How to Make Your Writing FLOW

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One aspect of content writing that isn’t often discussed is FLOW.

Flow is what makes your writing sound seamless. It’s what makes your writing read naturally.

When there is flow, people who read your writing will feel like they’re gliding through your content, learning and enjoying their way through.

When there isn’t flow, the writing will feel choppy. It’ll feel unnatural and it just won’t be as fun to read.

The best writers in the world have all mastered flow. It’s an essential part of writing content that people want to read.

What creates flow and how can you add flow to your writing? Let’s take a look.

Create Flow by Being In Flow

Your writing is a reflection of the state of mind you were in when you wrote the content.

If you had to stop, think and rewrite your way through the entire piece, chances are people will experience your writing as choppy as well.

On the other hand, if you were in a flow state when you wrote the content, if the words flowed easily from your mind to the page, if the ideas came freely, chances are people will feel that from your writing as well.

When you’re writing, try to put yourself in a state of just letting the words come without thinking about it. Don’t edit.

Write from your intuition rather than writing from your perfectionist mind. Let your intuition write and just let the writing flow onto the page.

What to Do if Flow Isn’t Coming

At times, you’ll find that you just can’t get in a flow state. When that happens, the best way to get unstuck is to use what’s called a “break state.”

That’s when you take a break, do something completely different that jars your system, then come back to writing with a fresh perspective.

Examples of break states include jumping in a swimming pool, going for a strenuous workout, playing competitive video games or just anything else that gets your mind completely off the writing.

When you come back, sit down and just start writing. Again, filter as little as possible and just write write write.

Often time’s the most difficult part of getting into flow is writing the first couple sentences. But once you begin a thought and the thought is on paper, you’re off to the races.

Editing, Adding To and Changing Flow Content

When you write content in this manner, it’s important that you come back to it in a day or two to edit it. This gives your mind some time to break from the writing, then see it from a fresh perspective.

You’ll probably catch spelling mistakes, grammar errors and sentences that you’d like to phrase in a different way.

However, at times you’ll find entire ideas that you want to change or entire segments that you’d like to edit. Or you might just want to add a few paragraphs to elaborate on a point that you didn’t feel was clearly expressed.

When you make major edits to a piece that was written as one coherent piece in a flow state, it’s possible that you’ll break the flow of the piece.

Make sure that when you do major edits, you read and re-read the entire piece to make sure it still flows. Make sure the new areas don’t break the flow before the added text and after the added text.

Getting in the Habit

At the end of the day, once you’ve been doing this for a while, flow becomes a habit. Instead of “doing” writing that flows, you’ll “be” a writer who can write in flow easily.

That’s the ideal goal. When you can write effortlessly on whatever topic you choose and create a piece of content that people experience as joyful to read.

- Derek

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