delightful Power at Your Fingertips


Storytelling in Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard people insist that stories make for great copy (i.e., stories sell stuff) and that storytelling in your content writing is a must. It’s true that stories can be a very powerful thing and I love this quote I recently stumbled upon…

“Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. Facts tell, but stories sell.”  – Bryan Eisenberg

If that doesn’t quite hit home, here is something I think we can all relate to. Whether it’s through our own learning or helping our children work through all those textbooks and information overwhelm, I think we can see a kernel of truth in this. [Read more...]

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