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You may not realize it, but our days revolve around persuasion. We persuade our children to get up and get dressed for school. We tell our friends why the latest movie was saw was so great…or the worst thing we’ve ever seen and it shapes their movie-making decisions. We convince our spouses why that extravagant purchase is a great idea.

It Happens All Day Long…Naturally

In our “real” lives, most of us are pretty good at persuasion. But what about in business? When I mention copywriting or persuasive writing to people, they get all nervous. They say things like, “I don’t like to push anything down anyone’s throat.”

Or, “I don’t care for those hypey sales pitches.”

Well, the thing is…

Persuasive writing is not hype or force.
It’s about being compelling so people follow willingly.

Bring that back to your daily activities. Sure, if you’re trying to convince your kid to get ready for school, there may be some mental force and coercion. But when you talk to your friends about movies or books, or you discuss a purchase with your spouse, there is no need for that. You’re just using your natural persuasive abilities.

The truth is, honing our persuasion skills does take some time and effort. Heck, they even taught persuasive writing to in my son’s sixth grade glass. Here’s his assignment where he tries to convince us to let him get a pet rat.

Persuasive Writing Grade 6 Project

Persuasive Writing Grade 6 Project

But for You, There’s More Than a Pet Rat on the Line

It’s your business we’re talking about and we want to help you develop persuasive writing skills, so they become second nature to you. And so your readers become receptive to that persuasion and they take the actions you want them to.

No, we’re not talking about mind control here. Far from it. We’re talking about understanding your audience and presenting information so your audience can make informed decisions.

So, if you are interested in:

  • Boosting your reputation as an authority in your niche
  • Getting more repeat visitors and building a faithful audience
  • Making more affiliate commissions and selling more of your own products
  • Growing your mailing list and making all your marketing more effective
  • Using simple techniques to multiply results many times over

…we’ve got just the thing for you.

Persuasive Writing Immersion Starts Here

A few years ago, I shared some secrets to being able to write persuasively and how to learn the craft of copywriting. Here they are…

The Persuasive Writing Process

The 3-Step
Persuasive Writing Process

  • Theory is Important: Getting to know the basics and then applying them to your own business is an important first step to learning to sell more through your writing. We’re going to cover the basics in detail, so you not only understand the theory, you are able to see how its applied to actual writing.
  • Study Others: Take a look at other writing that you find compelling or that you know that produces good sales results. Learning what others are doing is an amazing learning accelerator and in this course, you’ll learn from others to see what works and you’ll learn how to avoid mistakes too.
  • Test Your Own: As you apply what you learn to your own writing, track the results. Persuasive isn’t an absolute science and you’ll always find that some things you think would work, don’t. We’ll show you how to do this and, don’t worry, it’s not complicated and you’ll kick yourself for not doing this sooner.

With that in mind, let’s put this into a practical learning setting…

Practical Opportunities to ACTUALLY Apply What You Learn

I hate it when courses simply teach you the theory and then leave the rest up to you. That’s what BOOKS are for. Books are for reading, making us feel good and then we forget what we were so jazzed up about in the next moment. However, courses are supposed to be practical. You’re supposed to learn how to do something and hopefully, you get a chance to see if you’ve learned anything….and that’s what I want for you here.

Feedback from My Copywriting and Persuasive Writing Students

Over the years, I’ve encouraged a lot of online business owners to develop their persuasive writing skills and helped them along the way. Here is some feedback from just a couple of them.

Samantha AngelPersuasive writing has always been a weak point for me. I just didn’t know how to do it without sounding too salesy or full of hype. I learned so much from Alice’s Persuasive Writing program and the swipe file she provided is a great tool to have on hand as I’m writing as well.

The value gained for the money spent is much more than I expected.

~ Samantha Angel /

Vida EvelynWhen I learned that you were  offering a course on persuasive, it was a no-brainer. I needed to be there! And what a good decision that was. Your detailed critiques of web pages were priceless.

