Kelly McCausey: A “Happy Loner”…or Is She?

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Kelly McCauseyYesterday, we talked to Therese Sparby and I asked her 3 questions about her experience embracing the power of relationships in her business. She shared that and provided some great tips for our readers too.  Today, let’s talk to one of my oldest online friends (our friendship is old…not my friend :)), Kelly McCausey.

Before we get into that, remember, you can still join us for Competitors into Profits. If you want to to ensure you’re doing what you can to ensure you’re developing meaningful relationships…instead of wasting time wading through the sea of social media superficiality, join us.

Now let’s get to what Kelly has to say…

If you don’t know Kelly McCausey already, she’s a podcaster, blogger, teacher and just about anything online business owners could want to uplift their business. She runs her podcast at Solo Smarts and a mastermind group at Solo Masterminds. Kelly and I actually created the mastermind group together in 2004, but it’s undergone some branding over the past couple of years. One of the areas Kelly really shines is not only connecting with others, but connecting other people together. That’s why I had to ask her these 3 questions.

"Don't psych yourself out or think successful people aren't interested in getting to know you. You'd be amazed at the relationships you can create by just being real and getting out there." ~ Kelly McCausey, as shared on

Q: What difference has building relationships made to your business?

A: This is the sort of question that makes my heart pound.

Relationships in my business has been everything. From the day you (Alice) invited me to partner with you on a membership site (she’s talking about Solo Masterminds) through ’til today, every great thing I’ve done has involved a relationship.

I am a solopreneur so I do have a lot of solo projects, but even those things that I’ve created on my own, I’ve relied on relationships to build buzz and promote them.

You know, I’m a happy loner much of the time. I don’t need a lot of time and attention from others to be happy – but I do need SOME and I can’t imagine what my work at home life would be like without small daily connections with friends.

One area I’ve struggled with in relationships is letting people speak into my business. It’s a matter of trust and pride and more than a little fear of being judged. This year I determined to let more people advise me and to be more open to that advice because it has a huge impact on me personally and on my financial success.

Q: What have been your best strategies for meeting new and influential people?

A: Having a Podcast has always been a great tool for meeting people. Even popular people appreciate being invited as a guest on a podcast and it has opened a lot of doors for me.

In the last year I’ve used content curation to establish new relationships by sharing and linking to great content. When I take the time to share someone’s content through curation and then work to promote it, it’s gets the author’s attention and often earns me a thank you.

Q: What piece of advice do you have for someone who needs to start reaching out more?

A: Before you head out to make friends, take good care of your home base.

When I meet new people I always check out their blog. I explore their about page and click around social media to get a feel for who they are and what they do. I’m most interested in getting to know people who have a clear message about who they are, who they serve and where they’re headed in business.

Finally, don’t psych yourself out or think successful people aren’t interested in getting to know you. I have a couple powerful business relationships right now that I count myself very fortunate to have and in both cases I didn’t know them a year or so ago. How sad would it be if they hadn’t reached out?

How This Applies to You

I think it’s quite common for online business owners to be a bit shy or introverted. I am definitely one of those, but you probably can’t tell…unless I’ve told you that before. Kelly is also one of those people, but she’s still forged very meaningful relationships that have expanded her business in so many ways. If you’re on the shy side, that’s no reason for it to hold you back.

A podcast, or even single interviews, are a great way to break out of your comfort zone and gives you a great reason to approach new people. After all, you just want to interview them and give them extra exposure. We’ll be talking about interviewing in Competitors into Profits and giving you some very useful tools to make it a lot easier to get people to say yes and create engaging interviews.

A mastermind group is also a good way to bring great minds together and expand your friendships. Now, the membership site that Kelly and I originally created isn’t a traditional mastermind group as it’s more open, but it still brings together like minded people and has allowed both of us and the members to make great connections. We’d love it if you joined Solo Masterminds if it something that fits for you. We’ll also be talking about creating your own mastermind group in Competitors into Profits, so I’d love to have you there as well.

So…what are your next steps?


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