How To Publish A Great Blog Post…
Even If You’re New to Blogging

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Hi it’s Vera here again, bringing you some tips to keep your writers interested and keep them coming back to your blog, all the while, making it easier to blog for you. Watch the quick 2-minute video or keep reading for the full story.

If you’re new to blogging or you struggle with getting your blog posts done, here are some useful tips…

  • Write about something you enjoy and you can talk comfortably about. Don’t, worry so much about “hot” topics because if they don’t interest you or if you don’t know much about him, it’s going to hard to stay motivated.
  • Make an outline before writing, so you can produce a polished piece. Know the keywords you want to use, your main point, your call-to-action and all those small details that will help you create a shell for your content before you begin writing.
  • Write so that people can scan the content easily. Make sure you keep your words simple, use bold titles, emphasis important text with bold and italics. Make it easy to read.
  • Maintain a conversational tone. You don’t want to be all stuffy with your writing, unless your audience is stuffy and likes that kind of thing.
  • Write first…edit later. Read the post when you’re done, read it over several times so you can catch any errors. What I do is I put the blog post up, I write it all out, save it, preview it then read it. You’ll find you write faster and get more done.
  • Get rid of the fluff. Remove extra words and ideas that really don’t need to be there. Keep things as concise as possible.

Then publish and repeat over and over again. What tricks or methods do you use to make it easy to write efficiently?

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Vera Raposo is the Founder & Creator of, devoted to helping women entrepreneurs realize their dreams in all aspects of their lives and to have a business that is customized to who they are.

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  • Moe

    This is very much needed as I am trin to build a blog…. Thank you.

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