You taught us to use power words and here are a few that relate to the Persuasive Writing course:  action-oriented, easy to understand, and extraordinary.
~ Vida Evelyn /

Angela WillsYour training on how to write great web copy was a foundational skill that I’ve used over and over again. You critiqued a squeeze page for my very first business newsletter and helped me understand how very important the words you use are.

Thank you so much Alice for teaching me copywriting, it’s been essential to my online business growth and success!

~ Angela Wills /

There was a time when when persuasive writing scared me to pieces but under Alice’s guidance it started to come naturally.

Today persuasive writing is so much a part of my business, I’d hate to still be that person who shied away from it.

~ Kelly McCausey /

Just take a peek at all the stuff we have going on…

Important Starter Guides

  • Copywriting Basics and Terminology

Copywriting Basics and TerminologyTo start with, it’s important to understand the basics of copywriting. Yes, we’re talking headlines, benefits and those types of things…but we even go beyond that. Fully understanding these key concepts will ensure that you’re ready to move on with the rest of the course.

Whether you’re brand new or been around for a while, I do encourage you to go through this revised guide from our Better Content Marketing Course and see what gems you might find.

Sneak Peek in Copywriter Starter Guide

  • Indispensable Swipe File (PDF):

Copywriting Swipe FileYou get 9-pages of fill-in-the-blanks phrases for your headlines, power phrases, transitions, calls to action, closings, P.S.’s, FAQs and more. If you don’t know what all those things mean, don’t worry…we’ll go through everything. You’ll want to keep this handy at all times when writing.

Sneak Peek into the Swipe File

  • Getting to Know Persuasive Writing and Why It’s Important to Your Business (PDF):

Introduction to Persuasive WritingIt doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, product seller or affiliate marketer, you practice the art of persuasion all day long. Whether you want someone to accept your opinion on a subject matter or you want them to click a link, buy a product or something else…you are trying to persuade them.

This is an important skill you need to perfect if you want to grow your audience or sell anything. This revised guide from our Better Content Marketing will help you get the foundations you need.

Sneak Peek into Persuasive Introduction

All three guides will prepare you for the live training sessions we have planned. And here’s what you’ll get with those…

Join Us for Live Online Training

When you sign up today, you get access to these…

These Persuasive Writing Topics:

  • Presenting Persuasive Arguments in Content: Whether it’s a blog post, article, report or any other type of content, you can wield a lot of power when you are able to convince your readers of your point of view.
  • A Closer Look at Your Home Page and The Message It’s Sending: It’s the first place most visitors look. Make sure you grab and keep their attention.
  • Creating a More Persuasive “About Me” Page: A potential customer wants to learn more about you, but they want to know what YOU can do for THEM. You’ll learn how to show them.
  • Promoting Products with Content: Content is one of the best places to warm up prospects to buy a product and you’ll learn exactly how to do this.
  • Collecting Testimonials and Case Studies: What better social proof is there? If your customers are successful and satisfied with your product, bring that information to your potential customers too.
  • Product Reviews and Comparisons: Create trust and showcase your knowledge of other products through carefully crafted reviews and comparisons.
  • Improve Your Opt-in Page to Increase Conversions: We all know the money is in the list, but if you don’t have one, you can’t make the money. This key piece of copy will help you.
  • Get Your Sales Page to Sell More: Don’t leave getting orders to chance. Learn to carefully craft copy that helps your visitors make more informed and quicker buying decisions.
  • Better and More Compelling Product Descriptions: If you run a shopping cart style site, you have to ensure your readers have enough info to decide to buy. This lesson shows you how.
  • Easy Ways to Test and Improve Your Results: It’s the one area so many online marketers fail. They don’t bother to see what’s really working and why. We’ll show you just how easy it is to tweak your results.

Each session includes a video recording, detailed notes and other documents to help you take action. There is also plenty of opportunity for questions, feedback and more through our private Facebook Group. This is YOUR opportunity to make persuasive writing work for you.

Let’s Look at Each Session In-Depth…

1Persuasive Arguments in Content, Your Home and About Me Pages

Our first session gets things started out with a bang. We get right into how persuasive writing is critical to online success and show you how to apply to your most basic pages. But when we say “basic pages”, never be fooled into thinking you can just throw them together and hope it works. You need a strategic plan, so you can grab and retain your visitors’ attention and that’s what this lesson is all about.

