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Today we had a great chat in our Contentrix Hangout on Google+. If you want to receive an invite to next Tuesday’s, just leave a comment here. It’s pretty casual and it’s great to meet some of our long-time followers. Plus, I’m learning stuff too!

One of the common themes of our discussion today was getting started or staying motivated. Whenever it came up, the person seemed to have lots of ideas and even plenty of knowledge, but had trouble getting started or staying focused. [Read more...]

How to Find Your Writing Voice:
Free Worksheet


Find Your Writing Voice

You’ve probably heard people talk about voice. For some writers, it comes naturally…for others, not so much.

Voice is the glue that holds your brand identity, your marketing and advertising efforts, and your content all together. It is what makes your company…and you…unique. Your voice facilitates the connection between your written and spoken words, as well as between your brand and message. Therefore, your company voice is important.

However… [Read more...]

Give Your Readers What They Want - WITHOUT All The Hard Work - Pre-made fully-illustrated step-by-step tutorials make it easy to sell your products, build your list and grow your business. Click here to learn more.

Free Report: PLR for Webinars / Teleseminars


How to host your own webinarLive events like webinars and teleseminars are some of the most powerful ways to use content marketing.

When you get people engaged live, you create a deeper connection, they get more excited about what you have to say and they are more likely to take action on what you offer.

Well, Melissa Ingold has just released a very interesting report on that can make your live event creation a whole lot easier. In this free 26-page report, she explains how to use PLR (only the best quality, of course) to put together your webinar. [Read more...]

Free Report: How to Get Traffic with PLR

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It’s a question we get asked all the time…how do I get website traffic? And then, for our PLR users more specifically, “How do I get more traffic with PLR?”

Well, Melissa Ingold has just released a handy free 21-page report to help you:

  • Understanding keywords
  • Ensure you’re getting TARGETED traffic with your PLR
  • How to customize your PLR, so that it stands out from other PLR publishers
  • Adding visual impact to get your content noticed and shared

You can grab the whole thing for free below…no opt-in required.

Download your Traffic with PLR Report (PDF)

Give Your Readers What They Want - WITHOUT All The Hard Work - Pre-made fully-illustrated step-by-step tutorials make it easy to sell your products, build your list and grow your business. Click here to learn more.

Win My “Silver Key” from Kelly McCausey


Thank you!

Entry Deadline: Friday, February 8, 2013 at 11: 59 EST

Last week, you might remember a group of online business owners got together, at the orchestration of the great Kelly McCausey, to create a wonderful package of products to help a fellow online business owner and her son, create a better living situation for themselves.

Thank you so much to all that supported by picking up a package, contributing to the package or spreading the word in any way. Tishia met her goal and Kelly posted a little update about it here.

I love it when the community comes together and Kelly is always so good at rallying people around in a way that everyone can benefit. In this case, the buyers got a pretty darned sweet deal on some great products, the contributors to the product got some extra exposure and of course, Tishia got out of that respiratory danger of a home.

Kelly also has plenty of other talents, which brings further good news to one of our lucky Contentrix readers. As part of my participation in spreading the word about the sale, I earned some pretty sweet prizes. I told our readers I’m keeping a couple of them for myself , but there’s one BIG one that I am pretty sure our readers can benefit from and I wanted it to pass it on to someone as my way of saying thank you. [Read more...]

Free Outsourcing Content Guide

Thinking of hiring a ghostwriter, but have concerns? Download your free 21-page step-by-step guide that shows you how to save time and maximize your profits through content creation. There’s no charge, just a quick opt-in required and you can unsubscribe any time. It's a real eye-opener and completely simplifies the content creation process for any online business owner.

Click here to get yours.

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