Easy Content Weekly: October 22, 2011

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Well this has been an interesting weekend and a little quiet, given Alice’s surprising announcement to her list the other day.

If you missed it, Alice has been doing some soul-searching on the future of Contentrix. As you may know she is heavily involved with the PLR and ghostwriting side of her business, so she was wondering if it was time to pass the site onto someone else.

In that announcement, she wanted to ensure current customers and clients that they would have full access to their products, so there was no need to worry about that.

If you have any issues or questions, you are most welcome to contact the support center here. They are always happy to give you a hand.

Let’s Look at Contentrix’s History

Before we get into this week’s update, I thought it would be interesting to see a few Contentrix “facts” from its short history on the web.

  • Launched on July 27, 2009.
  • Served 530 individual students through its educational products.
  • Played host to 295, 219 visitors
  • Published 467 posts with 1859 comments

Whatever Alice has planned for Contentrix’s future, we look forward to many more.

Now let’s talk about this week’s updates…

Optimizing Content for Local Search

On the DIYplr blog, Alice posted some detailed help for getting content to rank well for local search. Whether you want to be seen in searches from specific countries or you want to be found for certain services in particular cities, this is a good post to read.

Modern-Day Backlinks

Google is getting hip to the clever ways website owners generate links back to their site. If you want to stay afloat in the post-Panda world, read this post from Derek.

Staying on Top of your Content Publishing

I really like this post from Alice that shows how to create your own content publishing machine and see your role in it. Read through it here and if you need a little visual, Alice has included a mind map to show the process.

While we only have a few posts to share, here’s some more…

Ready-Made, Done-for-You Content Updates

If you look back at Alice’s post, Your Content Publishing Machine, you can change your budget dramatically by replacing many of the ghostwriting tasks with PLR. Here’s some ready-to-publish content released this week.

  • Start a Review Site – 2 templates and 4 illustrated guides
  • 16 Social Media Tutorials – Fully-illustrated tutorials for popular social media sites
  • Saving Money Big Bundle – 15 articles, 20-page report and 30 autoresponder messages
  • Free PLR Recipes with Photos – get 2 fully-illustrated recipes for free
  • Holiday Planning Checklists – a ton of checklist for organizing holidays year-round
  • Online Sales Funnel – 4-week training course with sales page
  • Winter Skincare Articles – 5 article mini-bundle
  • Craft Ideas for Kids Ebook – 30-page ebook with ecover graphics

That’s all for this week. Go publish and prosper!

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