Session 1 Video

In this video session (complete with written notes) we covered:

  • Session 1 NotesWhat is persuasive writing and why it covers just about any type of written content you probably didn’t think was persuasive.
  • Making persuasive arguments in your blog posts and other content, include 5 things you must incorporate in every persuasive argument or it may fall flat.
  • Why your home page is one of the most critical pieces of persuasive content. If you miss this, you sacrifice business growth.
  • 3 important keys to keeping your visitors attention when they hit your home page.
  • How thinking your About Me pages is all about you means missing out on a tremendous opportunity.
  • What your About Me page should do instead.
  • Examples and critiques of student home and about me pages.

Also included with this lesson:

  • Openers, Quotations and Statistics Resources and Tips (PDF): Give your writing credibility and make it grab attention with this handy resource.
  • Session Notes (PDF): This handy reference will make it easy for you to follow up with things shared in the video. We’ve also included the chat transcript for those who want to keep with all the discussion.

2Promoting Products, Testimonials and Case Studies

Moving along, in this session we talk about promoting products in your blog posts and other types of content. We show how publishing quality testimonials and case studies boosts social proof and get more people to buy your stuff.

Session 2 Video

In this video session (complete with written notes) we covered:

  • Session 2 Notes3 important things to keep in mind when promoting products in content.
  • 3 easy ways and natural ways to incorporate calls-to-action into your content.
  • 3 types of offers that sell well through content.
  • Understanding what makes a great testimonial and how to collect them.
  • Why case studies are valuable content and provide social proof to your potential customers.
  • How to collect case studies and publish them for maximum effectiveness.
  • Examples and critiques of student content pieces and testimonials.

Also included with this lesson:

  • Testimonial Checklist (PDF): This at-a-glance sheet makes it easy to collect and publish testimonials.
  • Case Study Checklist (PDF): Keep this handy to ensure you cover all your bases when collecting and publishing case studies.
  • Session Notes (PDF): This handy reference will make it easy for you to follow up with things shared in the video. We’ve also included the chat transcript for those who want to keep with all the discussion.

3Product Reviews, Comparisons and Opt-In Pages

At this point, we switch focus and talk about writing effective product reviews and product comparisons (when your readers are well-informed, they’re more likely to purchase through you). We also get into building your mailing list with high converting opt-in pages.

Session 3 Video

In this video session (complete with written notes) we covered:

  • Session 3 Notes3 critical elements for an effective product review or product comparison.
  • 7 important steps to the perfect product review.
  • What an opt-in page is necessary for growing a targeted mailing list quickly.
  • 9 key elements to an opt-in page that gets the job done.
  • Examples and critiques of student opt-in pages.

Also included with this lesson:

  • Product Review Template (.doc): Just fill in the blanks to easily publish your product reviews.
  • Product Comparison Template (.doc): This handy chart makes it easy to publish a well-organized and informative product comparison.
  • Opt-in Page Template (HTML): This template comes with complete instructions and makes it easy to fill in your information to create an attractive and effective opt-in page.
  • Session Notes (PDF): This handy reference will make it easy for you to follow up with things shared in the video. We’ve also included the chat transcript for those who want to keep with all the discussion.

4Sales Pages and Product Descriptions

Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty of product selling. Whether it’s a full length sales page for a single product or product descriptions in a shopping cart, we show you how to create the best one possible.

Session 4 Video

In this video session (complete with written notes) we covered:

  • Session 4 NotesUnderstanding why your potential customer wants your product.
  • 6 formatting tips, so your readers don’t walk away before they learn about your product.
  • 6 important elements for an effective product description.
  • Avoiding product description pitfalls with 3 key tips.
  • 12 critical elements for a high-converting sales page and how to create them.
  • Examples and critiques of student sales pages and product descriptions.

