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Hi it’s Vera Raposo writer at here to bring you some new ideas on how to create really good content and creative content for your website.

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The first thing I think is really good is to create something that is really “bookmarkable.” Something that people are going to want to come to your site over and over again and it’s going to have value and it’s going to have stats and different things that will educate them about your topic.

Make it so they are thankful and are like, “You know what? Thanks so much for doing that for me.” Make it so they really want to come back to your website over and over again.

When I see something that I really like I often share it on Facebook naturally. I’m not a big blog troller, ok I’m not a troller. But you know, I’m not a big person who goes to tons of different blogs, I have a couple that I really like and when I find content that I really like about it, I share it on Facebook.

I just love Facebook that’s just who I am.

So you’ll find people like to share your content in different formats.

Yeah… so when we’re talking about different formats when you create your content, when you write it out, also why not do an audio.

What I’ve been finding is that when I’m doing audio for my posts what surprised me is that emotion came up. People can hear that emotion in your voice and it creates a really good connection with your readers.

It kinda showed me that I wasn’t writing something that was just for the heck of it. I was really writing from my heart especially when that emotion showed up.

I also made note of when that emotion showed up so I can tell what inspires me to keep doing what I do so that’s another really great thing to do, it’s what I’ve been doing recently.

Just create it into an audio, put it into a PDF file, then you can share it all over the internet. It just gives people a different way to look at your site.

The last thing that I could suggest is to surprise people. Give them something that’s quirky about you, just today I posted something on my Facebook wall, “you know I’m gonna break out my banjo.”

Well I don’t have a banjo but I wish I did and the funny thing is I’ve always wanted a banjo since I was a child and that may surprise some people and whatever you know it’s silly, it’s quirky.

Maybe one day I’ll own a banjo, I don’t know.

Make your content surprise people, it may not even be something that is quirky about you personally but maybe it’s something quirky about your topic or about your site or the people who come to your site, or whatever.

Maybe you can crack a joke and make it something that will surprise them and even WOW them and they say, “Wow you know what? That’s really cool or that’s really funny.

Anyhow, that’s it from me, I am Vera writer here at and you can also find me at

Happy New Year!

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About the Author

Vera Raposo is the Founder & Creator of, devoted to helping women entrepreneurs realize their dreams in all aspects of their lives and to have a business that is customized to who they are.

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  • Julia Stüber

    Well, I try something completely new as my own challenge – not so much writing (I do this on my other blogs), but more creating and designing. Check it out: :-)

    • contentrix

      Those are great, Julia! Thanks for sharing them. Very fun.

    • Vera Raposo

      Very cool Julia!

  • Melissa Maxwell

    Thanks for the great ideas Vera! I’m not a “big troller.” Hahaha!

    • Vera Raposo

      (hee hee) I know the word “troller” just came out so I went with it. I do enjoy reading a few key blogs and hope to expand my reading this year but I know there’s tons of work to do for myself and it would be a huge distraction for me.

  • Tiffany Dow

    Great tip Vera – I had to go back to my “bookmarkable” roots recently when I’d realized I’d veered offtrack. I was “churning” blog posts out – not investing 110% of myself into it.

    • Vera Raposo

      Yes no kidding, I’m spending so much more of my time and effort from the point of view of “who I am” as a whole person and actually putting that into every bit of content I can put together. I guess it’s almost like taking care of myself, taking that extra attention to do your nails. You know? Spending more time putting out something that I actually enjoy doing. :-)

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