Dave Bernstein: Keeping in Touch, Of Course!

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Dave BernsteinWe’re learning a ton here. We’ve heard from Therese Sparby and Kelly McCausey on 3 important questions about turning your would-be competitors into profits. I’ve got a new Q&A for you, but first, another reminder to make sure you join us for our Competitors into Profits course. You’ll get the tools, tips and butt-kicking you need to bust out of your marketing shell, so don’t miss it. Join us here.

Now let’s meet Dave Bernstein. He wears many hats and a busy man, indeed. He’s a DJ, does voiceovers and commercials and he’s even a celebrity chef in Pheonix, Arizona. At VIP Voiceovers, he does commercials, testimonials, audio books, phone messages and teleseminar recordings for this clients.

Let’s see what Dave has to say…

With such a busy life and impressive accomplishments in a variety of areas in his life, you know he has to have some great connections and wise advice to share.

"Keep in Touch! Making a contact is no good if you forget about them after 7 days" ~ Dave Bernstein, as shared on Contentrix.com

Q: What difference has building relationships made to your business?

A: A huge difference – almost every client I have has been built on first establishing a personal relationship with someone, which I believe you should always do before asking them for money. It’s about trust, loyalty, friendship, and a little bit of faith, and the combination is essential for any relationship in life, whether personal or business

Q: What have been your best strategies for meeting new and influential people?

A: I’ve used a combination of connecting nationally through seminars (of which I have produced a home study course in the past), local business groups, and even something as simple as picking up a phone and connecting/reconnecting with people. And, most important, I keep in touch – making a contact is no good if you forget about them after 7 days!

Q: What piece of advice do you have for someone who needs to start reaching out more?

A: First, be real. People can spot a phony a mile away. Be yourself. Genuinely want to help people, and never pay mind to those who want to bring you down while doing it. Be yourself out there. Get out of your comfort zone. And give to others, before you take for yourself.

How This Applies To You

I love Dave’s point about there’s no point in making a contact if you don’t stay in touch or ever get in touch again. This is why I discourage people from going crazy friending everyone on social media and why I even challenged you to leave your business card at home (See #4 here). Going through the motions of meeting people does nothing, if you don’t follow up.

Keep the connections meaningful and forget about building up large numbers…it’s just too time consuming. And of course, join us for Competitors into Profits where we’ll keep you on track doing EFFECTIVE relationship-building activities to grow your business.


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