Also included with this lesson:

  • Sales Page Template (HTML): This template comes with complete instructions and makes it easy to fill in your information to create an attractive and effective sales page.
  • Session Notes (PDF): This handy reference will make it easy for you to follow up with things shared in the video. We’ve also included the chat transcript for those who want to keep with all the discussion.

5Split Testing and Improving Your Results

Nothing you learn in this course will do you any good, unless you test your results. This lesson shows you how to create simple tests to improve your conversions over time.

Session 5 Video

In this video session (complete with written notes) we covered:

  • Session 5 NotesHow to set up A/B split testing…and what this means.
  • How to set up multivariate testing…and understanding what this means and when to use it.
  • Creating and using heatmaps to see the popular areas of your pages.
  • Setting up behavioral targeting experiments to test your calls to action.

Also included with this lesson:

  • Session Notes (PDF): This handy reference will make it easy for you to follow up with things shared in the video. We’ve also included the chat transcript for those who want to keep with all the discussion.

Bonus Material: Sales Page and Opt-In Critiques

Throughout the recorded sessions, you’ll see I critiqued many of our students’ content, sales pages, opt in pages and more. These were done during the live training sessions and offered some quick advice to participants. I’ve also taken some volunteers to have very in-depth critiques done for them. Watch or read these critiques, so you can apply the same tips and strategies to your own content.

Bonus Critique 1

Bonus Opt-in Page Critique: In this bonus critique, you’ll learn why the opt-in page is so critically to growing your list quickly, getting to know your target market better, tweaking headlines, improving bullet points and finishing up an opt-in page, so it’s a complete piece. Bonus Critique 2

Bonus Sales Page Critique: In this bonus critique, you’ll learn about matching images to your intent, product suitability, customizing PLR for specific audiences, tweaking headlines, working on bullet points, subheadlines and more. Bonus Critique 3

In this follow up critique, you’ll learn about split testing headlines, making better introductions, adding finishing touches and more.

Bonus Training Session: “Bringing it Altogether”

We also got together for a Hangout that covered:

Bonus Training

  • How to convey a consistent main message for your new website visitors
  • How to ensure your content marketing is as persuasive as possible
  • Why a “good relationship” with your audience isn’t enough to sell stuff
  • The good and bad words of copywriting
  • The key components of a sales page

…and we’ll do more live training as needed.

So Let’s Get This Started…

Sign up now and access the course materials right away. Then tap into our private Facebook Group to get feedback, ask questions and put you’ve learned to good use. I can’t wait to get started.

Sign Up Now to Receive Instant Access To:

  • 2 Important Starter Guides so you can easily apply persuasive writing to your own content. You’ll get to know copywriting terminology and persuasiveness and how it applies to all your writing.
  • Swipe Files: To make it easy to incorporate persuasive elements into your writing, our swipe files will help you with headlines, openers, power phrases, transitions and a whole bunch more.
  • Access to All the Recorded Training Sessions: Watch the videos online or download it to your computers. These lessons include a lecture component, Q&A, critiques and examples…providing you with a full learning experience.
  • Session Notes: Download the written notes, so you can refer back to what you learn in the videos over and over again. Keep those notes handy whenever you write a new home page, about page, opt-in page, sales page and more.
  • Templates: To Make it easy fill-in-the-blanks and create persuasive content pieces for your business. Whether you’re creating a product review or comparison, opt-in page or sales page, we’ve got you covered.
  • Checklists: To ensure you don’t leave any stone unturned in creating testimonials and case studies that create real social proof and get more people to buy your products.
  • Participation in our private Facebook Group, so you can ask questions, get feedback and more. This is YOUR learning opportunity and take advantage of this interactive learning opportunity.
  • More In-Depth Critiques: Watch a series of detailed critiques to help you discover ways to improve your own writing. You’ll even be able to submit a request to have your content critiqued.
  • Bonus Training Session: Find out how to put all your persuasive writing together to make it work to increase your sales, grow your list and more.

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P.S. Persuasiveness is all about being natural…being excited about your products. I promise you won’t turn into a sleazy used care salesman. Instead, you’ll learn to be an energetic voice for your followers who LOVE to buy your products. Let’s get started!


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