Fiverr for Linkbuilding: Pros, Cons & Dangers


Fiverr is an often underlooked, slightly dangerous yet highly effective platform for building links. It’s quite often used by advanced SEOs.

When used properly, Fiverr can help you generate a ton of backlinks to your site and help you boost your rankings very quickly.

If you’re not careful with Fiverr however, you can get burned. You could end up wasting time and money and even get your site penalized if you’re not careful.

What is Fiverr and how do you use it to build backlinks successfully?

How Fiverr Works

Fiverr is a website where online services are sold for $5. Everything on the site costs $5. Whether you’re hiring a writer for $5 or hiring someone to build backlinks for you, it all costs just $5.

On this site are a wide range of people offering backlink building services. Everything from .edu links to social media profile links to Reddit submissions and more. Of course, in order to succeed with Fiverr, you need to be very selective about which services you use.

The #1 Rule of Using Fiverr for Backlinks

The #1 rule for using Fiverr for backlinks is to never link to your primary site. By and large, Fiverr links are low rather than high quality. The idea is to pass link juice through intermediary pages, which then link to your main site.

For example, let’s say you have a website about “Fishing Equipment.”

You might build four different sites, on different domains: Fishing rods, fishing reels, fly fishing and bass fishing. Ideally you’ll even be on different servers.

Then you’d use Fiverr to build backlinks to each of these sites. Each of these sites will increase in PageRank, Link Juice and other factors. Your smaller sites will then link to your main site, as well as other sites on the internet (so you’re not just linking to your site.) You can make money with your smaller sites as well if they rank for lower traffic terms; though your main goal is to increase your main site’s rankings.

Use a Variety of Link Tactics

Fiverr sellers offer just about every kind of link building tactics in the world. Some sellers will offer to get you just one legitimate PR3 backlink for $5; while others will offer to build you 3,000 PR0 to PR1 backlinks from directory submissions and blog commenting. Some will do it through Reddit, others will do it through link wheels. Some will even get you .edu and .gov links.

Don’t just use one of these tactics. Instead, use a wide mix of them. There are several reasons for this.

First, different tactics work better for different sites. By mixing it up, you increase the likelihood that at least one of your mini sites will rank. Second, it diversifies your risk. If Google suddenly decides to go after social media profile links for example, only one of your mini sites will be affected.

Diversifying your links also makes it look more natural. No natural website gets 3,000 backlinks from just article directories. Instead, other websites get a wide range of different backlinks from different sources.

What Kind of Links to Focus On

Try to focus on sites that are related to what you’re doing and are not doing spammy links. There are people selling links on all kinds of different websites. Try to get backlinks from those that own websites in a similar niche to yours.

It’s often better to opt for paying $5 for just one moderate quality link, rather than for 1,000 junk links. Some sellers will even write a unique piece of content for you, insert your link in-context and post it on a moderate PR website.

Putting it All Together

Don’t expect results from doing just one backlink. Instead, expect to spend several hundred dollars on Fiverr building backlinks. If you’re spending $300 a month on Fiverr, that’s 60 orders a month. If you’re getting an average of 3 backlinks per order, you’re getting 180 links a month, 2,160 links a year. That kind of link volume can very quickly get you strong rankings, especially if you’re taking the time to pick out the higher quality link opportunities.

Any questions? I’ll be happy to answer in the comments. Also, what do you guys think of these advanced kinds of SEO topics? I usually try to talk about purely white hat tactics, but wanted to try giving you guys something a little different this week. Let me know what you think.


- Derek

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