How to Find and Scrutinize Guest Blogging Opportunities


bloggingBuilding a following on your blog requires building up your name recognition. One of the easiest ways to do this comes from writing for other websites in your niche. The trick to writing guest posts can be in finding the opportunities and then determining if those opportunities are best for your needs (and if you are best for that site).

Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities

    • Visit blogs that are related to your blog niche. Make comments and get comfortable with the voice on those sites. After developing a relationship with the blog owner then offer to provide guests posts to the blog owners when you read about an upcoming vacation, family issues that are distracting the blog owner or sicknesses. Not only do you get your foot in the door as a guest blogger but you get to help someone else that is in a tight situation.

    • Watch job listings. There are times when some websites will post job listings for guest blogs. Apply for those jobs that fall into your niche and that you can have a continued passion for creating posts.

    • Consider inviting others to guest blog on your website. The thank you may be a reciprocal invitation back to you to guest blog on their websites.

    • Ask for references. Once you guest blog for one website owner and feel confident in your relationship then ask for referrals to other websites for additional guest blogging opportunities.

Signs that the Guest Blog is a Good Choice

    1. The blog where you will be writing is a subject where you have existing knowledge and passion and will require only limited research.

    2. Your posts will be linked back to your own blog or other products potentially providing you a boost in page ranking but definitely opening up the chance for new readers to stop in at your website after reading your guest blog post.

    3. You will be given a byline or author block so that the readers will begin to recognize your name and be drawn to your other writing.

    4. The blog has a higher page rank than your own and can serve as a clip for future queries and job applications.

    5. The owner of the blog where you will be guest posting is willing to offer some compensation for your material or you reserve the rights to all of the material that you produce as a guest blogger.

Deciding to become a guest blogger can be a tough one particularly for writers that are in the process of launching a freelance writing career. Most positions as a guest blogger do not provide much (if any) monetary benefits. The good news is that if you scrutinize guest blogging opportunities you may find many guest blogging positions that offer benefits that outweigh monetary compensation.

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Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer in Alabama. Her work has been published in regional papers, travel magazines and national religous publications along with multiple websites. She has been writing for pleasure since she was able to write and writing as a career for the last several years.

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