How to Write Amazing,
Inspiring, Jaw Dropping Content


The trick to writing content that captivates, inspires and motivates?


Eliminate all distractions when you write.


Because multi-tasking is a myth.  It’s just not possible.  I’m not here to argue with you about the validity of multitasking or if you can do it or not.  The science is in and it has been for a long time – your brain is incapable of doing two things at once.  (Despite many years of believing I could multi-task, I finally had to face the facts – I’m not equipped!)

If you’re, and this is just an example, watching Oprah while you’re trying to write an article, you can bet your attention is divided and neither task is getting the full value it deserves.  You’ll learn more from Oprah and have a better time if you close your laptop or you’ll write a better article/blog post/ report/ review, whatever, if you turn off Oprah.  Tivo it if you must.  Just turn the darn thing off.

Turn off the radio

Close the door to your office

Tell your kids SpongeBob is on (I know bad parenting but this is your business we’re talking about)

How do I know all of this?

I have two dogs, a cat, two female children who love to talk, a penchant for daytime TV and a husband who also works from home.  Believe me, I know distractions!

I also know that to write truly good content, you must get rid of the distractions.

There’s a side benefit too – you’ll write that wonderful, amazing, inspiring and jaw dropping content much faster than if you’re trying to Tweet, Facebook, cook dinner and find out what Luke is doing on General Hospital while writing your next blog post.

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About the Author

Annette Elton
In addition to authoring and ghostwriting more than thirty books (including an bestseller), Annette Elton has 20 years experience crafting compelling and engaging copy for business owners. She’s thrilled that her writing passion and knowledge enables others to build and sustain their dream business.

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  • Joel Warner

    I truly agree Annette, a well written article is the key to long term success and fulfillment in such a demanding informative age as the one we currently live in. what it does is to stimulate the mind, that is constantly revolving on a “how to” and “need to know” basis, and induces a sense of being there, but not actually there, simulating an enactment of the authors voice, in your head.
    Needless to say it converts well for my business and public speeches.

    Joel Warner
    Ghost Writer | Internet marketer | Scholar

    • Annette Elton

      Well said! It’s always about connecting and in my experience you cannot do that if you’re not focused completely on what you’re writing at that moment.

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