Whether They Love You Or Hate You…
It Really Doesn’t Matter


You may know this band to the left (it’s Nickelback for the uninitiated).

If you do know them, you probably feel one of two things…you either love them or you loathe them.

It’s really not likely that you have any feelings in between.

I happen to be in the “loathe them” camp and often marvel at the success they’ve managed to achieve have despite their horrible music. Yes fans, I said it. Sorry, I hope we can still be friends. ;-)

Despite my opinion and a lot of other public criticism, they’ve been nominated for and won many awards and have sold a ton of records (2007 stats). In short, they have a lot of people talking about them and plenty of rabid fans buying their records.

So if someone doesn’t like you, does it really matter (as long as you’re not actually hurting anyone)? As long as they’re talking and your fans keep coming back for more, keep it going.

Photo Credit: Tin Tiger
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Alice Seba is the owner and creator of Contentrix.com. With a focus on using content to create relationships, loyalty and results from writing, she loves helping online business owners get more bang out of their content.

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